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College girls dorm room decor is chic and trending today. If you're getting ready to move out or you're moving out your baby girl, we have chic dorm designs for your small space. We have bedding, wall decor and so much more.

Girls Dorm Room Decor

When you think about the perfect dorm room, what's the color scheme? Is it the same as the collegiate color scheme or your favorite pop of color?

Since our post, “College Room Decor A Girly Girl Will For Sure Adore” was such a hit, we thought it was time that we rounded up some great girls dorm room decor to show off again.

You're gonna love them whether it's your freshman year or any year!

Girls Dorm Room Decor

A great way to start planning your dorm room decor is by looking at ideas and different colors. We have rounded up many great ideas and hope to add more each year. These best dorm room ideas will leave you inspired and give you all the dorm room feel.

Wallpaper and Decal for Dorm Room

Girls Dorm Room Decor by Kayla Maryly with gold dot wall decals and a grey and pink color scheme

If you're looking for some excellent dorm room wall art, Kayla Maryly has decorated with some great things!

Check out her gold dots! They are stick and peel wall decals that when you're ready to move out are easy to remove. Talk about a great dorm room decor idea. Decals are perfect for college girl's bedroom decor.

The quotes on cards and hung on twine will promise the perfect inspiration when needed which will come in handy during those college years.

Dorm Room Bed Pillows

Girls Dorm Room Decor by Dayme Walther Design with faux pink throw and pillow
Photo courtesy: Dayme Walther Design

This cozy dorm room promises a great night's sleep. With a faux fur pink throw and decorative pillows, cuddling in this dorm bed will be what dreams are made of.

The gold and white kisses lighten up this room perfectly. This design idea will make your school year feel cozy and warm.

DIY Playbook

Girls Dorm Room Decor by DIY Playbook with pink and gray hues

The best part about this room is that it is beautifully decorated in creams, pinks, and gray hues. 

The headboard shelf has excellent accessories and does not forget the photo memories! No matter if they are old or new memories, photos brighten up any day. And it is an easy way to make your room feel like home.

Hidden Dorm Room Refrigerator

Girls Dorm Room Decor by After Five Designs with gray blues and white color scheme
Photo courtesy: After Five Design

This room is elegant! From the gray-blue color scheme to the monogrammed pillow

Wanna know a secret behind that dresser? It holds the refrigerator! A normal eyesore in a dorm room turned into pure elegance. Talk about clever dorm room decorations.

Dorm Room Tapestry

Girls Dorm Room Decor by Tapestry Girls with an Indian yellow tapestry
Photo courtesy: Tapestry Girl

Probably one of the best dorm room hacks is this dorm room wall tapestry. Wall tapestries and a photo wall are the cutest things for girls dorm room decor.

Most dorms can't be painted, so this can cover a multitude of ugliness.  Yellow is a trending color, and this pattern is the definition of a boho chic dorm feel.

And think about adding an area rug. See how much more cozy this room is for college students when you add a rug.

Student Housing Fairy Lights

Girls Dorm Room Decor
Photo courtesy: Dormcy

Hanging a tapestry on the ceiling is brilliant!  This sunflower tapestry adds so much life to any dorm room by brightening up space.

Dormcy has a great program as well as cute tapestries.  For every tapestry sold, Dormcy pledges that we will plant ten trees in a forest that has been devastated by deforestation!

And don't forget to add fairy lights to your dorm room essentials. Another good idea that adds sparkle to your college life.

Dorm Color Scheme and Bed Skirt

Girls Dorm Room Decor by Dorm Decor with a blue and white color scheme

This color scheme by Dorm Decor would fit great with someone going to North Carolina, Penn State, or Kentucky. Though the shades of blue might be different, you could easily accent this look with collegiate accessories.  

And consider a long bed skirt to hide your creative storage solutions unless you are super organized and have fashionable storage.

Dorm Bedding

Photo courtesy: Dormify

Dormify released their 15 top picks for dorm room and look at how adorable this tie die bedding turned out. The beautiful color in this room will brighten up any college dorm decor.

Girls Dorm Room Decor by Fourteenth Floor with navy blue and white and a pop of gold
Photo courtesy: Fifteenth Floor

A headboard might seem out of reach for a dorm room, but they add a touch of home to an otherwise stale room. Deciding the look and pattern of your headboard can set the color scheme for the room.

Accenting a navy blue and white room with gold gives a girls dorm room a touch of sparkle.

Dorm Room Art and Gallery Walls

Popular dorm art for girls

Dorm room art will turn those not so attractive walls into a home away from home. Etsy is loaded with printables that can be stuck to your walls with what student housing approves. Use one large piece of art as a statement piece or group together lots of prints and photos to improve your dorm life.

Dorm Bed Headboard

Girls Dorm Room Decor by Design Inkredible with yellow, teal, white and gold decor
Photo courtesy: Design Inkredible

Adding a headboard to your room will give that girly touch. We love how this room turned out. This room color palette is exquisite! It is very feminine, and the decor is happy. 

From teal to yellow, to gold and white this dorm room wall art says all grown up.


Now that you've been inspired by some trending girl dorm room decor, you might want to start a checklist. We have the perfect post for your Dorm Room Checklist That Will Make Decorating Your Room Fun. Head on over; we'd love to have you stick around longer!

And if your looking for more masculine ideas check out these guys dorm decor ideas. And one last thought some great places to shop for decor is Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, and Walmart.

So what do you think? Did you find some cute dorm room ideas for your college dorm room?

Happy Decorating!

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