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DIY Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Table

Let's create a vintage farmhouse Christmas table for a fun friends and family dinner this holiday season. This simple DIY incorporated antique style in an elegant rustic country warm feeling.

vintage farmhouse Christmas table decorations

Every Christmas we sit down for a holiday feast in our dining room and in front of the same nativity centerpiece but this year I wanted something different that incorporates a vintage farmhouse Christmas table vibe.

While shopping in an antique store I came across this old rustic red toolbox and it reminded me of Santa. I could imagine St. Nicholas grabbing his worn-out toolbox to take on his sleigh on Christmas night. So I thought how fun would this be to incorporate it as a centerpiece. And that is how this table began.

DIY Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Table

When starting any project I always recommend beginning by collecting all your supplies. There is nothing worse than starting your DIY and then realizing you have to run to the store. So let's begin with these supplies.

Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape Supplies

Vintage farmhouse Christmas tablescape supplies

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How Do You Decorate a Christmas Table

Decorating your Christmas dining table or kitchen table is just like decorating your other holiday tables. But depending on your family's traditions you may have certain things you do every year. There is really no one specific thing you have to do but here is a list of the traditional Christmas table decorating steps.

First, add a tablecloth and or runner. You don't have to have a table covering but it makes the table a little fancier. If you don't have either you can use a clean blanket or bedsheet.

Next, add a centerpiece to the table. Many families use an advent wreath as a centerpiece and light the last candle on Christmas day. Then add your place settings, which are optional, placemats or charger, then dinner plate and other plates depending on what you are serving. Last silverware and glasses.

See how simple a Christmas dinner table is to create.

Farmhouse Christmas Table Centerpiece

Centerpieces can be fun, fancy, elegant, rustic, whimsical — I think you get the picture. One year I came up with Christmas table decor ideas that kids would love with a whimsical Christmas tree centerpiece using bottle brush trees. But this centerpiece is more farmhouse with a hint of rustic. This centerpiece, like most others, set the stage for the whole table.

Now that you have all your holiday table decorations let's begin with this vintage farmhouse Christmas centerpiece. First, place a natural colored tablecloth on the table. This can be linen, dropcloth material, cotton, or anything that is a natural fiber.

This ruffled drop cloth table runner I made years ago. It has a worn and weathered appearance which goes nicely with the rest of this rustic elegant Christmas table. However, I came across an inexpensive one and linked it to the supply list. It was so good until I decided to order one myself.

Next, sit your rustic wood toolbox or vintage treasures, I forgot to mention in the supply list you can use a rustic box too. Place in the center of the table on the middle of the runner and then fill it with a natural element like this mistletoe garland.

Start on one end of the table and let some of the mistletoe trails down onto the table from the toolbox. Then place it inside the toolbox and trail it down on the other side of the table on the runner.

Farmhouse Vintage Christmas table centerpiece

This mistletoe is flocked with a dusting of snow. The flocking gives it a white Christmas feeling.

Once you have the mistletoe garland set do the same thing with the bells and the lights. This toolbox is the perfect Christmas farmhouse decor piece. It looks like it came right out of Santa's barn.

MIstletoe, bells and lights for a Christmas centerpiece

Country Christmas Place Setting

For the table settings let's make it more personal to each guest. I love a place setting centerpiece that is a gift or something the guests can use. For this Christmas plate setting, we have both.

First place a charger that you paint with white paint. If you noticed my note in the supply list go ahead and paint your chargers the day before so they will be good and dry. However, if you didn't apply the paint and dry them with a blow dryer. After about 30 minutes they should be good to go.

Now place the charger in front of each chair.

Dollar tree chargers painted white for a vintage farm style Christmas table

Then place the plate, flour sake napkin, and ribbon.

Dollar Tree white plate on a farmhouse Christmas tablescape

I cut my ribbon straight on one side and then angle on the other. Then I used my fingers or a knife and pulled on the ends to fray it.

Farmhouse ribbon for Christmas in white and red ticking

Next, sit your silverware on the table. The fork goes on the left and the knife and spoons on the right. Pull the silverware towards the edge of the table. It should line up with the bottom of the plate.

Christmas tablescape in rustic farmhouse style

Then place a wine glass to the top left between 9 and 12 o'clock and then nestle the salt dough ornament next to the wine glass base with the string sitting on the foot of the glass.

Homemade salt dough ornament place setting decorations

Last, place about 7 cranberries and a short sprig of rosemary in the glass. You will add cold water just before guests will arrive. This little detail makes your table even more special. Your guests will love all these Christmas decorations!

Wine glass filled with cranberries and rosemary as a place setting centerpiece

The table is ready all we need now are a few finishing touches.

Vintage Christmas Table Decorations

Whenever I create a table I like to stand back and ask myself are there any finishing touches I can add. For example, when I did my Hygge Thanksgiving table years ago I added pillows to the seating. It is those little touches that make the tablescape so warm and cozy.

So for this table, I added a fur rug to the bench. It looks so cozy and I love how comfy it makes sitting on the bench.

Fur rug draped over a bench to make seating more comfortable

It makes all the difference when you add little details like this or other little vintage pieces. You can add cozy throws here too. Can you believe your holiday table is all finished? It is so easy to make once you have all the supplies.


Now that you have your table ready here are a few last tidbits to help you look polished, relaxed, and ready for guests.

Create this table the day before. You could even create it several days before. Ask my family how many times we get to eat at another table or in the living room because the table is set for a holiday feast. LOL!

Also, set an alarm to remind you to turn on music, Christmas lights and put water in the glasses. If you have an Alexa or Google Home you can hide it away in the room and set it to a Christmas station beforehand so it is ready to go to.

Last, if you have any food you can prepare the day before I would do that also. Again, make your life easier on the day of the event.

Here are a few last photos of the whole table. After you look at the table keep reading for some mouth-watering recipes with this Santa-inspired vintage Christmas table. If you like a vintage vibe to your Christmas celebration, check out blue Christmas decorations ideas with hints of vintage Victorian.

Vintage Farmhouse toolbox Christmas centerpiece
Vintage toolbox centerpiece for a farmhouse Christmas table

Now that I have added my secrets to planning a party where it looks easy I want to share two of my favorite recipes sites for the most scrumptious food for your family get-together. First look at all of Mel's recipes at Adventures of Mel. She has a whole Christmas recipe section dedicated to her mom and grandma's recipes. You know if they were mom and grandma's then they have to be good.

And then there is my friend Kelly who also makes savory delicious meals. You can find her on Eatpicks where she also has a Christmas recipe category. She has Italian blood running through her vein so need I say more? You will have so much fun planning your dinner with her recipes and Mels.

Christmas vintage farm style table decorations

I hope your holiday breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner turns out amazing. And I hope this table sets the perfect ambiance for your Christmas season party. If you want more Christmas inspiration, check out this post Spice up your Holidays with the latest 2023 Christmas Decor Trends. Merry Christmas, have fun, and enjoy your event!

Happy Decorating!