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It is time to really have fun with these Hawaiian luau party ideas. These easy to make and inexpensive party decorations will make your event fun and memorable.

A Hawaiian party table setting with a bright blue umbrella with home-made tassels, floppy hats, blue striped pillows, a Hello Sunshine sign, along with a Hawaiian tablescape .

After traveling to Hawaii last year I found so much inspiration for Hawaiian luau party ideas. The countryside was lush and rich with vegetation and their culture was laid back, colorful, and beautiful.

I kept seeing hibiscus jewelry and wood carved bowls everywhere. Before I left I knew I needed to bring some of these goodies home and plan tropical party ideas for adults.

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Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

In addition to the wooden bowls and hibiscus earring that I brought home, I start thinking of other homemade luau decorations to pull together a centerpiece and tablescape.

Let's start with the centerpiece and work our way out but first here is a supply list to create this tiki party idea.

What do you need for a Hawaiian themed party?

Starting from the top down let's begin with decorating your your umbrella.

Homemade Tassel Umbrella

So the umbrella is not homemade but the tassels are hand made. To make the tassels simply follow my direction on my How to Make a Rug with Tassels post.

Once you have your tassels made all you have to do is use a large sewing needle and attach them to the umbrella. Another way to attach them is with a glue gun but we wanted to make our detachable so we sewed them on.

A backyard umbrella for your pool party with home-made tassels sewn into the bright blue umbrella.

Hawaiian Centerpiece Ideas

Now let's talk about Hawaiian centerpiece ideas. This is the cheapest centerpiece I have ever created. Except for the simple french country table setting idea. That one was so easy and inexpensive too.

Simply start with some greenery and sprinkle it on the table around the umbrella pole. Next position three large shells on top and around the greenery.

A tropical center piece with leafs, a conch shell, and a hibiscus flower.

Follow the shells and starfish with one or two hibiscus flowers (I found mine in my neighbor's yard) and cut some fruit into slices and spring it around and on top of the greenery.

An Hawaiian themed center piece. with leafs, cut citric, and starfish.

Hawaiian Table Setting

Remember me mentioning chargers from the dollar tree in the supply list? Well, since you have only spent a dollar on each one why not give them a beautiful tropical color to add to your tablescape.

I simply used an artist paintbrush and painted them pink. Once they were dry I stacked a dinner plate and a linen napkin wrapped salad plate.

Then my silverware and stemless champagne glasses.

Next, I put the small wooden bowl on the linen napkin, placed one hibiscus earring inside the bowl, and then the aloha free printable.

A Tiki party ideas with a bright center piece with shells, leafs, cut citrus, and colorful flowers. Along with arangged plates with a wooden bowl with Dole Whip.

Aloha Free Printable

Now you are probably wondering where did I get the Aloha free printable. Well, I created it and if you sign up for my newsletter you can print it out on cardstock, cut it out and use it too for your Hawaiian luau party.

A Hawaiian table setting with a pink painted charger with a napkin wrapped salad plate with a leaf printable that says Aloha.

Hawaiian Beach Party Accessories

Next, add some outdoor pillows to your chairs. This warms up the overall tiki party feel. Then toss a beach blanket over one or two chairs. You can use beach towels too.

A Hawaiian themed decor idea including a bright colorful tassel blanket and a striped blue pillow.

Last, place a couple of beach hats and a beach sign to polish the look.

A Summer party idea, With bright citrus in the background with a floppy hat as an extra piece of decor that adds a lot.

What do you do at a Hawaiian themed party?

There are so many fun things to do at a Hawaiian themed party? Play some ukelele music during the event, if you have a pool offer for guests to swim.

You can play some games like pass the coconut and limbo.

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Now that you have all your decorations in place you are probably wondering what is going into the small wooden bowl. Well, in Hawaii there is the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Their farm is very large and beautiful and a big part of Hawaii.

I thought wouldn't it be fun to incorporate pineapples into the wooden bowls. So when they released the Dole Whip recipe I knew this would be the icing on the cake. Or maybe I should say the ice cream on the Hawaiian tablescape. Haha!

A backyard party table setting with stemless champagne glasses and dishware along with a tropical centerpiece and Dole Whip.

So here is the final product for your Hawaiian luau party. I hope you are inspired and are planning a fun tropical party for adults and children.

A tropical party table setting with floppy hats, pillows, and blankets for extra decor. And a "Hello Sunshine" sign along with a bright blue umbrella
Tropical themed party decor with a wooden bowl with Dole Pineapple Whip, and a tropical centerpiece.
A Hawaiian tablescape with shells, cut citrus, shells, bright hibiscus flowers, a leaves.

Happy Decorating!

hawaiian luau party ideas

How to Create a Hawaiian Luau Party

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 hour
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Here are the easy steps to create a beautiful Hawaiian luau party. This idea is simple to create and you may even have most of the items in your yard.



  • Scissors, yarn sewing needle (if you plan to make the tassels) pruning sheers (to cut flowers and greenery) cutting board and knife (to cut citrus fruit) baskets (to carry items to the party site)


  1. Before you begin add tassels to the points on the umbrella. More directions on how to make tassels in my how to make a rug with tassels post.
  2. Begin with the tropical centerpiece. Cut greenery, tropical flowers, and grab large shells. Then cut citrus fruit into slices.
  3. Drap the greenery around the center pole of the umbrella. Then place the large shells and tropical flowers like hibiscus.
  4. Next position the slices of citrus fruits around the centerpiece.
  5. Then begin placing the place settings. Paint some cheap dollar tree chargers pink with acrylic paint. Then once it is dry place white dinner plates on the charger.
  6. Now fold a linen dinner napkin and fold it around the salad plate and place it on the dinner plate.
  7. Next place one small wooden bowl on the dinner napkin and a hibiscus earing inside the bowl.
  8. Now print out the Aloha free printable and cut it out. Place the printable next to the wooden bowl.
  9. Next place the silverware and the glasses.
  10. After the table is set grab pillows and place them in the chairs, drop beach blankets on the chairs, and place hats on the chairs and add a fun luau vibe sign.
  11. And you are all ready except for food prep. 🙂


Practice your tablescape indoors and pack all the good in baskets to take outside when it is time to prepare the table.

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Love your website. You have so much information to share. It was a great pleasure to see you today in Havana. You’re as beautiful as always!

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