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11 French Country Farmhouse Bedroom Decorations

If you love antiques or vintage decorations then you will adore these french country farmhouse bedroom decorations. We have created a collection of furniture and decor to style a European country bedroom.

french country farmhouse bedroom decorations

French country farmhouse bedroom decor has charming and character written all over it. A decade or more ago french country patterns were so popular. I loved the rich colors with the small details. Some of my favorite ways to use the patterns were on table cloths and weekend bags.

Now European country and vintage inspired decor are trending and the french country style has a similar fresher look. So let's talk about how to decorate your bedroom in a french country farmhouse style.

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French Country Farmhouse Bedroom

First, let's discuss what to look for when decorating in the french country farmhouse style.

Think about french decor which most of the time has ornate decorations. The fancier the better. But when you add in the words country and farmhouse then you won't find too much fancy.

So let's find a good in-between. Think vintage, old, curved shapes with a little fancy, not too much, but just a tiny bit.

Here is a list of items you can shop for when looking for french country farmhouse bedroom decor. You can look for antiques, reproductions, or new decor that looks aged.

  • Furniture (Keep it simple, natural finish, or white washed. It can have straight edges or a curved piece like the bed on this design board)
  • Art (Think of old looking art like this linen painting. You an also take new paintings and add an aged look to them with brown wax. Also consider architectural pieces. Pretend you brought a piece of an old building back from France. These items make great art pieces)
  • Baskets (Baskets work great with any style but if you use a french market basket then you are decorating with something authentic. Or you can purchase any handmade looking basket to get the same look)
  • Pillows (Natural ticking pillows or french style pattern pillows are great for decorating your french country bedroom. The more texture the better.)
  • Dishes (You might be wondering why I have dishes in a bedroom. Well, french transferware looks amazing hanging on walls. If you can't find french ones you can use any transferware.)
  • Chandelier (Chandeliers look so pretty in bedrooms and if you want to bring a little Versaille into your space this is an easy way to do it.)
  • Plants (look for real or artificial plants that are grown in France and add that to your bedroom decor. Lavender is a great choice since they grow so much of it in france.
  • Rugs (There are two kinds of rugs that work great in french farmhouse decor. Any natural rug like sisal or jut. Or you can use a distressed ornate rug. I would keep it muted in color to fit the french country aesthic)

Now that we have a few ideas to look for, let me make your life even simpler. We have pulled together a collection to make your online vintage shopping more fun.

Bedroom Decor for French Country Farmhouse

Shop all these french-style decorations by simply tapping the image below.

Now let's talk a little about several of these decorations.

French Market Basket

Vintage decor is a great way to add character to your home decor and this french market basket is perfect to hang on the wall, sit on the floor or use for storage.

I have this exact basket and I use it all the time in decorations. Here is where I used it to decorate our wall hooks.

French Market basket hanging on a wall

Consider a market basket or any kind of basket as long as it has an old-world vibe to it.

French Dishes

Another great way to decorate in a french country style is with transferware. I wish I could say I have some french transferware in my home but I do have something close. These are my grandma's dishes. You can decorate with them anywhere in your house but they look very cute in bedroom decor.

French farmhouse bedroom

French Style Rugs and Carpets

sisal rug with white bemcj

Textured rugs like jute and sisal fit nicely within a farmhouse country bedroom. Also consider distressed light colored french style rugs.

Here is an example of a natural fiber rug in our entryway but it will look amazing in a bedroom.

French Country Farmhouse Art

For art, consider frescos, oil paintings, architectural elements or anything that you would find in France. The linen painting and relief art are two ideas to add to your decorations. This landscape is so pretty and would look amazing in a french style bedroom.

French linen landscape art

So what do you think? Are you ready to give your bedroom a french country farmhouse aesthetic? Here is one last thought. If you have a limited budget and want to carry your decor in your bedroom to this style, begin by changing out your accessories with french inspired pieces.

Change your art on the walls, add small accessories and plants that you would find in France. But remember to keep your french decor humble because we are talking about the country.


In addition to the furniture and decorations I mentioned, here is a list of stores you can find french inspired or antique french decor.

World Market is a great place to shop because they have a more simple design to their furniture and accessories and they love bringing decorations from other countries into their shop. Another store that is similar but a bit pricier is Antrhopologie.

If you are looking for french antiques then I would shop Etsy online or go to White and Faded. They are also on Etsy but they have much more on their website at White and Faded.

I also love The Well Appointed House for furniture, monogramed towels and much more that have the french vibe. However, if you want delicious sheets for your bed I would shop Cozy Earth.

Vintage french country farmhouse bedroom decorations

They are my favorite sheets because they feel so smooth and soft. And they're good quality. Use my coupon code SUMMERHILL40 to get 40% off.

Last, consider searching Amazon for pieces like the basket. I find small items that looks like the old thing but are new and much cheaper. I also look at thrift stores and local antique shops. There are so many treasures when you dig through these stores.

I hope you have found this helpful and I would love to hear if you decide to decorate your room in a french style. You can find some more great ideas at my antique vintage aesthetic bedroom post. Another great place to learn about french decorating is my french country table setting idea. I share a tablecloth that would also make a beautiful folded bed throw at the end of a bed.

Happy Decorating!