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Here are tips and tricks on how to organize Christmas decorations to store in your attic or storage space. Easy DIY organizing Christmas decor ideas that will make decorating for the holidays next year easier.

How to organize Christmas decorations

For years we have organized Christmas decorations the same way, but this year after putting more flooring in the attic I decided to spread the decor out and come up with another plan.

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Over the years we had collected more and more decorations which means we need more storage containers. I generally stored decor in plastic boxes based on where they came down from like a box to hold everything on the Christmas tree, mantle, and so on.

But now with many decorations and more space, it was time to graduate to a new system. Here is the best way to organize Christmas decorations to make decorating the next year easier.

How Do you Declutter Christmas Decorations?

If you are looking to reorganize all your decor let me encourage you to pull everything out and start making piles. Because I change up my Christmas decoration each year now I plan to organize based on items.

Christmas decoration organizing

So start making piles like white ornaments, red ornaments, glass ornaments, string lights, extension cord, fragile items, garland, ribbon/bows, bells, ribbon, artificial tree, tree skirts, and so on. If you want to organize based on places in your home your piles can be by room or spot like a mantle.

Organize Christmas decor into piles

This is a great opportunity to purge anything you think you will never use again. Believe it or not, I even found a few items that were broken and not usable anymore so they got purged. Also, make sure you get rid of any old ornament boxes. One pile was to go to Goodwill while the other was loaded in a trash bag destined for my trash bins.

Organize holiday decorations into piles

What is the Best Way to Organize Christmas Decorations?

There are so many wonderful plastic storage options and storage boxes made just for Christmas decor and here are the best tips and brilliant ideas I have to make storing your Christmas decor easier.

Clear Rolling Storage for Christmas Decor

Clear rolling drawers are great for Christmas storage. When it comes to next Christmas, I will be able to see what is inside and go shopping in my attic for what I want to create a new design.

Christmas ornament storage idea

How Do You Pack Christmas Ornaments?

If you are looking for ways to store your delicate ornaments or breakable items, make sure you use a system that keeps them from getting damaged. There are some people that keep all of their ornaments in their original boxes but that takes up too much room. Good thing there are lots of store-bought options with cardboard dividers that work perfectly or you can wrap your fragile ornaments with tissue paper or bubble wrap but I really like this DIY cup idea for another great option that is more budget-friendly.

To store your ornaments and create this storage idea simply use pieces of foam board or a piece of cardboard and draw the shape of the drawer and cut it out.

Christmas ornament storage idea

Then take clear cocktail disposable plastic cups and glue them onto the foam board with a glue gun.

Glue clear cups onto foam board and place in storage drawers for Christmas ornaments

Repeat this step for a second layer if you are able to add another layer.

Christmas ornament storage in clear rolling drawers

This storage idea works great for smaller ornaments but it is not the best for large ornaments. I left one drawer for the larger ornaments and wrapped them in tissue paper.

Ornament storage idea for Christmas

Other great things to store in these clear rolling drawers are stockings and skirts. I am not sure how we ended up with so many stockings but I found enough to fill a whole rolling storage unit along with skirts.

You can store items like ribbons, bells, accessories, candlesticks, or electric candles and the list goes on. But not everything will fit into these drawers so let's talk about storing those larger items.

Christmas organizing idea for Stockings

Large Christmas Storage Items

You may have specific items like a nativity scene, garland, village, and so on. If you are buying new storage boxes I would get red or green so it is easy to spot that it is a Christmas storage bin or you can use clear plastic bins or plastic containers so you can see what is inside.

Storage idea for larger Christmas decorations

But at our house I didn't want to spend the money so here is what we stored in our old Sterilite boxes. I used one box for our nativity scene. It is very fragile and needs extra space so it gets a box of its own. Once I placed it inside I stuffed it around with white tissue paper.

In other boxes are all the garlands. The smaller berry garlands are in large ziplock bags inside of the box. A village set, Christmas pillow, indoor Christmas lights, and Outdoor Christmas lights fit in another box.

Christmas Tree Storage

Because our artificial Christmas trees are from King of Christmas they come with tree storage bags. I love this about King of Christmas!

Christmas tree storage idea
King of Christmas stored in black bag behind the smaller tree.

I recommend finding one place for larger and smaller artificial trees. We placed ours on one end of the Christmas decoration storage area in our attic. It is also a good idea to store your strands of Christmas lights near your trees so they will be easy to find for the next holiday season. There are lots of options for storing Christmas lights so you don't end up with a tangled mess of lights.

Christmas tree storage idea

How to Store Christmas Wreaths

This is probably my most favorite storage idea and it is so simple. Take some long nails and find a place up high to hang your holiday wreaths. Drive the nails into the wood and hang your wreaths.

Christmas wreath storage idea

It is important to find a high place so when you walk around your attic you will not knock them off.

Christmas wreath storage idea in attic

This is also great for really large garlands. I have one that is very fluffy and thick so instead of placing it in a tub I decided to hand it up high too.

Christmas garland storage idea

Labels for Christmas Storage Boxes

Once you have everything in their storage tubs let me recommend you label everything.

Christmas Packing Labels

To make our storage box labels pretty I created this wreath storage label printable of smaller labels for the storage drawers and larger labels for the boxes. Simply print out the download in black and white or color if you like these colors.

To get these free printables subscribe to Life on Summerhill. You will then be given access to the labels.

I choose black and white to save ink and for uniformity but depending on your Christmas color scheme you can use the ones that match your decor the best.

The cool thing about these labels is that they can be used for other holiday storage boxes too like Easter.

Once you have printed them out on cardstock and either typed or written what the item is on the inside of the wreath simply cut them out and tape them to the storage box with clear packing tape.

Printable Christmas Labels

Tape the smaller labels to the storage drawers.

Christmas storage box label printable

And the larger Christmas labels on the larger boxes.

Christmas storage label printables

Let me recommend making two for the larger boxes. That way you can place one on the top and one on the side that will be facing out where you can see it easily.

Christmas printable labels

It was a challenge photographing in the attic because the lighting was low. LOL!

Attic Christmas Storage Plan

Okay, so you have everything in their storage boxes and labeled it's time to place them in the attic or storage area. Take a piece of paper and draw out where you think each box will go in storage. This is handy for next year when you need to send someone up to get something or in case you forget.

Once you have a basic plan start placing storage boxes in their location. In our attic, I place all the ornament drawers in the center where I could easily see them. Then the other storage drawers on each side.

Christmas trees on the right and our porch Santa.

Christmas tree storage idea

Then larger storage tubs on the left with the labels facing out.

Storage idea for larger Christmas decorations

Because I have a little space between all the rolling drawers I used it to store a long sign and the wooden dowel Christmas tree.

You can sort of see on the left of these drawers the dowel tree box and wood base sitting on the floor.

And last if you have any rugs place them on the floor. They will make the floor of your storage or attic space more comfortable unless it is a doormat. Then I would place it out of the way.

Store Christmas rugs and mat on the floor of your attic

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Now that you know our plan and the details let me remind you to begin by getting out all the decorations. It helps so much to see it all laid out on a table or tables. LOL!

Then all you have to do is start sorting and purging. Once you have the piles you can start thinking about the storage boxes.

See how easy it is to organize your Christmas decorations.

To see more of what decorations we had to pack and organize see a simple Christmas home tour to get an idea. For more Christmas decor inspiration, check out these posts:

I hope this post has been helpful and I cannot wait to hear what storage options you used and how you organized your holiday season decor. Do you have any go-to Christmas decoration storage solutions? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

Happy Decorating!


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Fantastic! I am so glad this is helpful.


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