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This Italian dinner table setting DIY is easy to create and leaves your guest feeling that Tuscan vibe.  With a few simple steps, you can make this unique and charming place setting decoration using this free printable provided.

Italian dinner table setting with a free printable

Making something special for an Italian dinner table setting is like adding icing to a cake. Each guest will have their adorable card with the words Buon Appetito written on it and tied to a tasty roll with twine. While your Italian food will be the star of the show, the presentation of your Italian style table will transport your guests to another land in your own home.

Italian Dinner Table Setting

A couple of years ago we had an Italian dinner party for one of my daughters' friend's 21st birthday. It was a great way to celebrate a special occasion. You can also use this set up for a beautiful outdoor Italian dinner party.

It was so fun and perfect! Good news, I'm sharing all the details here.

Those party decorations have inspired so many people until it inspired me to create this place setting idea and free printable. I think you're going to love this Italian table setting. In just a little time, these simple table decorations are the perfect way to transform your dining room to Tuscany, Italy.

Italian dinner table setting

So let's get started and bring Tuscany to your table for your next Italian themed dinner party.


Italian dinner table setting supplies

Download and Print

Begin by subscribing to the Life on Summerhill newsletter to receive the free printable tag for the Italian bread place setting centerpiece.  

Then download the Italian place setting printable and scale it down to the size you want then print the Buon Appetito free printable.

Italian dinner table setting Buon Appetito free printable

Trim Italian Free Printable

Italian dinner table setting paper cutter and free printable

Begin by trimming the free printable down to about 1/2″ around the design.

Cut Corners with Seagull Scissors

Italian dinner table setting Buon Appetito free printable

Next cut all the corners of the free printable with a seagull or scalloped scissors.  

Wrap Twine Around Your Hand

Italian dinner table setting

See how simple this project is going so far.

Now wrap the twine around your hand six times and cut the string with the scissors.

Find Center of Twine

Italian dinner table setting using twine

Now find the center of the twine and lay a roll on the center.

Tie the Twine 

Italian dinner table setting decor idea

Tie the twine one time to the top of the dinner roll.

Thread Twine Through Hole 

Italian dinner table setting decor idea

Next, thread the twine through the hole of the free printable.

Tie the Twine Again

DIY Italian dinner table setting idea using a roll, twine and free printable

Guess what?

You are finished!  Yay!

Now for the fun part and that is creating a beautiful Italian place setting.

I have loads of ideas for other place setting ideas like my Hygge Thanksgiving table design and a Mother's day idea that will make any momma proud.

Use these ideas to be creative and add this tasty place setting decoration to any of these table designs. Your Italian inspired dinner party is almost ready!

Italian Place Setting Design Idea

But here are a few photos of what I came up with on this Italian dinner party decor.

Italian dinner table setting

A white dinner plate and salad plate are perfect for this arrangement if you have them. Now stack a few white plates so that the Buon Appetito twine-wrapped dinner roll stands out.

Set the plates on a brand new red and white dish towel and add beautiful wine glasses and silverware. You can make a simple, beautiful centerpiece using fresh herbs, olive branches, fresh flowers or fresh breads. Look at that beautiful dining table. It is ready for your Italian dinner party menu.

Italian dinner table setting and California Wine Club gift

Buy The California Wine Club's Premier Series as a gift for that special person you are celebrating.

This simple Italian themed design leaves all your guest feeling that Italian countryside vibe.


While my daughter's friend's party was the first time I made this table setting, it certainly wasn't the last. Well, here you have an easy idea for an Italian dinner party theme, so now I want to give you some more ideas.

When my girls were growing up, we used to have theme dinner nights.  Sometimes it would be pioneer night, and we would eat by oil lanterns and pretend we lived in a time with no electricity.

Thankful we were pretending and had AC because living here in Florida can be toasty.  Haha! There's no limit to the creative ideas you can have for themed dinner nights.

Anyways, you can have an Italian themed family dinner night.  You can even get your kids involved in setting the table and making the place setting decorations.

Other ideas are larger events like church, office gatherings, and such.

And of course, invite some friends or family over to a fun Tuscan dinner. What better way to turn everyday meals into special occasions. Your friends and family members will enjoy quality time with good food and great place settings at your Italian themed table. They'll think they were transported to Tuscany Italy.

Here are the perfect Italian themed dinner decorations and I hope these ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful Italian table soon.

Happy Decorating!

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