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7 February Chalkboard Ideas Smitten with Valentine’s Day Messages

Here you will find the best February chalkboard ideas including Valentine's chalkboard messages to decorate your chalk board for the holiday of love. These fun chalkboard art and quote ideas are great for kids, family, and friends.

chalkboard messages with hearts, quotes and decorative art

Chalkboards are no longer just for the classroom. They have made their way into our homes and hearts. So when seasons, holidays or months come we are looking for ideas. You can make these beautiful designs using a chalk marker, chalkboard paint, chalk pens, or just regular chalk. Whatever you use, I think you'll have so much fun. These February chalkboard ideas are here to inspire you with your designs.

February Chalkboard Ideas

Probably the most popular chalkboard idea for February is Valentines so we have gathered ideas with hearts and love in mind. These Valentine's Day chalkboard messages can be intricate or simple. Either way, the message will be clear. “You are loved.” Want to dress up your chalkboard message? Try putting it in a wooden frame like some of the examples below.


Our favorite part about Valentine's day is all the corny saying on cards.  They are so cute, fun and sweet. 

We also love this holiday because people focus more on others than themselves.  It is good medicine for the soul when your spending time coming up with ideas to tell everyone how you love them. And what better way than through one of these Valentine's Day chalkboard messages.

Bushel and a Peck Chalkboard Message

I love you a bushel and a peck February chalkboard idea
Photo courtesy: Tarachalk

Are you ready for a history lesson tied to this Valentine's Day chalkboard quote created by Tara May?

Frank Loesser wrote these words in a love song back in 1950 and it was made popular in the Broadway musical Guys & Dolls. But what is a bushel and what is a peck?

Pecks and bushels are standard forms of dry measurements. A peck is about two gallons. A bushel is four pecks. So, needless to say, this quote means you love someone a whole lot!

Keep heaping on the love and chalkboard messages, please.

I love you a bushel and a peck chalkboard art idea
Photo courtesy: Miss Audrey Sue Designs

Isn't it funny that no matter how many times you see a quote used, each one portrays an individual message to its recipient?

A chalkboard is a blank canvas. One that can stay classy with a black & white look like this one by Miss Audrey Sue Designs or you can add pops of colors to attract a little more attention. I love how she uses different fonts to make a stunning design.

Heart Garland Chalkboard

heart garland on chalkboard art
Photo courtesy: Twelve on Main

Sara adds a delicate vine heart and fluttery heart garland to her chalkboard. So that all that view it will feel the warmth of the holiday.

Sometimes there's no need for words. She's also sweet enough to offer a tutorial on how to make this garland if you'd like to add it to your Valentine's Day decor over on Twelve on Main blog.

We also offered Valentine banner and Valentine garland ideas on a recent post if you're not feeling so artsy.

Valentine Chalkboard Quote

February chalkboard quote
Photo courtesy: P & H Chalk

Kate with P & H Chalk was asked by a photographer friend to design this precious chalkboard. The photographer's plan was to take a photo of kids holding it and then years from now the parents can give it to their future spouse.

Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Wouldn't you love to have a picture of your spouse as a child holding a sweet message like this?

Chalkboard Love Floral Idea

Chalkboard idea for February. Floral heart with love written on it drawn on a chalkboard
Photo courtesy: Tara & Lillie

This intricate drawing might have been inspired by a Valentine graphic, but we think that Tara & Lillie did a beautiful job illustrating it for all those they love to look upon.

One thing we love most about incorporating a chalkboard into your home decor is the simplicity of adding a new look from season to season or holiday to holiday by erasing and drawing.

Valentine Chalkboard Scripture

February chalk board idea of a bible scripture 1 John 4:19

Looking to scripture for verses about love is genius. 1 John 4:19 is a great message for your Valentine. How else could we know love, if we hadn't been loved first?

We love how Becky gives an ombre look to her lettering in this message.

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Large vintage frame around a chalkboard with a Valentine message.  Valentine's Day Chalkboard Messages with a design that says will you bee mine

Hannah is the mastermind behind all our chalkboard designs and she worked her magic on our Valentine chalkboard message. It's like having our own local artist in the house, she's full of fabulous ideas. Another favorite chalkboard is our spring farmhouse decor chalkboard design. If you get a chance go check it out. It is never to early to start planning for spring and easter.

And Savanna so graciously posed for a picture with Stinkerbell, our cat, so we could share this beautiful chalkboard with all of you. 

For more inspiring ideas for the month of February try this articles:

I hope you found inspiration for your own design. We'd love to hear your sweet Valentine's Day chalkboard messages! Do tell!

Happy Decorating!

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