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Farmhouse planter ideas, ones that you would be proud to have on your front porch, are what we have in store for you today. Are you ready to get your hands dirty and make that front porch look lovely? We are!

Farmhouse Planters

I love taking old things and reusing them for something new which is where I got the idea to feature these farmhouse planter ideas. We have ideas from modern to rustic farmhouse planters, ideas for small spaces and tall planters.

You've heard the phrase “icing on the cake” haven't you? Well, we think these farmhouse style planters would be just that! Something sweet to welcome your guests this summer onto your front porch.

Hope you're excited to see what we have in store for you because we're super excited to show them off to you!


Flowers are meant to be on the porch! They welcome your guests with beauty and a sweet fragrance.

Some of us need a little inspiration on how to make our farmhouse planters look just right, and we're here to send some of that inspiration your way.

Farmhouse Junk Vintage Market

Farmhouse Planters Farmhouse Junk Vintage Market

We came across this sweet front door large planter and thought you guys would be crazy for it. What a beautiful way to make a great first impression.

Why? Because of those tiered tray metal planters! Y'all go nuts when we say those two words (tiered trays).

The life these two bring to the entrance to this home is breathtaking. Greenery with pops of violet and white are show-stealing indeed. This front door and porch decorations are amazing! I could see some of our creative decorative house number ideas going with planters like these.

Pretty In Paint Shop – Enamel Planter

Farmhouse Planters Pretty In Paint Shop

Don't you agree that this enamel grain scoop is just the most adorable planter you've seen? It would be precious set on top of an antique farm crate. Imagine it with some succulents in it! Now that would make this sweet piece of history trending for sure.

Are you loving these cute farmhouse planters. It can be used for outdoor use or interior. And would look adorable with real flowers and plants are artificial plants.

Bell Flower Farm

Farmhouse Planters Bell Flower Farm

You know we love our critters, so when we were looking for some inspiration, these two precious faces jumped off the screen at us. They add so much personality to this porch!

Ok, back on topic! Look at the farmhouse flower pots! The planters are beautiful with the yellow and periwinkle flowers in full bloom. They also add just the right height to the porch.

Cottage In The OaksFarmhouse Planters Cottage In The Oaks

Daune has the sweet idea to treat a front porch as a ‘room’ in a home. Her French metal barrels are lovely with limelight hydrangea trees and gardenia bushes in them. They make the perfect farmhouse look.

Her small olive buckets have geraniums and make the best farmhouse plants. The way she has framed her front door with these front porch planters is simply lovely.

Midlife Boulevard

Farmhouse Planters Midlife Boulevard

This modern farmhouse planter is a beautiful example of how to mix several different plants and bright colors into one planter. The rainbow of colors really draws the eye in.

Anne shares in her post How to Start a Container Garden. There are some great hints in her post.

Design Foxx

Farmhouse Planters Design Foxx

Lisa's planters are so cute! They are from Trisha Yearwood's line, and they look amazing! We love how she used pots like advertising jars and a galvanized planter together.

Monochrome plants with varying shades of green are such eye-catching decorations. Those rustic pails capture the farmhouse vintage look for sure!

Get The Look

Plaids & Poppies

Farmhouse Planters Plaids and Poppies

Using a toolbox as a planter is a genius idea! In fact any wooden boxes would make a cute planter.

A little chalk paint and a drill go a long way here for a rustic look. Make a drainage hole here and there in your painted toolbox so that when you water your flowers they can drain, and you have a totally cute farmhouse planter!

We may have to move our painting overalls look from our Small Front Porch Decorating post to our Gardening post.

Tracy is so adorable in hers overalls in this picture!

 Upcycled Planter

Farmhouse Planters A Little Barn Co.
Photo courtesy: A Little Barn Co.

Ashton runs an adorable Etsy shop where she gives new life to vintage items. Her old suitcase can be used for real or faux plants, and it is ever so cute.

Guests visiting from out of town might feel like they are welcomed to stay a little longer with this precious vintage charm planter to greet them on the porch.

Vintage Farmhouse Planter Ideas

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Here are a few ideas from my fall front porch decorating ideas post where I used an old galvanized bucket as a planter and a pitcher as a planter. The funny thing about both is that neither have plants planted inside of them.

The antique bucket has a plant sitting down inside of it. And the pitcher has dried wheat arranged in it.

Spring Porch Planters

We cannot leave out some spring porch planter ideas.

My recent spring porch idea included a Better Homes & Garden planter that I altered with a German Schmear finish. I was going for a weathered old planter look. It was easy to do and turned out amazing.

There are more details on the plants used and such in decorating a front porch for spring post.

Spring porch planter

Here is another idea for a spring porch planter. Several years ago, I painted this tall planter white and added a topiary with flowers around it in the middle.

But honestly I think my favorite planter is the cute green bucket filled with flowers and Rae Dunn gardening tools. I have more details in this spring porch decorating ideas post.


Farmhouse planters can be anything you imagine! Think out of the box (or planter). Look for creative items at garage sales, junk stores, thrift shops, flea markets, and more that you can turn into a cute farmhouse style planter.

Decorate your outdoor spaces with these creative planters or design your interior with one of them too. These creative ideas will add farmhouse charm to your curb appeal.

We can't wait to see what you come up with to give your front porch the show-stealing look! Share in the comment your favorite planter idea.

Happy Decorating!

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