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Mudrooms are perfect areas usually connected to or in a laundry area. Designing and organizing an ideal space is what we have in store for you today. A mudroom laundry room is a must in a farmhouse, and we have some that are spotless.

MudroomsA mudroom laundry room sounds like it would need a lot of cleaning. But, instead, they encompass a perfect area to help keep your home clean without breaking a sweat.

Everything has its place, and when utilized correctly, mudrooms make life a cinch.

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Mudroom Laundry Room

After reading this post about mudrooms, if you don't already have one, you'll be plotting an area in your home to transform.

Simply Beautiful By Angela

Mudroom Laundry Room Simply Beautiful By Angela

Angela's mudroom space is simple but perfect.

Her beadboard frames the area nicely. A shelving unit with coat hooks and repurposed drawers to hold knick knacks help keep life organized.

Blessed On Blue Finch

Mudroom Laundry Room Blessed On Blue Finch

This entryway works well as a makeshift ‘mudroom.' With a bench to sit and put shoes on or take off and a precious vintage farm tray to tuck shoes away.

Pillows and a blanket make this area cozy indeed.

Get the Look

Simply Cozy Charm

Mudroom Laundry Room Simple Cozy Charm

Woven seagrass baskets and this market bag belong in a mudroom. As well as an umbrella basket or this sweet vase!

Don't you love the Spring sign hung that could easily be a rotating seasonal sign!

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Two Treasures Decor

Mudroom Laundry Room Two Treasures Decor

Assign each person a hook with a number is another way to keep your mudroom laundry room organized.

And repurposing a church pew is something dreams are made of!

Farmhouse Green

Mudroom Laundry Room Farmhouse Green

A shoe organizer is a perfect item for every mudroom.

It's an easy place for things to be stored without a question of where to look when you need a pair of shoes.

And having your mudroom in your laundry room will keep dirt tracked through your home down to a minimum.

Robyns French Nest

Mudroom Laundry Room Robyns French Nest

Lockers are no longer just for school or the gym. Having a set of lockers in your mudroom laundry room adds a fun layer of organization.

Hiding away the rain-boots, rain-jacket, and umbrella until the perfect rainy day would be a great use of these lockers.

Nola Acres

Mudroom Laundry Room Nola Acres

This ‘mudroom' entryway is perfect for a farmer to come home, take off his boots and breath away the worries of the day.

Boots can easily be tucked under the bench until the next morning.

Blooming DIYer

Mudroom Laundry Room Blooming DIYer

A bench with a hall tree is dreamy in white added to a mudroom.

Space for shoes, keys, your purse, and so many more items can be stashed away right here.

Hanging a mirror next to this area is nice for when you're heading out the door to give the last look before you walk out.

Small Laundry Room Makeover Idea

Our next idea is a personal favorite because we did this small laundry room makeover in our home.  Our little laundry space is a pass-through from the garage.  We spruced it up to make it more welcoming and everything.  All the details are in this small laundry room makeover post.

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Jamie Keskin DesignMudroom Laundry Room Jamie Keskin Design

Kyle captured Jamie's mudroom perfectly.

The wainscot is perfect in this farmhouse mudroom.

If you haven't seen our post on how easy wainscot is to install, check it out here.

Wainscot in an area such as this makes separating each person's station simple. There is a clear place for a hook to hang a raincoat, and lining up a cubby is perfect as well.


These mudrooms are amazing, and we're guessing you are thinking of the perfect spot to transform in your home or maybe thinking of some new items to integrate.

In fact, if you want a really creative way to make a small mudroom in your laundry room, check out this easy and cheap laundry room makeover.  And for a great way to organize your storage try this DIY mudroom storage.

We'd love to hear what keeps your mudroom organized the best.

Happy Decorating!

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Sunday 28th of April 2019

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Tuesday 19th of February 2019

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Saturday 26th of May 2018

I have one in the corner of my garage. This makes me want to decorate it.

Linda McDonald

Monday 28th of May 2018

Go for it! It will make your garage fun to come home too.

Holly Farmer

Thursday 24th of May 2018

I've always wanted a house with a mudroom..and pretty entry way. Martha..I'll look you up when I achieve that goal. You can make any space look amazing and yet useful. I love all your creations.

Linda McDonald

Monday 28th of May 2018

Sounds like fun!


Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

These designs are so attractive and beautiful. But they are useful. I love to have things organized. Nicely done ladies.

Linda McDonald

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Thank you for your sweet comment. I am loving these mudrooms too! Wish I had room for one.