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Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines

Home decor magazines are being replaced by the internet today, which has made life so much easier.  It is cheaper and easier to look at Pinterest for your creative ideas than to go through many decor magazines to find the look.  But there is something about finding a special place to escape and read your favorite magazine, so I wanted to share my top 10 favorite home decor magazines.

Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines

Update: Because decorating magazines are a favorite around here this post will be updated regularly as there are changes in magazines. Current update is July 2, 2023

How special it is nowadays to get a magazine subscription.  It is pretty cool and fun to get them in the mail, which is even more a reason why I was excited to share my top 10 favorite home decor magazines.


I am all about doing one little thing every day that makes you feel special.   Some of my favorite things to do are a hot bath while looking at a magazine or book, going for a walk, or watching my favorite television show.

I think we all need a moment or two to decompress every day.

Home decorating magazines are great for relaxing, but they are also amazing at giving you very good home decor content. You can learn so much from an interior decorating magazine.

Best home decorating magazines

In the best interior design magazines, you can find the latest trends for your own home or fantasize over luxe interiors. But what are the best home decor magazines?


I have gotten great inspiration from decor magazines, from container flower gardening to painting projects. You can find the best ideas in interior decorating magazines, especially the latest interior design trends.

Early in my interior design career, I used to pull pages of magazines with inspiration, ideas, and DIYs to assist me in designing a beautiful home or giving to my clients so they could see what I am referring to.

I also used books as inspirations. Here are my top interior design books for beginners.

Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines

After years of using magazines to decorate homes, here are my top go-to design magazines and a few newer magazines that have caught my eye.


Magnolia is a magazine from Joanna Gaines the founder of the modern farmhouse style. This wonderful publication is a combination of food, design and lifestyle. If you are a lover of modern farmhouse then you will want to subscribe to this magazine.

Magnolia magazine by Joanna Gaines

Not only will you find inspiration for decorating but this magazine will make a beautiful coffee table display. Click Magnolia magazine to subscribe to this quarterly publication.


Update: Martha Stewart Living magazine is no longer in print. You can find great ideas on the Martha Stewart website. I have changed her links in this post to another similar magazine.

Okay, so if you're a less is more kind of person and have a love for retro, then this is the magazine for you. I loved the old Martha Stewart Living magazine!

You get more than just decor magazines.  Martha Stewart Living is a popular contender among domestic arts and lifestyle magazines. You will get inspiration from craft projects, recipes, gardening, entertaining, and more.  You will feel special just reading it and inspired by something within its pages.

Click Martha Steward Living if this magazine describes you and you want some inspiration. This link now goes to Real Simple, which is much like the old Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Popular home decorating and DIY magazine like Martha Stewart


Here is another magazine that plays on the less is more kind of style. I think it's one of the best magazines.

Unlike so many other home decor magazines, this one also throws in some beauty tips.

Real Simple is another magazine that will inspire you to make your life more comfortable in a very fashionable way with DIY, recipes, and so much more.

Click Real Simple magazine if you feel this is a good fit, and I can't wait to hear how it inspired you in your home and life. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Best home decorating and organizing magazines like Real Simple


Lovers of all things old, this is the magazine for you. This Old House is a leader in home improvement and interior design ideas.

This magazine keeps it real with tips and tricks for remodeling, gardening, and much more.  It's full of useful articles and DIY guides. This magazine is helpful whether you live in an old house or want to make your new home look old.

Click This Old House for loads of vintage inspiration, and I hope it helps bring that old soul out of you too.

Top 10 popular Home Decor Magazines like This Old House


Talk about special!  If you're looking for a magazine to escape into, then this is the one for you.

In the old country, there is plenty of vintage stuff, which makes this magazine perfect if you're an old soul too.  This is such a beautiful magazine. I love this magazine because I always get vintage ideas to incorporate into my home and some fun ideas.

Good design is comprised of old and new.  So, why not something English in that design?

Click English Home magazine for a subscription that will give you that great escape across the ocean to another world. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines like the English Home


Today country interior designs are trendy in the South and everywhere.

I see so many homes incorporating the country cottage or farmhouse style into their modern-day homes.  This magazine is full of ideas to dream about, which makes it perfect if you want to escape into the country during your me-time.

Click Country Living magazine to subscribe and escape into country style. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Best home decorating magazines like Country Living


When I was growing up Southern Living was the magazine subscription to have.

Southern Living has much to offer any reader.  You will find it well balanced between home decor, recipes, entertaining, travel in the south, and much more. It is also full of ideas and locations to visit in the Southern states.

I also love love, love that Southern Living has an Idea House for people to visit featuring a designer, contract, and architect.  Southern Living is a fantastic magazine to escape into, especially if you love southern-style home decor and travel.

Click Southern Living magazine to subscribe and be carried away into the deep rich Southern states. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines like Southern Living


Here is another magazine that was the magazine to subscribe to when I was growing up. Better Homes & Gardens is a household name for a reason.

I always felt this magazine was a homemaker's best friend. The informative articles and practical advice have made it one of the top magazines. It has beautiful home and garden ideas but also has excellent entertaining ideas and so much more.

Click Better Homes and Gardens to subscribe to a magazine rich in the love of your home, garden, entertaining, and so much more. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines like Better Homes and Gardens


Just like the name of this magazine is all about traditional homes.

I highly recommend this magazine if you are drawn to the classic style and living well.  First, let me say that this magazine has great interior design elements and will feed your creative juices.

If you have high-end taste, then click Traditional Home to subscribe.  Traditional Home is the magazine for you.

Best Home Decor Magazines Traditional Home


I always considered Traditional Home and House Beautiful to be hand in hand.

But if there was one thing I can say that makes this magazine different, it has more contemporary qualities.  So if you like a designer look with eclectic attributes, this is your magazine.

If you like traditional but want to be unique, then click House Beautiful to subscribe and let your creative cup run over. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Magazines like House Beautiful


If you love cottage decorating, then you will love this magazine! It is filled with beautiful countryside structures, vintage decorating ideas, and modern amenities in old homes.

If you love a quaint vintage vibes then try Cottages and Bungalows magazine. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Best home decor magazine subscriptions like Cottages and Bungalows


I kind of saved the best for last because Life on Summerhill was featured in this magazine. They shared my cotton decor tips.

Country Sampler Farmhouse Style is a fantastic farmhouse home decor magazine filled with beautiful homes with old shiplap, vintage finds, and much more.

If you love the more traditional farmhouse, then try a kindle copy of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style or try a print copy of Country Sampler.

Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Popular home decor magazine

This magazine is for all farmhouse lovers. You will find many scrumptious farm style details on every page and ideas galore.


Can you tell I saved the high-end designer home magazines for last?

Veranda magazine is up there with Beverly Hills, which has an air of subtle detail.  In the world of interior design and luxury lifestyle, this is the ultimate design inspiration.

You will adore this magazine! 

Something about it makes me read it over and over again.  You will find many ideas on Pinterest, but if you want a designer look, this is the magazine to subscribe to. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.

Click Veranda magazine to subscribe for some high-end designer inspiration.

Veranda Popular Home Decor Magazine


After writing this post I decided to add Good Housekeeping because in addition to having a section on home decor it also shares details on many household items like mattress bedding etc.

Good housekeeping magazine

Good Housekeeping was the a trusted magazine years ago for men and women. A subscription to this publication provided the reader with trustworthy advice in matters relating to many other home related things.

Consider gifting or getting a subscription to Good Housekeeping for decoration ideas, tip and tricks on home making and reliable suggestions on all kind of item you need in your home. Use code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%.


If you're still wondering why you should subscribe to a home design magazine, let me ask you a question.  Do you like getting presents in the mail?

Well, a magazine subscription is like getting a present.  You never know what will be inside the pages waiting for you.  And who doesn't like feeling special?

Just grab yourself a cup of sweet tea or your favorite drink, find your favorite places like a hammock or a hot bath, and let your magazine take you away.   I promise you it will be great!

Top 10 favorite and best home decor magazines to give as gifts

Here is a list of the most popular and best home decor magazines.

If you're considering a home makeover, home decor magazines are a great way for a design lover to create their ideal home. What's your favorite magazine and why? Do prefer getting a print version or a digital edition?

Happy Decorating!

The best home decor magazines and popular decorating tips.


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