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Creating the Perfect Farmhouse with a Lovely Porch Swing Bed

There's a heavenly trend currently captured in having a porch swing bed at your farmhouse. Today we want to share some beautiful bed swing ideas. These are not your everyday porch swings, but hanging beds.

Porch Swing Bed

A porch swing and a farmhouse go hand in hand. Imagine now a porch swing bed. One that you can curl up on and have a glass of sweet tea on a gorgeous spring day. They can be everything from a daybed you no longer need inside your home, to a made to order porch bed swing. Are you ready to see what the buzz is all about?

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Porch Swing Bed Ideas

Beautiful pillows and a throw can adorn your porch swing bed. If you're looking at dressing up your porch, this might just be the answer you're looking for.

Gray Porch Bed Swing

Gray Porch Bed Swing by McPeters Farmhouse

When you look at this first porch bed swing, you look and think there must be a story or some history behind it. It looks like it might have been in a little girl's bedroom.

The gray chalk painted appearance belongs on a farmhouse porch.

Mindy, from McPeters Farmhouse, choose a beauty with this swing.

And can we just take a minute and look at this sweet tiny kitten!

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Distressed Hanging Bed

Distressed Porch Swing Bed from Beside The Mulberry Tree

Bethany, from Beside The Mulberry Tree, has this lovely hanging bed on her back porch.

This distressed piece might have been made from an old headboard. It is a great fit with wicker patio furniture.

With the barn in the background, this creates a perfect picture.

Porch Bed Swing Hanging from a Blue Ceiling

Porch Bed Swing Hanging from a Blue Ceiling from Simply Southern Cottage

This simple white hanging bed swing is accented with rope that twists up the chains that hold it. If you follow the rope up toward the ceiling, you'll notice the beautiful blue hue that the ceiling has been painted. We did the same on our porch and wrote all about it over on this post.

Sara, at Simply Southern Cottage, has created a lovely boho porch and the centerpiece is this white swing.

A Bed Swing on a Coastal Farmhouse Porch

A bed swing on a coastal farmhouse porch from Redesigned Space

The blue and white on this bed swing looks as though the ocean breeze would surely push you as you cuddle in on it.

This was a Christmas gift to Cindy, from Redesigned Space. How many of you, this winter, are dreaming of warm days, when you'll be swinging in the sunshine on your porch?

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Neutral Porch Swing

Neutral porch bed swing from Farmhouse Peach Co.

There's nothing we don't love about this porch or Vanessa's, at Farmhouse Peach Co. The neutrals are stunning.

This bed swing is a place to come and leave all your worries behind you on.

Hanging Bed in a Sun Room

Hanging bed in a sun room from Big Family Little Farmhouse

Jenny, from Big Family Little Farmhouse, hung a breathtaking hanging bed in her sun room.

The gray and white pillows and throw are charming and super versatile. Can't you just imagine this place decorated for Christmas?

This swing looks like the perfect place to cuddle under a blanket and read a book and have some quiet time. If you'd like other great book nook ideas, hop over to our post where we look at some great inspirations.

Guest Room Swinging Bed

Guest room swinging bed from Old Silver Shed

This swinging bed in Sandra's, over at Old Silver Shed, guest room began with the intricate piece of wood you see at the foot of the bed and because this beauty.

Who wouldn't feel like they were on vacation in this guest bedroom with this dreamy bed!

Swing Bed Indoors

Porch Swing Bed Indoors from My Little Red House

Hanging a swing bed doesn't just have to be outdoors. Why not bring your's indoors like Helena, from My Little Red House.

She has adorned her hanging bed with soft blush colors which make this space look romantic.

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Do you already have a porch bed swing hanging somewhere at your farmhouse or is this trend new to you? We think it's dreamy and would love to hear your thoughts.

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Happy Decorating!

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Tuesday 4th of July 2023

Would love to know the plans for this hanging swing. Perfect length to make for a special best friend in my life, my mother.

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