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Welcome guests with these fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget. Whether your porch is small or large these ideas are inexpensive and will create a cozy and inviting porch.

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

When fall arrives our homes beg for pumpkins, mums, cozy blankets, and more. I love decorating our small porch just as much as the inside because it gives people that warm welcome feeling and a hint of what is to come inside.

But this year I decided to bring you fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget because decorations can get expensive and autumn decorating is fun!

Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Before we begin talking fall decorations for your porch let's discuss decorating your porch in zones like your front door, flooring, accent walls, seating (if applicable), and steps if you have some.

Write down what zones you have on your porch first. Then once you have those zones, pick out a vibe or theme. My vibe this year is a natural homemade cottage farmhouse.

Now that you have your theme or vibe start thinking about decorating each zone and using elements to tie them together.

Fall Front Door Decorating Idea

Dried wheat is my favorite autumn decoration this year and it is the piece I wanted to thread throughout my house so I thought a wheat wreath would be perfect.

Front door wreath idea using wheat for autumn

This is such an easy wreath to make and I will be sharing directions on how to make it soon.

In addition to your wreath, you can add garland around the door too. Now let's talk about the flooring.

Fall Front Porch Flooring

It is important to have a doormat and maybe even an outdoor rug if you have the room for it.

I have a small front porch so I came up with a new design for my layered rugs using some leftover wood flooring from an interior project.

Front porch layered rug idea for autumn

These painted wood flooring strips are super easy. I will have a post on how to make a wood layered mat soon.

Once you have the wood flooring laid then place your favorite mat on top. This doormat is one of Joanna's Gaines, Hearth, and Hand pieces from Target.

Fall Front Porch Seating

Small front porches usually do not have seating but a bench might fit on your porch. I found lots of cute benches online but honestly, I wanted something simple and homemade.

Fall front porch decorations using a homemade white bench

So I used pieces of wood I had lying around and threw together this simple DIY bench. It was so easy and if you have any woodworking capability I think you can do it too.

Soon I will be bringing a post on a simple DIY bench.

Fall Front Porch Accesseries

Now for the fun part–the accessories. Again I wanted to add dried wheat so I placed my french pitcher on the bench and filled it with more wheat. Remember to repeat a few accessories in a space for a great design.

Fall front porch accessories of pumpkins, scarf, and french pitcher filled with wheat

Then if you have a scarf or blanket toss it on your bench for that warm and cozy autumn feeling and add some pumpkins.

Fall decorations of a white pumpkins and a scarf on a farmhouse bench

Remember me mentioning that I wanted to go more natural this year? These are real pumpkins which probably will not make it very long in this Florida weather. LOL!

White pumpkins sitting on a farmhouse bench on a tiny front porch for autumn

Now add a few items on the floor as I did here with the watering can and this old galvanized bucket filled with white mums.

Holiday front porch accessory of an antique galvanized bucket filled with white mums

I usually do not recommend filling every corner with something but I had this lantern layering around and thought wouldn't it be fun to introduce some sparkle to the porch filling it with mini lights.

Small front porch decor using a painted lantern with mini lights inside.

And then if you have a statue like my puppy tie a ribbon around his neck with the same ribbon on the wreath and fill his basket with raffia and a pumpkin.

Dog statue with a small pumpkin and ribbon around his neck

You can also put acorns in his basket.

Fall Porch Accent Wall

Wall space is a great place to add more design. Since I already had this flower hanger on the wall I decided instead of filling it with flowers I would add some faux pumpkins that are wrapped in natural twine.

Faux pumpkins wrapped in a natural twine sitting inside a iron wall flower hanger on a front porch for fall.

See how I am kind of keeping the natural theme here. 😉

You can also add a fun sign like a pumpkin patch advertisement. There are lots of cute ones on Etsy or in stores like Hobby Lobby and so on.

Okay, I think I have pretty much covered all these ideas for such a tiny front porch. LOL! Now let's look at the whole space from afar.

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

How do I decorate for fall cheap?

The best way to decorate for fall cheap is to use items you have at home. Look for accessories that have fall colors or go with a color theme but use traditional fall items. Here is a list of items you may have in your house that you can use for fall decorating.

You can also purchase dollar store items and spray paint them whatever color you. For example if you are going for a white autumn theme pick up any pumpkins and paint them white.

How to decorate a porch for Thanksgiving?

Any decorations you place out for fall work for Thanksgiving but if you want to take it up a notch add a cute turkey into your display or pilgrims.

Another fun idea is to search for any Thanksgiving fall printable that you can print and frame to hang on the wall.


It is very easy to add decorations for fall. If you already have seating on your porch add blankets or scarves around them. Toss a layered rug in front of the door, add some traditional autumn accessories like pumpkins.

Oh, and I forget that I added some autumn leaves here and there that I found in my yard. Not very many because I do want to blow or sweep off the porch now and then and I don't' mind picking up a few leaves.

Cheap fall decorations for a front porch

Here are a few more shots of the space so you can see more details.

Budget friendly fall decorating ideas for front porches
Autumn front porch decorating ideas on a budget

I hope you have enjoyed these fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget. Use items you already have or create things from what you have on hand. Keep it simple and make it cozy.

To look for more creative ideas check out my front door fall decor ideas and bench decorating ideas. These will give you more inspiration to decorate your porch for fall. And these farmhouse planter ideas have lots of inspiration.

I cannot wait to hear what delicious front porches you all create!

Happy Decorating!

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