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Container flower gardening for beginners is is fun and beautiful way to create a garden of flowers in a pot.  Follow along as we talk about large garden planters, and take you step by step on planting plants into one pot.

Container flower gardening planting plants

After you purchase your plants and flowers this next container flower gardening for beginners tutorial will show you how planting plants is so easy.


With so many options at the local nursery to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which flower to select for your container garden.  Fear not because my last “how to” post on container flower gardening will help your trip to the garden center be so much easier.

Before you know it, you will have a basket full of flowers to place into your large garden planters.

So now that you have your flowers, it is finally time to water and plant them!

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Container flower gardening showing the holes in the bottom of the pot

Make sure before you begin that there are holes in your pot.

Notice that I am using a bucket instead of a traditional pot from the garden center.  Because my planter is pretty deep, I thought this time I would try a deep bucket.

I had to drill some holes into the bottom so the water will drain out.

Plants love water, but they don't want to drown!  If you know what I mean.


Container flower gardening watering the plants before they are transplanted

At the beginning, give your plants a proper watering.  Water will make the process easier for both them and you because they will be easier to remove and will be happier then you transplant them.


Container flower gardening rocks in the bottom of the pot

Once you have selected your large garden planter, it is time to work your way from the bottom up.

To begin, I like to place small rocks in the bottom. Rocks allow the roots to not sit in water when I give it a watering each day or so.

You do not have to add rock, but I find it to be agreeable with the plants.


Container flower gardening adding potting soil on top of rock

Now it is time to add some soil.

I like to use a good moisture control potting mix.  With the hot sun beating down on my front porch, these plants need some extra help with moisture.

Next add some organic plant food to the top.

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Container flower gardening adding soil to the pot

Follow along by assessing the height of the pots of your plants you brought home from the nursery.

Fill up your large garden planters with soil but leave enough room in the top for the base of the plants.


Starting with one filler plant, scoop a little soil inside your large garden container to set that first plant.

Now take your filler plant in your hand and give the small pot a good squeeze, working around the pot squeezing it. Then grab the base of the plant and wiggle it out.

Container flower gardening squeezing the pot to remove the plant

Once you have the plant out of the small pot, squeeze the roots and maybe even dig your fingers into them a little to loosen them up.

Container flower gardening breaking up the roots

Loosening the roots will help them to establish in their new environment.

Last, sit your plant down into the soil and press down around it to secure it into place.

Container flower gardening placing one filler plant along the edge


Container flower gardening placing the tall center plant

Now for the tall plant.

Follow the same process as before and remove it from the pot.  Place it in the very center of the pot and give it a good pressing down so it will not move on you.

The filler plant helps it stay anchored, which is why I like to start with one filler plant first.


Container flower gardening place remaining filler plants

Next, follow the same directions as before and remove the remaining filler plants.

Place them out from each other around the edge leaving room for your trailing plants between them in your large garden container.


Container flower gardening place the trailing plants

Finally, remove the trailing plants from their small pots and fill in all the areas around the edge.

Don't forget to add a hand full of the organic plant food into the holes before you install the new plant.


Container flower gardening add more soil and press

Now add more soil around the top and give it a good pressing down as you go.

This gives the plants security and makes sure they have plenty of soil around them.


Container flower gardening water the plants

You are almost finished so give the plants another proper watering.


Once you have finished creating your work of art in your large garden container, consider adding something to the top of the soil to polish the look.

I like to use moss purchased at the garden center, but I have used pine straw from my yard as well.

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Container flower gardening large garden container

The best part about creating a container flower garden for your large container planters is enjoying all the beautiful flowers for days to come.

Here are the steps again all in one convenient place so you can create your own lovely arrangement:

  • Drill holes in the bottom of the pot if needed
  • Water plants
  • Add rocks to the bottom of the pot
  • Place moisture control potting mix about a quarter of the way from the top
  • Drop a couple of handfuls of organic plant food
  • Add one filler plant along the edge
  • Position a tall plant in the middle
  • Add remaining filler plants leaving space between them for a trailing plant
  • Place trailing plants
  • Add more soil around plants and give it a good pressing
  • Water again
  • Add topping (like moss or pine straw)

Well, there you have it!  A simple, easy, and fun way to create a gorgeous container flower garden for your large container planters.  And now that you have a pot of color you might need some ideas on where to place it.

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And last if you want to see what we have been doing inside our garden shed check out how to build a loft in a shed.

Happy Decorating!

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Saturday 19th of May 2018

I miss being able to garden especially now that I live in an apartment. But I may be able to put some containers on the patio if I can get my roommate to move his junk off it. LOL Love your pictures.