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These five spring porch decorating ideas will bring a smile to guests when they arrive.  So follow along as I share designer tips and trick on front porch decorating ideas for spring and front door ideas.

spring porch decorating ideas for your front door in a farmhouse southern style.

As the weather gets warmer and flowers start blooming it is a great time for spring porch decorating ideas.

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Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

Our home has a small front porch, and I love sharing tips and tricks on how to make it look larger, but I love even more bringing some front porch decorating ideas for spring in a farmhouse southern style.

So, let's get started with these five small front porch ideas on how to decorate your front porch for spring?

How Do I Decorate My Front Porch for Spring?

There are five things you can do to decorate your front porch for spring here is what you will need and we will break it down more with details later.

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How do I decorate my front porch for spring?

Before you begin give your porch a good cleaning and touch up any paint.

spring porch decorating ideas begin with cleaning

Because I repainted my door last year and wrote a post about how to paint your front door without removing it, all I had to do this spring is touch up the paint in tiny places.

Now that you have a clean slate, pun intended, let's jump into the five things every small front porch needs for spring.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Front Door

Like most designs, it is best to start with a focal point or a piece that inspires the whole space.

For our porch that focus piece is this boho wreath by The Whimsical Door.

spring porch door decorating ideas with boho floral wreath

Doesn't it whisper softly that is spring is here?

Using a wreath on any size porch is acceptable.  A wreath draws a person's eye up and welcomes them with a smile.  If you love to make wreaths then my how to make a heart shaped wreath is a great place to start.

Now that we have spring decorating ideas for front door let's talk about the porch floor.

DIY Spring Layered Rugs

I have a confession to make.

I love layered rugs!!

spring porch decorating ideas with layered rugs for your doormat

Layered rugs are not a necessity but layering rugs will bring more character to your small front porch.

To keep the small front porch budget-friendly make your bottom rug with a drop cloth, stencil, and outdoor acrylic paint.

I have a post on how to make a drop cloth rug but this drop cloth I bleached for eight hours in my washing machine on hot.  It came out nice and white.  I cut it to the size I wanted and hemmed the edges with heat and bond hem tape.

Isn't that impressive and no-sew rug too!! 🙂

Then I used a stencil that I received from Stencil Revolution called Bjorn tile stencil to create the design, but this time I used outdoor acrylic paint in grey which holds up just as good as chalk paint.

Once you have your bottom rug in place pick out your top mat or make your top rug.

If you cannot find what you want I have a post on how to design your own doormat.  But if you want one like my, “all are welcome here” rug you can find it at Target.

Spring Plants, Planters, and Flower Container Garden Ideas

Okay so now you have your wreath and rugs it is time to add even more spring porch decorating ideas.

What says spring more than flowers?

spring porch decorating ideas with plants, flower and pots in a container garden

To make your porch feel larger think about using a taller planter for your main container garden.  If you are a little intimidated by container gardening then do not worry because I have part one and part two on sensational flower container gardening.

You will be amazed at how simple container gardening is.

Now you have one pot created that is taller next go for something shorter.

spring porch decorating ideas with plants, flower, Rae Dunn and pots

For the shorter pot of flowers, I used a bucket from the dollar spot at Target.

Honestly, you can find a bucket anywhere like this cute galvanized bucket but you will need to make some holes in the bottom, and I show you how to do that in the video in my container gardening post.

Spring Flower Box or Wall Art for Front Porch

Last Christmas I changed out my planter for wall art.  You can see what I did in my Christmas front porch decor post.

But for this spring small front porch idea, I decided to bring back my iron flower box.

spring farmhouse porch decorating ideas with iron wall flower box

But this time I spray painted it white and added some aging with some Dixie Belle glaze.

spring porch decorating ideas with iron wall flower box

Naturally, dry brush it on with random strokes here and there.

I added white flowers to the box so that they wouldn't take away from the wreath being the focal point.

One thing to keep in mind with a pastel-colored wreath is that you have to keep the colors around it toned down.  If what is on the floor and walls is too bright it will overpower the colors in the wreath.

spring porch decorating ideas with iron wall flower box

Spring Front Porch Accessories

Well, we have talked about the door wreath, planters, and flowers, wall art or flower box, rugs and now for some finishing touches.

I would say these are the icing on the cake, but honestly, just about every element on this small front porch is like icing.

I mean seriously it is so springy and delicious until I want to spend the rest of the day there. 🙂

Okay so to add some accessories to this space I decided to bring outside a little Rae Dunn with these gardening tools.

spring porch decorating ideas with potted plant in metal bucket and Rae Dunn gardening tools

Aren't these adorable?!

spring porch decorating ideas with potted plant in metal bucket and Rae Dunn gardening tools

You can do this same idea with any gardening tools.

Another fun way to add accessories is with statues.

spring porch decorating ideas with dog statue holding a basket of flowers

Our little starving dog has been guarding our house for years.  Because his pot does not have any holes and I am afraid it will break if I try to make some I decided to sit the pot in his mouth.

Don't forget to add a few subtle accessory elements.  It will bring your whole design together.


Like with every small space always let your negative space play a big part in your design.  Allowing light to travel under and around things will always make a room look larger especially a tiny porch like mine.

I hope this spring porch idea inspires you to create a welcoming space for your family and friends.

Images of porches always inspire me to want to start decorating.

For front porch ideas and more check out my small front porch decorating ideas from last year, decorating your front porch for spring with a vintage aesthetic, and these curb appeal ideas.  There are all kinds of front porch pictures in these posts that will give you more inspiration.

Happy Decorating!

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