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Decorating a Front Porch for Spring in a Vintage Aesthetic

Does your front porch look tired and outdated? Does your front porch need a fresh look to welcome in the spring months? You’ve come to the right place! Learn how to revamp your porch in a classic, vintage aesthetic. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to add a touch of nostalgia to your front porch and make it spring ready with ease.

As the warm days approach and the sun starts to shine brighter, get ready to welcome in the new season with a spring vintage-inspired front porch decorating makeover. With just a few simple steps, you can create the perfect outdoor space of your front entry that's full of charm and personality.

Packed with ideas for sprucing up your space with flowers, layered rugs, and planters, this article will take you through the basics of creating a show-stopping front porch that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Spring is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. So, grab your favorite antiques, pick out some flowerpots, and get ready to give your front porch a beautiful vintage makeover this spring!

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Decorating a Front Porch for Spring – Vintage Style FAQs:

How do I decorate my front porch for spring?

Decorating your front porch for spring is fun and easy with a few simple steps. You'll want to:

  • Choose a Classic Spring Color Palette
  • Find Vintage Décor
  • Incorporate Garden Elements
  • Consider Layered Rugs

When should you start decorating for spring?

March is the perfect time start decorating your porch for the spring season. With warmer weather, it's a great time to bring some color, greenery and cheer to your front porch.

Choose a Classic Spring Color Palette

Here are some tips for selecting colors that will create a timeless look. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. You'll want your porch to look fresh and bright with a neutral to warm quality color scheme. In our post today, we're going for a vintage vibe so I'll be treating a planter with a German schmear technique and adding a wall planter I'll be giving a vintage treatment to, as well as adding some gorgeous greenery and spring flowers.


Find Vintage Décor

Shopping for vintage spring porch decor or vintage-look decor for your porch can be so fun. You can find furniture, planters, and more that to bring a classic, vintage feel to your outdoor space. You can find great spring decor like vintage furniture, planters and more at places like local thrift stores, antique stores and flea markets. Or find vintage-look items at your local home improvement stores, dollar stores, or garden store. You can also take something new and give it a vintage treatment.

Or Make New Décor Look Vintage

I want to share one of my favorite ways to add a vintage vibe. It's a great example of taking something new and giving it a vintage treatment.

I took a new planter from my local garden store and gave it a vintage treatment using a German schmear technique. When I learned of this technique I knew it would be a great idea for my front porch planter. You can learn more about the German schmear technique in this post.

In this case, after I treated it, I went over it with organic garden lime to give it a warm, vintage feel. You only need a few things to do this yourself:

After I applied the German schmear technique and it dried thoroughly, I used a sanding block to sand it smooth. Then I mixed and applied organic garden lime with a sponge brush to give a textured finished. Once it dried, I sprayed it with a polyacrylic sealer.

You can see the whole process on my YouTube video.


I love how it turned out! It has a gorgeous vintage look that will be a great complement to my brick porch.

I also decided to hang a planter on the wall. With a smaller porch, hanging a planter is a great way to save space while still celebrating the season. I touched the planter up with Rub ‘N Buff antique gold to give it a similar vintage feel.

It's an easy way to give a unique look to new items.


Incorporate Garden Elements

I love bringing out real plants and flowers in the spring. It's a wonderful way to create a picturesque garden with perennials and trees designed to bloom in the spring.

I love shopping for potted plants!

I chose a young plum tree for my treated planter that I'll be planting in the yard next year. Bright white flowers in the same pot and the hanging planter give a fun, bright spring feeling. If you're looking to incorporate flowers and plants into your front door decor, check out my post about Beautiful Front Porch Flower Ideas to Enhance your Curb Appeal.

I love to incorporate natural elements where I can. I used a pretty moss liner in the hanging planter that looks perfect against the hanging planter and small pots of bright white flowers.


Finally, I hung a pretty evergreen wreath from my front door that I can dress up for spring by changing out the ribbon or adding faux flowers. You can learn how to hang a wreath from your front door with technique at this post. If you have a beautiful wreath you love, this is a great way to hang it.

Consider Layered Rug

Here's my last spring porch idea. I love the look of layered rugs that flood the entrance with a cozy, nostalgic glow. I have a beautiful grayish-green and white buffalo check outdoor rug that will look great all spring long if I decide to change out the flower colors. Layering it with a rustic woven welcome mat looks gorgeous next to my newly treated planter.


You can choose different colors according to your preference but I recommend keeping at least one layer neutral which is a great way to easily blend with whatever color palette you choose.

If you have a porch swing or rocking chairs , it can be a great idea to add throw pillows that match your rugs to not only add a pop of color, but to create a cohesive look.


Decorating a front porch for spring in a vintage aesthetic

Decorating a porch for spring doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple tips and tricks, even with a small front porch, you can make a big impact. Welcome spring with a garden oasis with a classic, vintage aesthetic. With the right palette, furniture, décor, elements, and lighting, you can give your front porch a timeless makeover that stands out in your neighborhood. You can see more ideas for spring porch makeovers over here.

Now that you know how to add a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor space, why not get started? Gather some inspiration from friends, family, and our blog post and start decorating your own porch for spring! I'd love to hear your favorite spring front porch decor ideas.

Happy Decorating!