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These 7 clever small front porch decorating ideas that will transform your stoop and add to your curb appeal.  Check out all the steps to see how easy it is to brighten up your tiny front porch.

small front porch decorating ideas with flowers and my cat Stinkerbelle

Use these 7 simple and easy small porch decorating ideas to spruce up your front porch.

And who better to help me but Stinkerbelle!  She loves to supervise and maybe pose for a photo now and then.

One of my favorite supervising events was when I painted my dining room.  You have to see her in the video.


Well, enough about Tink, another name for our feline friend, let us use some of these curb appeal ideas to create some warmth to our small front porch.  Starting with some cleaning.


small front porch decorating ideas cleaning the door

When starting any porch project after the winter, there has to be some cleaning.

So pull out a broom and knock off cobwebs, dirt, and anything else from the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Wash off everything, if needed, and use some glass cleaner to clean the glass and brass cleaner for any brass.

My kick plate is very old and has discoloration, but I like adding something old whenever I decorate to give it even more character.

However, per a suggestion from a reader, I am going to try a brass cleaner to see if it polishes it up a little more.

Now for some paint touch up.


small front porch decorating ideas painting the door

There is only so much you can do when cleaning your front door.  Sometimes you have to do some touch-up painting or give it a fresh coat.

I painted my front door years ago with Sherwin Williams  Wythe Blue HC 143, and I still love it. So a simple touch up gave it a fresh new look.

So now that porch is clean and fresh let's talk about what you can put in a small front porch.

What can I put in a small front porch?

There are many things you can put on a small front porch to brighten it up and make it feel larger. A few of my favorites are layered rugs, planters with feet so light can travel under them, container gardens on walls, lanterns, and statues.


small front porch decorating ideas flowers

I have a secret to share.  I do not have a green thumb.  That would be Mr. Marty.

Well, that doesn't stop me from trying, and since container gardening is a little more manageable, off to the garden center I went.

Does anyone else love walking around garden centers?

Honestly, if they had some hammocks I would go and read a book or take a nap.  It is so peaceful and lovely!

Well, enough of me dreaming.  Begin your porch decorating with flowers.  Here is what I included on my porch


small front porch decorating ideas container flower garden

Since I already had the white planter, all it needed were some flowers.  I simply took a bucket and, in my case, I used an actual pail and drilled holes in the bottom.

My planter is kind of deep and I have tried many pots at the garden center, but honestly, they were never deep enough.

So I decided to try a pail and added small rocks to the bottom.  Then some soil and all my plants.

Here are more detailed directions on container gardens for beginners and farmhouse planter ideas.

I love to put something tall in the middle then shorter flowers around the edge.  It looks nice to add color and some draping flowers too.


small front porch decorating ideas wall planter

Okay, here is another secret I am about to share, and this one is super easy.

These vinca flowers are still in their original pots.

Aren't these small front porch decorating ideas easy?  The pots are sitting inside the moss.

If you have an iron wall planter, simply purchase some moss and mold it into the basket.  Then all you have to do is add your flowers that are still in their pots.

Here is a tip about planting flowers on a hot brick wall.  Keep in mind something that doesn't mind the heat and being a little dry.  Your local garden center will help with finding just the right flowers.


Accessories for small front porch decorating ideas

Remember me mentioning, in the beginning, we were going to use some of the Trending Tuesday ideas from the last post?

Well, layering rugs is super hot right now.

Simply look for a rug, an outdoor rug is best, to place under your entry mat.  My rug is actually an indoor rug, but I adored how it went with the front door so I am giving it a try.

Adding a colorful bottom layer rug gives your mat some character and makes your small front porch feel more warm and cozy.

It is the beginning of giving your guest a hint of what is to come inside your home.


Starving dog statue for small front porch decorating ideas

Accessories are like pearls on a black dress.  They add the finishing touches that build character and style.

Think about adding a statue, lanterns, water pail, and the list goes on.  These are the items I used on our small front porch decorating ideas.

small front porch decorating ideas dog statue with flowers

This sweet little dog statue was a gift from my hubby years ago.  He looks adorable with some trailing flowers in his basket.

The garden center suggested these flowers called Euphoria White because they don't mind being hot and dry, which is exactly what is going to happen in this tiny pot.

Lanterns and small plant for small front porch decorating ideas

Remember this photo when I was talking about rugs?

Well, this will also help you see how we displayed some of our accessories.

Believe it or not, this plant is artificial.  Adding a tiny artificial plant is okay as long as it looks pretty darn real.

But for the most part, I like to go with real plants and flowers outside.

small front porch decorating ideas planter

Watering cans make cute accessories and they are functional too.

This can keep water close by or is easy to fill up at the water spicket.  And I love how it looks on the porch.

Just another warm and inviting piece.


So we are all done, and here is the final product, as well as the steps you will need to create character, warmth, and welcome to your friends when they come to visit.

One last thought. Don't forget a wreath. Wreaths are a great way to dress up your front door and you can change them out for holidays. I have a tutorial like this on how to make a heart shaped wreath for Valentine's for spring.

small front porch decorating ideas with flowers, rugs, lanterns and more.

How can I make a small front porch look nice?

See how simple small front porch decorating can be!

I hope this has inspired you to head to the garden center and enjoy a beautiful morning shopping for flowers then creating a lovely front porch.

You will like your porch so much until you will want to pull up a rocking chair and hang out while neighbors go by.

See? Tink seems to like it, too.

Can you believe she posed for the photo?  We all laughed when she sat up and turned around and posed as if to say, I really like my new small front porch.

Happy Decorating!

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Small front porch decorating ideas


Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

These 7 clever small front porch decorating ideas that will transform your stoop and add to your curb appeal. Check out all the steps to see how easy it is to brighten up your tiny front porch.


  • Doormat, Rug, Planter, Flowers, Plants, Watering can, Wall art, Statues


  • Planting tools to make a container garden.


  1. Begin by placing a rug that is a little larger than a doormat. Sit the rug in front of your front door. Next place a doormat on the rug.
  2. Next, create a beautiful flower garden in a pot. Use taller plants in the middle and shorter trailing plants around the edge. Once your container garden is finished place it in a planter. Use a planter that has feet and stands off the floor. This allows light to travel under it and makes space seem larger.
  3. Place a cut bucket or watering can in front of the planter.
  4. Add another container garden in any wall pots.
  5. Add a cute statue to your porch if you have room where it doesn't feel crowded.
  6. Add a sweet lantern and small greenery in another area. Again make sure it does not look crowded.
  7. Last, add a pretty wreath to your front door.


Go with lighter in scale items if you want many pieces. If you fall in love with something heavier in scale then only use a few items to keep your porch from feeling heavy.

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Thursday 1st of July 2021

Thank you for showing something do-able for an average person. So many other bloggers and vloggers post extremely expensive ideas and ones that the HOAs in most suburban areas will not even allow. This friendly article makes me feel hopeful that I can do this too. It felt over whelming before with my small budget and experience.

Linda McDonald

Friday 2nd of July 2021

You're welcome! I am so glad this is helpful!

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