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Making a shopping list for your Italian themed dinner party? We'd love to help you out! From tablecloth, to table decor and table settings. We've got your Italian party decorations covered.

Italian Themed Dinner Party

An Italian themed dinner party is a budget's best friend. The meal isn't very expensive and the decor is just a click away. 

Are you ready to be inspired with ideas? Because we're ready to help you shop with these Italian dinner decorations!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

Italian Themed Dinner Party

While living in Italy I had many opportunities to sit down at meals created by Italians.  Their food is so fresh and amazing but I noticed their table decor was always simple and complimented the food. 

By knowing what to place on a traditional Italian dinner table shopping for what you need will be much easier.

How do you Set an Italian Dinner Table?

There are certain things that are essential to set an authentic Italian dinner table.

  • Clean fresh tablecloth (Italian break bread on the table so it is important to use a clean fresh tablecloth
  • Clean cotton napkins
  • White dishes (you can use anything but a simple white plate is sufficient)
  • Silverware (fork, spoon, and knife)
  • Wine glass and water glass 
  • Fresh flowers optional

Eating a traditional Italian dinner took hours.  Each serving was in smaller portions than American meals.  Between servings, we would visit and sometimes walk outside to stretch our legs. Meals are at a slower pace and each dish is savored.

So now that you know how to set an Italian dinner table let's look at decorations for your Italian dinner table.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Italian Themed Dinner Party Brown Kraft Paper Bags

These great little brown kraft bags will hold your baguette until your guests arrive and come with their appetite. 

They add the perfect rustic look to your tablescape and they cost pennies.  

Red & White Twine

Italian Themed Dinner Party Red and White Twine

This twine holds tight onto the baguette once it's tucked inside the craft bag and adds a pop of color. It also can hold onto a name card or a cute greeting like the one in our free printable post Italian Dinner Table Setting.

Talk about simple and inexpensive Italian party decorations.


Italian Themed Dinner Party Rosemary

Rosemary is a herb that goes hand and hand with an Italian themed dinner party

It also nestles onto your bread bag and adds wonderful aromatics. 

And there is a great idea in our Italian dinner party ideas round up.  You will love some of these amazing ideas. 

Red & White Ticking Tablecloth

Italian Themed Dinner Party Red and White Ticking Tablecloth

A red and white ticking tablecloth matches with an Italian color scheme or you can use a red and white checked table cloth.  Two great Italian themed party decorations.

You can purchase this tablecloth in many different sizes and it is perfect for a farmhouse table.

Glass Cylinder Vases

Italian Themed Dinner Party Glass Cylinder Vases

Flowers can be a great centerpiece, but you can also fill vases with different shapes and colors. An adorable idea for an Italian dinner table setting. You can add twinkling lights to the vases to add to the ambiance.

Wine Glasses

Italian Themed Dinner Party Wine Glasses

You might like to have or offer a glass of wine or sparkling cider to your guests at your Italian themed party.

This set contains white or red wine glass and also champagne glasses. A great set to have on hand.

White Dinnerware

Italian Themed Dinner Party White Dinnerware

A set of white dinnerware is perfect to have for any occasion. It's a farmhouse staple and perfect for an Italian themed party.

This set includes your dinner plates, bowls that would be perfect for pasta and dessert/salad plates.

Hyacinth Chargers

Italian Themed Dinner Party Hyacinth Chargers

Chargers add another texture and sometimes even color to a table setting. 

For this Italian dinner table setting, these hyacinth chargers would be perfect and the fact that they are neutral makes them perfect to use again and again.

Pasta Maker

Italian Themed Dinner Party Pasta Maker

Making some homemade spaghetti, linguini or angel hair pasta or even ravioli or tortellini sheets or lasagna at home for your Italian dinner party would add amazing detail.

No invitation would be turned down with the promise of fresh pasta!

Rae Dunn Pasta Bowl

Italian Themed Dinner Party Rae Dunn Pasta Bowl

Last but not least, what would a farmhouse Italian themed dinner party be without a little Rae Dunn.

This Rae Dunn Bon Appetit pasta bowl is absolutely perfect.


Our Italian Dinner Party was a blast with many memories made. We HIGHLY recommend having one of your own.  The decorations were simple with loads of Italian dinner party styling inspiration and if you need more ideas try these Italian theme dinner party ideas.

This shopping list will hopefully take any guesswork out of your shopping for your Italian themed dinner party.

Happy Decorating!

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