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DIY printables are a great way to add the perfect touch and character to your home decor without robbing the bank. Here are ideas from free printables to Etsy store cheap printables and tips on all the different ways to frame printables.

diy printable ideas for home decorating  using a toile pattern printed on paper and attached to a vase for flowers.

If you are like me and are watching your pennies but love decorating your home for every day, holiday, or special events then you will find these DIY printable ideas very helpful.

We are going to walk through many ways you can use printables to decorate your home from wraps for flower vases to a collage wall hanging. You will be amazed at all the things you can do with free or Etsy store printables.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.


To begin our journey of what to do with free and purchased printables let's talk about where to find printables and simply how to decorate your home with them.


The best place to find cheap printables is on Etsy. If you are looking for wall art then search “wall art” on Etsy and then the name of the design you are wanting. For example, let's say you are looking for a botanical to frame. Simply type into search “botanical wall art” or a specific botanical like “eucalyptus wall art.” This will pull up all kinds of botanical designs.

Cheap botanical printable to frame for your home decor

Next, if you are looking for free printables then you can search google and Pinterest for free printables along with exactly what you are looking for like botanicals.

But I have saved the best for last because I have lots of free printables to choose from on my website. All you have to do to get access is to subscribe to my newsletter. Once you are subscribed you will get an access link.

Each week when the newsletter goes out there will be a notification of any new designs. Also, I share new designs in my Etsy shop in the email. All the wall art in the shop is super cheap at 4.99 and below. But if you use code GIFT 20 at checkout to get 20% off. Once you pay for the design it is yours to print as many times as you like.

So now that you know where to find printables let's talk about all the amazing things you can do with them to decorate your home.


I like to use printables that can be printed with my printer at home which means it is 8 1/2 x 14 or smaller. You can take a printable that is a sheet of paper size and scale it down to frame as one piece of art or a collection of art pieces that have something in common.

Recently when I decided to add faux beadboard to my closet I wanted an art piece to hang on the back wall. But I knew it needed to be a bigger piece and keeping with my “sheet of paper” size printables I decided to collect them together to make one large piece.

Digital wall art in small walk in closet

All these printables are in my Etsy shop and I keep all our printables cheap so anyone can afford them.

To make this DIY printable simply print out all the printables on cardstock then glue them to the back of pieces of wood. I used lattice stripes that I found at Home Depot. If you need to cut them off Home Depot will gladly cut them for you at no cost.

Another way to take a set of printables and work them into a wall hanging is this gingerbread house free printable set.

Three gingerbread printables attached to wood and hung by ribbon for decoration.

This is another simple DIY printables project and all the directions are in my easy DIY wall hanging free printable wall art post. This is a cute design to hang on your wall for Valentine's Day or Christmas.


This has been one of our favorite printable art ideas and we show you how to make homemade paper at home to print on.

how to make homemade paper

If you love anything vintage and antiques then you will love this project and personalized inn sign. Simply follow the directions in the how to post listed above and print. It is such a fun project and makes adorable vintage art for your home.


If you want to keep it simple then you will love this DIY print art idea.

Frame free printable for outdoor decor

You can find this wood frame at any craft store like Hobby Lobby. And you can use any size frame even ones you find at a thrift or Dollar Tree. These botanical prints are in my free printable library and I have many more in my printable wall art Etsy shop.

Here are the directions on how to make this indoor/outdoor botanical free downloadable art prints project. It is very easy and you can hang it outside on your porch.

Another simple way to hang wall art is with two sticks, glue and twine.

Frame printable with sticks and twine

All the details on how to frame your printables with sticks are in this free fall printable and DIY wall hanging post.

Another fun and probably the easiest way to decorate your home with free printables is to print out the design and stick it to a mirror or cutting board.

Here is how I added a ribbon to a printable and used double sided tape to attach it to my mirror for spring.

DIY printable idea over a mirror

And here is where I added a butterfly design to our cutting and bread board set in our kitchen sitting area.

DIY printable idea using a download of a butterfly and taping it to a cutting and bread board


After making printables for many years my daughter Hannah and I came up with the idea to make printable wrapping paper and gift tags. These designs just happen to be free in my printable library but we have plans to make many other designs for special events.

DIY gift tags to print for Christmas

Just like before I try to keep all our printables where you can easily print them on your home printer.

This wrapping paper prints on an 8 1/2 x 14 piece of paper but you can print it on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece too.

And we thought some gift tags would be perfect with our paper but you will be surprised at all the different ways you can use gift tags in our Christmas DIY gift tags post.

Christmas free printable gift tag used as a bookmark

Other than using them on your packages you can print them for bookmarks to hold the spot in your favorite book. To learn more about printing this wrapping paper and gift tags look at Christmas DIY gift tags.


Did you know you can purchase sticker paper and print designs to stick on anything? You can buy white sticker paper or clear sticker paper.

When organizing our attic I decided to label all the Christmas boxes with stickers.

Printable stickers for organizing

Originally I thought clear sticker paper would be perfect but when I printed these cute little printable wreaths I discovered you could hardly see them on clear paper up against a clear box.

So I resorted to the old way and printed them on card stock and used clear packing tape to adhere them to the box.

Here is more information on how to organize Christmas decorations and print out these stickers.


I love making or gifting a little something at each place setting when we invite friends or family over for a special meal. A simple and inexpensive way to decorate the place setting is with a printable.

Italian dinner table setting printable

This Italian dinner table setting is so easy and inexpensive to create.

Another idea for an outdoor tablescape is our Hawaiian luau party ideas. Talk about fun!!! This outdoor idea is another easy way to show your guests how much they mean to you.

Hawaiian theme party place setting printable

This simple little Aloha printable is the perfect touch to a place setting.


Raise your hand if you love tiered tray decorating?

I thought there might be a few of you here who love decorating tiered trays. Probably the cheapest tiered tray decoration is printables.

Simply take any printable and scale it down tiny enough to go into a frame or decoupage onto a piece of wood.

Tiered tray printable to frame for decoration

This Valentine's day table decoration tiered tray is the perfect little printable to add to your tray design. There are lots more details on how to create a tiered tray in this post.

I love decorating with banners especially during holidays. This patriotic banner is an easy way to add decor to any space in your home to celebrate the 4th of July.

Pennant banner template printables to decorate for the 4th of July

There are detailed instructions on how to print and make this banner in the pennant banner template blog post. This banner also looks super cute a child's playroom.

Mayday toile DIY printable ideas for decoration.

And last is using a printable to wrap a vase of flowers. Last mother's day I came up with this idea for May Day to celebrate all those mother figures in your life.

There are simple directions in this letter for mom post that walks you through each step on applying this toile wrap to your mason jar. You will make someone's day when you gift them one of these sweet toile wrapped jars full of flowers.


So what did you think? Were you surprised at all the different ways you can decorate your home, parties, and events with printables? I actually left out one other way you can use printables and that is invitations.

Here is a bridal shower invitation we made with a printable.

Printable invitations for a wedding with a dogwood flower

Our friend Samantha who hosted the shower for Savanna took a printable flower card design and added the wording for the invitation for my daughter's wedding shower. All the details are in our southern bridal shower ideas post.

Plus here is a beautiful custom wedding invitation keepsake idea. Consider pairing one of the printables with this idea.

It is amazing all the ways you can use printables to add style and design to your home. Like this birth month flower printable DIY. Hang this on your wall for a beautiful decoration.

Have you ever added a printable to your home decor? We would love to know how you add style with printables.

Happy Decorating!


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