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Today I am sharing an easy and inexpensive DIY dollar store spring tablescape. Spring is a great time to entertain and this table setting is perfect for Easter, Mother's day, summer, or spring. This bee-themed table will be the talk of the party.

DIY Dollar store spring bee themed tablescape with chamomile flowers, Dollar Tree gingham buffalo check chargers, white dishes, La Rochere bee glasses, Martha Stewart honey and bee napkins.

This easy DIY dollar store spring tablescape is probably the easiest and cheapest table decorations for family or small party I have come up with yet and it exudes happiness.

Most of this table is hand-crafted and Dollar Tree or dollar store items. I even have a new dollar store to introduce you to. More about that later but recently it came to my attention that many people don't know what a tablescape is so here is my definition of a tablescape.


A tablescape is the same thing as table decorations or table settings for dinner, lunch, brunch, or breakfast. It is a table created for friends and family usually around themes like spring, fall, Christmas, and so on.

So now that you know what a tablescape is let's buzz over to this table setting where the design began with a honey bumble bee dinner napkin.


To begin let's gather some materials. Here is a list of what you need.

What is Popshelf?

You may have noticed the flower jewelry dish by Popshelf and wondered what is Popshelf? Well, it is a new store concept by Dollar General. It brings a high-end look with a low price range. Most items in the store are under $5.00. They carry trendy home decor decorations, beauty supplies, arts and crafts, toys, specialty foods, cleaning supplies, and much more.

I was hooked after visiting the one in Atlanta. Pop Shelf has so many beautiful home decor items and I couldn't wait to share this jewelry dish on this tablescape with you.


Before you get started creating this farmhouse garden-style table let's make the buffalo check chargers.

First sand the charger to rough up the finish. Then wipe it with a clean damp paper towel to remove any grit.

Next, paint one coat of chalk paint, acrylic, or any craft paint. Let that dry and add another coat if needed.

How to chalk paint a Dollar Tree charger

Now take 2″ painters tape and run a piece of tape down the center.

Next place another piece of painter's tape up against the first piece then lay another piece next to it.

How to paint a gingham pattern on a Dollar Tree charger

Remove the middle piece and repeat this step on the other side.

Painted buffalo check on Dollar Tree charger

Press down along the edges with your finger so that paint will not bleed under the tape. Once you tape is secure dry brush the blue-green color.

To dry brush simply dab your paintbrush into the paint. Just a tiny bit on the tip of the paint brush. Then dab the paintbrush on a paper towel or paper plate to remove some of the paint.

DIY Dollar Tree charger buffalo check

Then you lightly brush the paint between the pieces of tape. After you finish remove the tape and let it dry.

DIY Dollar store buffalo check pastel color charger

You can use a blow dryer to make the process go quicker. Once the paint is dry simply repeat what you did but turn the place 90 degrees and start taping and painting again.

Easy do it yourself chalk painted check charger

After you remove the tape and your chargers are good and dry it is time to set this spring bee-themed table setting.

DIY blue green vintage Dollar Tree charger


Begin by placing the white board down the middle of the table then place all your pastel buffalo check chargers.

DIY dollar store spring tablescape with a garden bee design

Next, add your Dollar Tree white dinner plate and salad plate stacking them one on top of the other.

Easy DIY Dollar store spring garden tablescape

Now grab the adorable light blue honey bee Martha Stewart dinner napkin and place one in the middle of the Dollar Tree white salad plate.

Simple place setting with Martha Steward honey bee napkins DIY

Then sit the floral jewelry dish from Popshelf right in the middle.

DIY honey bee themed tablescape with Popshelf flower jewelry dish

Next, add your silverware. We used gold silverware that we purchased at an antique/thrift store but silver will work on this tablescape too.

DIY table decorations for spring

And last place your La Rochere glasses above the knife on the table. If you can spring for these Le Rochere bee glasses they are the icing on the cake. They are so bee-autiful and they are perfect for many other table settings like my garden party decoration ideas and this Thanksgiving dinner table setting.

La Rochere bee glasses for a DIY Easter table setting


If you have a dark-colored table adding a white chalk-painted board will brighten up your centerpiece. I have used this white board on many tablescapes. You will find it to come in handy.

First, place your white board centered in the middle of the table. Then add painted clay pots that are wrapped with twine staggered on the white board.

I have direction on how to paint these pots to look old in my french country table setting idea post.

Once they are painted and dried wrap them in twine and place them on your board.

Next place a small mouthwash cup inside or anything that will fit inside that will hold water and put water in the cup.

I like to use filtered water from the fridge. It seems to keep flowers longer.

Next cut the stems on the flowers about 8″ long. I took a handful and cut them all together and then placed them down inside the pot with the cup inside.

Floral arrangement with chamomile flowers

After you finish filling the clay pots with chamomile cut a few other pieces of flowers and drop them around the clay pots as if they have fallen off of the flower arrangement.

Easy DIY spring centerpiece with vintage clay pots and chamomile flowers

I found it to be easier to bring the board and pots into my kitchen by doing the floral arranging. I found these flowers at Trader Joe's but here is a post on the best places to buy flowers if you don't have Trader Joe's.

Now you have a simple centerpiece for your spring bee table setting. Place your board and flower arrangement back in the middle of the table.

DIY spring floral farmhouse style centerpiece

See how easy this spring tablescape is to create and there are so many events and dinners you can create it for. And all ages will love it!!!

So let's take a look at the whole table now that every piece is set.

DIY farmhouse style spring table setting idea
Easy DIY Dollar store spring tablescape in a cottage style garden inspired design

I almost forget to mention adding pillows to your chairs or bench. This is another detail that makes the bee inspired table decoration look cozy.

Pillow on a bench for decorations for a spring table setting


Now that you have a lovely table set for your family and friends let's talk about a gift for your guests.

One of my favorite things to do is give the top piece of the place setting to guests when they go home so share with your friends and family that they get to take home the Popshelf jewelry dish.

DIY dollar store spring tablescape using Pop Shelf jewelry dish on a spring place setting

If you have any guys at the party and maybe the flower dish is not their thing then tell them it makes a great gift to give to a loved one.

I mentioned other holidays this DIY dollar tree tablescape is good for and the most obvious is Easter since it is the heart of spring. A cute way to add a touch of Easter is to place grass in the dish and one speckled egg.

Another great idea is for Mother's day coming up. Wouldn't it be fun to celebrate all those women in your life who have played a part in mentoring you? Creating a spring bee table like that will make them feel so special.

Spring table decorations idea

I hope this inexpensive table setting has given you the inspiration to create a lovely table this spring.

Happy Decorating!


Saturday 3rd of April 2021

Lovely table for springtime. I have stenciledcplates and it's such a cute look. Love the twine around the pots. I'll have to check out Pop Ahelf next time I'm in Atlanta.