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Dreaming of a dinner party filled with french-inspired ideas then this simple french country table setting idea is just for you. An inspired french table setting arrangement brought in from the countryside of France.

french country table setting idea

What is it about the countryside of France that looks so peaceful?

Rows and rows of lavender growing with beautiful cottages nestled behind the fields. Wouldn't it be great to escape from daily life and create a simple french country table setting for your friends and family?

Today I am sharing some simple steps to creating a country tablescape using french inspired elements and making a place setting decoration that you can easily create too.

French Country Table Setting

Several years ago we created an Italian inspired tablescape and to my surprise, it has been a hit. I longed to do the same idea but with a french country theme.

Here are the steps on how I created a french country table for friends and family.


When starting any project I recommend pulling some supplies.

French country table setting supplies

Now that you have your supplies let's get started painting the clay pots.

How to Paint Clay Pots?

To begin to make sure your clay pots are clean especially if they are used. Once they have cleaned and dry use a paintbrush and paint on the mineral paint with a light coat of paint.

Painted clay pot for a french country table setting

Next, put some white paint on a paper towel. While the mineral paint is drying on the clay pot use the same artist paintbrush and dab it into the white acrylic paint lightly.

Painted clay pot for a French country table setting

Then remove some of the white paint on the paper towel and apply it here and there on the green color that is on the clay pot.

Now your little pot is ready for some twine. Cut about a 40″ piece of white twine. Find the center of the twine and place the center on the back of the pot.

Painted clay pot for a French country table setting

Next, wrap three times around the pot and then tie a bow on the front. See how simple it is to make these little french inspired clay pots.

Wrap twine around the clay post for the French country table setting

Now that we have our pots ready let's move on to the dressing the table.

Farmhouse Table and French Bistro Chair

To start you will need a table and chairs. The table used in this photo is a farmhouse table we made that was cheap and easy to create. The size is perfect for four people.

I think these precious chairs add so much to a french country table setting but after looking and looking I found them to be very expensive to purchase in America.

But to my surprise, while browsing in Ikea I ran across these sweet chairs and they were only $15. They make great extra chairs to have around when you have more guests than chairs.

French bistro chairs for a French country table setting idea

However, I also found this bistro set that looks almost exactly like my chairs. This whole set will work for a French-inspired tablescape too. If you have some french chairs add them to your table to add to the experience.

French Tablecloth

Next on the agenda is a french country pattern tablecloth and Pottery Barn came to the rescue. They have several block print french table linens but this pastel-colored french tablecloth was perfect.

If your table is a little small you can fold the tablecloth as I did for our back patio table.

Block print tablecloth for a French country table setting

I love using tablecloths for other purposes like a curtain or folded throw at the foot of a bed. Here is a whole design where we curated a french country farmhouse bedroom and you could easily use this tablecloth as a part of the design.

French Country Centerpiece

I believe all tables need centerpieces. I knew lavender was the ticket for this french table setting and my dough bowl would add even more charm to this tablescape.

Lavender centerpiece for a French table setting

All you need is a wooden dough bowl, dried lavender and white grosgrain ribbon for your french table setting. Bundle up the lavender and tie it with ribbon. Let the tails of the ribbon hang long.

Lay the bouquet of lavender inside the dough bowl. If the lavender stems are too long give them a snip so they fit just right.

French country table setting centerpiece of lavender in a dough bowl

The smell is amazing and it has french countryside written all over it.

White Dishes

The next step is very easy. Grab some white dinner plates and salad plates. Stack them at each place setting.

Make sure the dishes are centered with each chair and that they are direct across from each other.

French Place Setting Decorations

Now we are getting to the fun part and that is adding the place setting decorations. I love this part because what you create is special to each guest and it can be a gift for your friends and family.

Now fold and lay a flour sack dinner napkin on a diagonal on the salad plate. Then on one side place the green aged clay pot.

Next, fill the clay pot with some basil.

French country table setting with a  painted clay post filled with basil.

Yum! This table is really smelling divine now.

Next lay two small stems of lavender on crossed over the other next to the clay pot. This french table setup is really starting to come along.

French country table setting with two sprigs of lavender on the dinner napkin

Silver and Glasses

Now all you have to do is add a few other pieces and you are almost finished. Layout your silverware with spoon and knife on the right and fork on the left.

Silverware for a french country table setting

I like to line up the bottom of my silverware with the plate.

Next place a dinner glass above the knife. I used these narrow champagne classes because they take up hardly any room. If this table was formal I would put out certain glasses for certain liquids but in this case, I went for what I thought fit the best into this country french dining table.

Stemless champagne glasses for a French country table setting

French Country Accessories

To finish off your table add a french market basket with flowers by the table. You can add other french pieces like tiny wreaths of herbs hanging on the back of the chair or enamel white pitchers filled with water or tea on the table.

French market basket full of white flowers

Yay! Guess what? This french style table setting is all finished. See how simple and easy it was to create.


What a great way to show your love to family and friends than with a french table setting style. Each detail looks like you spent all day working but in fact, you can pull this together in an hour as long as you have all the pieces on hand.

French country table setting

Now that you have your tablescape design figured out grab my event planning checklist to help you plan every detail.

Now that my country french table is ready all I need are a few french recipes. What are some good recipes to go with this countryside french table setting?

Wouldn't it be fun to cook in a french kitchen? Well, my French farmhouse kitchen decor has some really fun ideas nestled inside. And if you love backyard events then you will love my garden party decoration ideas.

Happy Decorating!


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