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Decorating with Lavender Flowers: Creating Serene and Elegant Spaces

Experience the captivating beauty and remarkable versatility of lavender flowers in home decor. In this article, I am sharing the art of decorating with lavender flowers, unlocking a world of inspiration and ideas. From lavender centerpieces and wreaths to dried lavender hangings and lavender-themed artwork, let's explore how this delicate flower can transform your living spaces into havens of tranquility.

Whether you're seeking to create a soothing ambiance, infuse your home with delightful fragrances, or add a touch of elegance, I've got you covered. Join me as we unlock the secrets to decorating with lavender flowers and embark on a journey of creativity and enchantment.

Decorating with lavender flowers

There are so many beautiful flowers to decorate with, and lavender is at the top of the list. Whether it is dried or fresh bouquets or a bowl of buds decorating with lavender flowers is easy.

Recently my daughter, Savanna, and I visited a lavender festival at Wild Daisy Farm.

Wild Daisy Farm lavender festival

Lavender fields are as dreamy as they look on social media. The minute we got out of our vehicles, you could smell the peaceful aroma of lavender.

Wild Daisy Farm lavender field

After picking a bucket full of lavender, cosmos, and sunflowers, we had more than enough to split up the stash and head home.

Once we were home and started decorating with our lavender flowers, I discovered that we had enough to share the ideas between the old lavender project, Savanna's lavender crafts, and my decoration.

Decorating with Lavender Flowers FAQs:

How Do I Display Lavender in my House?

There are so many ways to display lavender in your home. Here are ten decorating with lavender flower ideas that'll be exploring in this post:

What Colors Go Well with Lavender?

Lavender is an incredibly versatile flower that will work with most an color palette. Soft neutrals like off white and soft grays are a wonderful complement to its soft purple color. However, you'll see in this post I also mix lavender with some brighter pinks and yellows. The soft lavender color makes the brighter colors pop while adding a regal and opulent feeling.

I. Creating Stunning Lavender Centerpieces

Lavender makes a beautiful centerpiece for any table. Not only is it pretty, but the aroma adds to the ambiance.

There are many simple ways to decorate with lavender as a centerpiece. You can place clear vases on the table with lavender stems inside or set a dough bowl on the table with a bundle of dried lavender graciously tied with a bow, as I did on this French country table setting.

Dried lavender in a dough bowl centerpiece

This is one of the easiest centerpieces you will ever make because you only need a dough bowl and a bouquet of dried lavender. Select a pretty ribbon, tie a bow around the cluster of stems, and place your bouquet in the center of the dough bowl.

It is that easy!

You can leave this decoration on your table or, after the event, move it to another table in your home. When you are ready for a different decoration for your dough bowl, check out the decorating with dough bowl ideas.

Lavender also works great with other fresh flowers. Another simple lavender centerpiece is the cosmos and lavender bouquet I made from the flower we picked at the festival.

Fresh lavender flowers and cosmos in a ironstone pitcher as a centerpiece

This bouquet is using a vintage ironstone pitcher, then adding gorgeous cosmos flowers with their long wildflower-looking stems. I removed the leaves from the bottom to help keep the water clean and cut varying lengths. After putting all the flowers in place, I tucked some lavender stems to finish the look.

Fresh lavender flowers and cosmos in a ironstone pitcher as a centerpiece

This is another simple centerpiece decoration. I love the way this looks on my dining room table. Click here to watch a YouTube video of me making this flower arrangement. And check out this decorating from thrift stores article for tips on shopping great finds like this ironstone pitcher.

II. Adding Charm with Lavender Wreaths

There is so much versatility when decorating with lavender wreaths for any time of year or special occasion. I particularly like to use our lavender wreath in the spring or summer, whereas my daughter leaves her lavender wreath out year around except for Christmas.

While at Wild Daisy Farm, they had a lavender wreath-making class. I watch for a little to discover it is fairly simple.

How to Make a Dried Lavender Wreath

Started with a wreath base like a metal frame or grapevine wreath base. Start creating bundles of dried lavender and attach them to the frame or wreath base. Once you place your first bundle, keep attaching bundles overlapping the stems from the lavender bundle before.

Talk about easy! Watching dried lavender wreath-making made me want to make one of my own.

Now let's get back to decorating with lavender wreaths.

There are many ways you can decorate with lavender wreaths. My favorite is on your front door. This first photo is my daughter's dried lavender wreath on her freshly painted front door.

Here is an Instagram reel with her lavender wreath.

Dried lavender wreath on a front door

This second photo is of an artificial lavender wreath for springtime on my front door.

Dried lavender basket wreath on a front door

I love this idea of a bundle of lavender in a French vintage-style pot. Other fun places to decorate with lavender wreaths are nestled in a gallery wall of other art and decor. Hanging on a porch or if it is a round wreath, you can place a candle in the middle as a table decoration.

Here are more ideas for decorating with wreaths to get your creative juices going.

III. Elevating Your Decor with Dried Lavender Hangings

Dried lavender has a long-lasting beauty, and they smell and look enchanting. They make a charming decoration for your home or are useful when you want to do some baking.

Years ago, I got an idea to make a dried flower hanger for my kitchen. After experimenting with several ideas, I created this beautiful, inexpensive, easy-dried flower and herb hanger.

Lavender flower hanger

This dried flower wall hanging can easily be converted into a dried lavender hanging. Over the year, I have enjoyed this simple decoration by adding other flowers and herbs like chamomile, basil, and more.

lavender flower hanger

The beauty of this piece is that you can move it around to other locations in your kitchen or house. It is very versatile.

However, back when I converted my closet by my kitchen into a pantry, I decided to add a prominent drying rod for the herbs in my garden. This dried herb and flower rod is another simple idea and is made from items I found at Home Depot.

Lavender and herb hanger in a vintage pantry

I use these herbs when it is storming, and I don't want to step out into the weather for herbs. Here I have dried oregano, basil, and rosemary. The purple flowers are dried lavender from Trader Joe's. They are a decoration to make all the other dried leaves look pretty. LOL!

All the details on making this herb drying rod are in my how to turn a closet into a pantry post.

IV. Infusing Artistry with Lavender: Artwork

Lavender-inspired artwork is so popular right now. Many different types of lavender art exist, from picturesque landscapes to French-inspired letters and grain sacks.

One of my favorite art pieces in our printable Etsy shop is this vintage grain sack lavender farm piece. Like all the other grain sack art pieces, this one has a farm named Les Fleur Farm, which is The Flower Farm in French.

If you look closely, it says it is a lavender farm and showcases an etching of a lavender flower on top of light lavender stripes.

Lavender farm printable art

As I did here, you can decorate with this lavender printable by adding it to a homemade clipboard in your kitchen.

Lavender farm printable art of a grain sack

This wooden clipboard with a fancy gold clip is hiding an outlet. I paired it with a cutting board, a small lamp, and a faux olive tree.

Botanical lavender flower printable art

Another art idea using lavender is the printable botanical lavender art. The simplicity and beauty of this piece displaying a sprig of lavender will make it work with many decor styles. This piece is hung on a hook with twine and two pieces of wood.

Many more lavender artwork ideas exist, from canvas prints to framed botanical illustrations.

V. Setting a Lavender Table: Elegance and Tranquility

Lavender is a great way to enhance your table setting for special occasions or everyday dining. The color lavender is especially lovely when dining outdoors. You can use lavender-colored dinnerware, napkins, and table runner, but my favorite is the simple and delicate touch of adding dried lavender to your place settings.

Lavender centerpiece

Remember when I talked about using lavender for a centerpiece and shared my french inspired table? Well, here is where I repeated the lavender at each place setting.

Dried lavender on a place setting

The details make any design feel more special and look unique.

When creating a place setting for your table, use dried lavender or cuttings of fresh lavender, or if you can find small potted lavender plants, place them on the place setting as a gift for each guest to take home.

VI. Aromatherapy Bliss: Lavender Candles and Fragrance

Lavender is a soothing and relaxing fragrance. Because of its aromatherapy benefits, it makes a great flower for candles and essential oils.

I love the glow of candles burning but not the danger or fumes they create, so I opted for battery-powered candles. To give my home the beautiful scent of lavender, I run my diffuser with lavender oil inside.

It is truly dreamy!

To make my candles a little more fancy, I added three to four sprigs of dried lavender to each candle stick base and tied it with white baker's twine.

Dried lavender added to candles

This simple and easy decoration gives you all the warm glow vibes of candles and lavender especially added with the bouquet of cosmos and lavender I brought back from Wild Daisy Farm.

Dried lavender added to candles

Now that you have an idea for creating a calming ambiance, here are some rooms you can incorporate lavender scents into your home.

  • Add a small lavender bouquet or plant to your bathroom counter
  • Place a diffuser with essential oils in a bedroom for a dreamy night's sleep
  • Place lavender candles on your dining table
  • Create your own lavender sachet from your dried lavender to put in your dresser drawers

VII. Creating a Lavender Garden: Beauty and Serenity

Last year I got my daughter a lavender plant, and after a while, we decided it needed to be planted in the garden. I couldn't believe how big it got in my herb garden. That one lavender plant brought me such joy next to our back patio. Also, lavender bushes are a great way to attract and support your local bee and butterfly populations.

Unfortunately, my lavender plant died during an extreme freeze in the winter, but this time I plan to plant lavender phenomenal per the suggestion of Wild Daisy Farm. This lavender plant thrives in our warm environment and will be great for cooking and drying for decor.

Once you have your own lavender growing in your garden, it will bring a beautiful and delightful smell to your outdoor space, and you will have loads of blooms to use as decorations. Lavender flourishes in full sun so be sure to plant it someplace bright.

VIII: Enhancing Your Decor with Lavender Plants

Since we are talking about plants, let's shift gears to indoor lavender plants. Something is alluring about real and faux lavender plants. Those purple buds make our decor extra special.

Consider adding a plant on your end tables, mantel, kitchen window seal, planters on your porch, or pretty much anywhere.

I will not share how to keep them alive inside because truth be told, I do not have a green thumb. But for fun, if they don't seem to be thriving indoors, that is when you can add them to your garden outside.

Lavender plants for a decoration

Here is an example of a lavender topiary I placed on our end table in the living room. If you look carefully, I have dried lavender next to it.

Faux lavender plants for a decoration

In this photo is a faux lavender place which is part of an ensemble of accessories in my entryway. See how pretty lavender looks in decorations.

Faux lavender plants for a decoration

IX: Incorporating Dried Lavender Bundles into Your Decor

Dried lavender bundles are charming and versatile in home decor. They have a long-lasting fragrance and calming properties.

I love buying dried lavender at Trader Joe's, but other places you can find them are online on Amazon, Etsy, and even Walmart.

Dried lavender bundle for bathroom decoration

A few suggestions on how to decorate with dried lavender bunches are placing them in your bathroom. Dried lavender fits a bathroom design so well. In my photo above, I filled a wooden dough bowl with washcloths, then placed a bundle of dried lavender next to it with a white grosgrain bow.

I also love to place lavender in dough bowls like shown above on by French country tablescape centerpiece. You can decorate with dried lavender bundles in your entryway and bedroom.

X. Creating a Charming Basket of Lavender Decor

Decorating baskets with lavender can add a beautiful rustic and natural beauty to any space. Baskets filled with lavender are another versatile decoration element.

I recently found a beautiful Longaberger basket while vintage shopping. This antique vintage store was very large and so much fun to visit. I share it in this Antique and vintage shop with me a video on YouTube.

I decided to use some dried lavender to fill this adorable small basket. So for my first idea, consider adding dried lavender to a small basket to hang on the wall or place in an ensemble of table decorations.

Dried lavender flowers in basket

Other beautiful ideas to decorate baskets with lavender are to roll up lavender-themed textiles inside the basket and place lavender-scented candles. Place this beauty on coffee tables, mantels, or as a centerpiece. Once you have your basket of lavender in place, consider adding some twine, ribbon, or other dried flowers to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the basket.

Dried lavender flowers in basket


I hope you see how versatile decorating with lavender flowers in your home can be. You can create a beautiful centerpiece for any table, either on its own or combined with other flowers. Lavender wreaths are perfect for any time of year or special occasion. Try hang drying lavender with other flowers and herbs in your kitchen for its beauty and lovely scent. Lavender inspired artwork is popular and beautiful all year long. Check out these canvas prints to framed botanical illustrations. When creating a place setting for your table, use dried lavender or cuttings of fresh lavender, or if you can find small potted lavender plants, place them on the place setting as a gift for each guest to take home.

Lavender makes a great flower for candles and essential oils to create a soothing and calm environment in your home. You can grow lavender in your garden to add a delightful smell to your outdoor space, and you will have loads of blooms to use as decorations. Add a plant on your end tables, mantel, kitchen window seal, planters on your porch, or pretty much anywhere. Dried lavender bundles are charming and have a long-lasting fragrance and calming properties. Lastly, Decorating baskets with lavender can add a beautiful rustic and natural beauty to any space.

Dried lavender flowers in basket

I highly encourage you to experiment with different ways of decorating with lavender flowers. Be creative and don't be afraid to try different things until you find what works with your home decor. Check out places like Pinterest and YouTube for further inspiration. I'd love for you to share your experience decorating with lavender flowers in the comments and on social media.

Happy Decorating!