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These guys dorm room ideas will help to make moving to college so much easier. Guys often are left out when it comes to decor, but not today! So, we've gathered together some dorm room decorating for guys that we think will make you feel masculine.

Guys Dorm Room

Guys dorm room ideas were inspired after we shared girl's college dorm decor ideas. Many asked if we could come up with dorm room decorating ideas for guys too.

It might not be as easy to find decorations for guys as girls college dorm decor, so we thought we'd help you out.

Pottery Barn had lots of inspiration along with some other stores and we have a few other cool ideas too at the end. We think you'll applaud what we've gathered together!

Guys Dorm Room

Update: We have added some favorite retail guys dorm room ideas for 2020 below.

Not every guy loves sports, but some do. Every room deserves to have a look of its own. So here's some to be inspired by and some links to help you shop easily online.

How do guys decorate their dorms?

Most guys look for function first and then aesthetics so they want what is comfy and no fuss. We asked guys what they think are essentials for dorm living and here are some of their answers.

  • Posters
  • Rugs if the floor is a solid surface
  • Tapestry (nature scenes are a favorite)
  • Comfy bedding preferably medium to dark colors
  • Collegiate decorations like pennants and flags
  • Storage containers
  • String lights

Several of these shoppable images include discounted images, so not only are these good ideas, but there are cost-effective! We've also added some new dorm room ideas at the end of the post!

Sports Theme Guys Dorm Room Ideas

Guys Dorm Room Pottery Barn sports theme

If you love shooting hoops or have hopes to play like Steph Curry, this room might be the theme you're looking for.

The color is simple and will match with any collegiate color scheme.

The ball wall decor is simple and masculine.

Get the Look:

Simple Dorm Ideas for Guys

Guys Dorm Room Pottery Barn Loft Desk Bed

Sleep & study lofts are trending for colleges.

They save space and multiply it.

The corkboard on this bed allows pictures, deadlines, or study index cards to be displayed simply.

Bean bag chairs make for a great place to read and relax.

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Outer Space Guys Dorm Room Decorations

Guys Dorm Room Pottery Barn Trunk and Mini Fridge and space theme

Pottery Barn carries great things that every guy's dorm room needs, like mini-fridges, trunks for storage and great bedding for comfort.

The color options are limitless and any guy would be proud to show his buddies his room once it's together.

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Blue and Gray Boy Dorm Room Ideas

Guys Dorm Room Pottery Barn Blue Stripe Duvet and grey stripe duvet

Taking into consideration what your roommate might want as a room set up and color scheme is important.

These blue and gray options make matching or coordinating simple.

And don't forget a bedside table or lamp for the late-night studying!

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Science Boys Dorm Rooms

Dorm room decorating ideas for guys with a mathematics theme.

Desk area and bedding that coordinate is a complete win.

They don't have to be fancy, but getting in on trending items such as a chalkboard is not only great decor but also genius ways to make notes visible while knocking out that homework.

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Travel Dorm Room Ideas for Boys

Dorm room essentials for guys with a Pottery Barn masculine quilt and some storage suggestions in a travel theme room.

When it comes to living in a dorm, storage is usually minimal. So, this room has some great storage bins and we're including some bed storage and even chair-back storage as well.

This quilt also gives a homemade feel but is still very masculine.

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Graffiti Street Style Dorm Decor for Guys

College dorm essentials for guys with a Keith Haring Art inspired room and graffiti theme.

Keith Haring is an artist in New York. His graffiti art is fun and would be perfect in a guys dorm room.

This is outside of the box and ads so much character to a bland room.

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Lighting for Guys Dorm Room Decor

College room ideas for guys with lacrosse theme.

Don't forget lighting when you're planning to put together a dorm. Not everyone might be on the same sleep schedule, so a desk lamp or an end table light will be important to have on the packing list.

Get the Look

Now that we have shared a few favorite ideas from favorite businesses let's get down to some cool ideas and inspiration for designing your own masculine college dorm room

Music Theme Boys Dorm Room Ideas

Many guys play instruments or have a deep love for music so why not look for ideas that revolve around music. In this photo check out the wall tapestry of old fashion speakers.

Decor for dorm rooms using music ideas like a tapestry of old speakers.

You could also display musical instruments like guitars and such.

Vintage Dorm Room Ideas

Cool ideas for dorm rooms with a large oversized wall map and vintage suitecases stacked on the floor.

A great way to add style to a dorm room is with vintage decorations. It is also a cheap dorm decorating idea. Use old maps to decorate the walls and old suitcases for storage and tables.

Map Decorations for Guys Dorm Room

College dorm room for guys decor ideas using maps, blue and white striped bedding, grey pillows and chair

Maps are an easy and cheap way to add so much character to a guys dorm room. You can purchase them on materials like the one in this photo, buy new ones or even ask friends and family if they have any old ones.

This makes for another great vintage guys dorm decor idea.

Flags for Dorm Room

Probably one of the most popular guys dorm room ideas is flags for dorm room decor. There are so many options from collegette flags to pennents.

Yale dorm room decorating ideas using flags and pennants.  Flags for Dorm Room

Check where this person uses both to add his school pride to his room.

Tapestry for Guys Dorm Room

Another popular, inexpensive, easy and cool ideas for dorm rooms is to hang a tapestry on the wall. There are loads of tapestry ideas on Etsy or anywhere on the internet.

A few of our favorites are nature scenes and waves.

Nature scene for guys college dorm decor dea


We know options are important when it comes to decorating your rooms and what an exciting time it is moving into your first college dorm or apartment.

If you didn't have a chance to see our other dorm posts like the College Dorm Decor for girls and the Dorm Room Checklist you can click the link and check out the great looks we found. Shout out the college you're heading to this fall or your alumni in our comments.

We'd love to hear where you came from or are going to college.

Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday 27th of June 2018

Perfect timing, I have one leaving for college in just a few short weeks. We only have one day to get him settled in before he starts football practice. So hard with boys!!

Linda McDonald

Thursday 28th of June 2018

Good luck! I am glad this has helped you prepare.