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Easy and cheap laundry room remodel that anyone can do. Read more about this three-day small laundry room makeover using crates, paint and much more and see how simple it is to do a laundry room makeover in one weekend.

As an interior designer I sometimes get asked to do laundry room makeovers on a tight budget. When asked to help freshen up this mudroom/laundry room with little to no money I knew just where to look.

Let's get started as I share step by step how to transform a mudroom/laundry room with these cheap decorating tips.


For many people, the laundry room is a pass through from the garage. That means that they see it many times a day and it's the first room to greet them when they come home.

This seemed to be the case for the Uncoordinated Mommy and boy was her laundry room in need of organizing and some design touches to make it a welcoming site for her family.


But it didn't stop there Tracy had a desire for a mud room and big plans for it to be in her laundry room but they were only dreaming at this stage.

So what did we do to make Tracy's dreams come true in a few days and with a tight budget?


Day 1: I started searching ideas and creating a sketch while Tracy's task was to pull everything out of the room that wasn't hidden and either trash it, send to goodwill, plan to sell it or put it in its appropriate place.

We thought through a way to create a small mud room space by removing the utility sink and dedicated the washer and dryer area strictly to laundry.

Here is what we came up with thanks to Pinterest and some measuring:

easy and cheap laundry room remodel plans for a small laundry room makeover

After a short break, we created a shopping list and used the internet to search for items to help us see where to shop and stay on a budget.

If you plan earlier you can do most your shopping online like at Amazon.  

While I was working on making our list Tracy began pulling done the metal shelves and removing the sink. It was important to not just declutter but make the room feel open, airy and clean.

easy and cheap laundry room remodel demo


Day 2: We went shopping and did all the painting and staining.  We decided to only paint an accent wall to save time and money. This part used the most time and took us all day.


Day 3: Clean everything. Magic eraser and a broom were our best friends. Then the fun part.

We hung all the crates, find a friend or family member to help with this step. It can be done by yourself but is a great deal easier and more fun with a partner.


Then place all your accessories like hang pictures, put detergents in pretty jars and place baskets on shelves. I call this adding the pearls to a black dress. It makes all the difference!

Small laundry room makeover

To recap everything here are the simple steps again.


  1. Search for ideas on Pinterest, Houzz or magazines.
  2. Create a plan.
  3. Create a shopping list and shop online if you have enough time.
  4. Clean out and remove anything that's being changed or not needed anymore from the room.
  5. Paint walls, cabinets or anything on your list.
  6. Clean up when finished
  7. Hang anything that goes on the walls
  8. Accessorize
  9. Now sit back and admire your new room.

Everything has a place, the clutter is gone and it's a beautiful space to greet you when you come home.

What style of laundry room do you like?

Happy Decorating!

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Tracy Kistler

Monday 31st of July 2017

That's a real nice laundry room!! ;)

Laundry Shoppe

Tuesday 20th of January 2015


Great job. The crates make such an amazing difference. Such a lovely focal point in this laundry room. Love the cute accessories. Yes, "adding the pearls to a black dress" !


Tuesday 20th of January 2015

Thanks for the encouraging comment.