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Easy Valentine Day Table Decoration Using Tiered Tray That All Will Adore

This Valentine day table decoration is easy to create using a tiered tray and heartwarming accessories.  Follow along with step by step instructions on how to create a tiered tray centerpiece for Valentine's day.

Valentine day table decorations centerpiece using a tiered tray

Creative Valentine's day ideas are all over the internet from romantic dinner to family dinner ideas. Finding just the right idea is what makes your Valentine's day special. In this post is a centerpiece for a Valentine's day table decoration that is filled with small decor ideas that says I love you.

For our Valentine table decorations I chose pink and white as my color scheme but you can use red color or another color scheme. You can even use red, white and pink.

We even have a few other ideas like Valentine table decor ideaValentine garland ideas, and chalkboard ideas to name a few.  But being able to create your romantic piece is another story.

Valentine Day Table Decoration

So let's jump right into creating a Valentine day table decoration with a list of what you will need to create your design.

Valentine day table decoration tiered tray supplies

Step 1: Tiered Tray Supplies

When you shop for accessories purchase more than you will need.  I find that sometimes one item works better than another and it is always more fun to have extra stuff to play with when creating.

Where To Find A Tiered Tray

Let's begin with selecting a tiered tray for this Valentine's day table setting centerpiece.

There are so many fun options on the market until we decided to write a post of favorite farmhouse tiered trays.

But if you are handy and like making things then try our How to Make a Tiered Tray DIY or here are some more options from galvanized to wood.

Step 2: Larger Decorations on the Top Tier

On this, simple Valentine table decoration, start with the larger items.

I like to start with the top tray, so I pulled this Rae Dunn Love sign and sat it off to the side.

It is always nice to include something, Rae Dunn.  We have found so many people like Rae Dunn until we did a whole post on Rae Dunn tiered trays.

Valentine tiered tray Rae Dunn love sign

I was then pulling something of similar height but a little shorter I used this old mason jar candle to balance the top tray. It is nice to include a candle for embiance but remember to put it on the top. Mason jars make the best candles because they are safer but also consider battery powered candles.

Valentine table centerpiece tiered tray Antique Candle Works mason jar candle

Step 3: Smaller Tiered Tray Decor

Next, I grabbed the wooden bead garland to add a third layer to the top tier.

Valentine day table decoration tiered tray wood bead garland

Garlands can be sometimes tricky and seem awkward to place between accessories. Gently lay it around the other decorative pieces and back away from the tray to see how it flows with the rest of the accessories.

The beautiful thing about accessorizing is that you can go with the flow and keep trying arrangements until you find just the right ensemble. Can you see how this holiday table is starting to take shape.

Step 5: Repeat Process on Bottom Tier

Now it is time to work on the bottom stand or tier. Again pull the more significant items first and place them on the stand.

I began with the plate and sat it off to the opposite corner if there is such a thing as a corner when you are working with something round.

Valentine decoration tiered tray you and me forevermore plate

Follow with adding another larger item next to the first larger item like a tiny plate on a stand. Did I mention a great place to look for small Valentine decorations is at dollar stores or the Target dollar spot? This will make your Valentine's day tablescape idea reasonably priced.

What says Valentine's day more than a flower?  Well, maybe chocolate but you get my point. 😉

Valentine day table decor tiered tray pink and white flower

This peonie flower continues the color theme of pink and white but rose petals would be beautiful too. Adding flowers offer an elegant Valentine's day table decor.

Do you know what I love about this Valentine tiered tray centerpiece? I love that it is a floral centerpiece without being just a vase of flowers. It is creative!

Okay now, this Valentine's day tiered tray is starting to come together.

Next place a smaller accessory front and center on your bottom shelf of your tray.

mini acrylic frame with free printable Valentine day table decoration

This cute pink acrylic frame was the perfect spot for a Valentine's free printable.

This printable is of a blush colored heart with swirls, flowers, and hearts inside but that are not all.  Look carefully and you will find the word “love” written inside the graphics inside the heart.

Dutch love heart with flowers free printable

Remember to get the free printable simply subscribe and you will have access to my library of printables including this heart.

If you get a small picture frame like this and want to print Valentine's heart simply use the index card set when you go to print.

The heart comes out of the perfect size for this precious min frame.

Step 6: Filler Pieces

Now for the last step, the finishing touch, the icing on the cake.

Toss in some filler pieces like these lambs ear sprigs.

Valentine decoration tiered tray lambs ear

The soft finish on the leaves was just what this tiered tray needed to pull the whole design together.

Plus the green tone helped to unify the space.  It was just what the love doctor ordered.  LOL!

Valentine Table Decoration Tiered Tray Centerpiece

Valentine table decoration tiered tray with pink, green and white

Now to finish your Valentine table place your tiered tray in the center and start decorating around it with place settings and other small items.

This Valentine table decor idea will give you inspiration on doing the rest of the table.


Finally, let me encourage you to have fun and if you are making this tray for a special someone grab some accessories that are meaningful to that person.

I added a small plate of cookies in front of the tiered tray.

Valentine day table decoration tiered tray heart plate with cookies

I like to add a little sweet treat that anyone can touch or eat like cookies or these scones by Seven Sister below.  It makes the centerpiece even more special.

That way the Valentine table decoration is not just for looks but functional too. The details is what makes this Valentine's dinner special.

Next add your place settings, napkins, silverware, glassware and all the other pieces to complete your Valentine tablescape. Also, consider placing something special on the dinner plate like red roses or peony petals.

Now your beautiful table is ready for a special occasions. Your loved ones are going to love this Valentine's day dinner. Here is a websites with delicious food recipes to go with your table decorations.

You can use your tiered tray on your dining table or you can set it on a hutch or the kitchen counter. There are so many places you can use a tiered tray for decoration.

I hope you have found this Valentine tiered tray idea helpful and I hope those special people in your life love every minute of it. Now it is your turn. What color scheme are you thinking for your Valentine's tiered tray centerpiece.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Decorating!

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