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Decorating with wreaths is a great way to add texture to your interior or dress up your front door and porch. Here are ideas to decorate your home all year long with wreaths.

Decorating with wreaths

Adding real or artificial wreaths to your home decor is a simple way to add another element to your accessories. There are so many different styles of wreaths and ways to display them. These decorating with wreaths ideas will make planning your design so much easier and we have ideas from fancy wreaths to dollar store wreath DIYs. Let's explore decorating with wreaths indoors and outdoors.

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Before we dive into ideas let's talk about how we are going to break down the different ways to decorate with wreaths. Basically, we are first looking at exterior wreath ideas from every day to holidays and then we will look at places to decorate your interior with wreaths.

Let's begin with your front porch and ideas for your front door.

Decorating with Wreaths on your Front Door

Before we start talking about decorating with wreaths indoors, let's take a look at the front door. Probably the most common place to hang a wreath is on a front door. It is fun to change it out for each holiday or you can use a year-round wreath that won't need changing. Here is an idea of a wreath that can hang on your door all year long.

Decorate your front door with a monogram wreath

A monogram wreath works all year long. Here is probably the first photo I took of my porch and back then I pretty much kept this wreath on the door except to change out for a holiday. Monogram wreaths are perfect for the everyday.

Other wreaths that work great are greenery wreaths like boxwood and lambs ear. They are also great for interior decorating too. Now let's look at holiday and season wreath front door decorating.

Decorating with wreaths on your front door

Another timeless wreath idea is adding a basket wreath with lavender. Lavender can be left out year long because not only does it have a springtime fee but it can easily fit in the fall months too.

Note: the lavender wreath on my door is out of stock but look at this GORGEOUS lavender wreath I found.

You can also think about decorating for Christmas with lavender. Wouldn't it be cute to add mini battery powered lights inside this wreath?

I love this wreath so much until I added it to the best Mother's day gift guide of 2021 and I got this wreath from The Whimsical Door. They are one of my favorite places to get wreaths.

Wreaths Ideas for Fall

Decorate your front door with a wheat wreath for fall

Fall is a great time of year to change out your wreath. Here is a simple and inexpensive fall wreath to make and I have all the directions in this wheat wreath DIY. However, if your not in the mood to make a wreath here is another beautiful wheat wreath.

Fall wreath idea for your front door

Don't let this spring-looking wreath fool you because tucked inside the beautiful flowers are little pumpkins and cotton which subtly makes this happy wreath turn fall. Just like my wheat wreath, all the directions are in this DIY fall bicycle wreath.

Did you notice this wreath is designed on a bicycle wheel? You are in for a treat when you see how easy this wreath is to make too.

Wreath Ideas for Spring

Spring wreath hanging with ribbon

Now let's switch gears to spring and again talk about my friend Debra and her amazing talent and designing wreaths. This peony minimalist wreath is so pretty and it looks great all spring and summer long.

Note: The peony wreath hanging on my door is out of stock but Debra has many more peony wreaths.

There are more front porch ideas in this spring porch decorating ideas article.


Wreath Front Door Ideas for Holidays

Another fun idea for decorating your front door is pulling down the seasonal wreaths and hanging specific holiday wreaths. Wreaths are perfect for any holiday season. So, let's start with Valentine's day and another easy DIY project.

Wreath Ideas for Valentine's Day

Decorating with wreaths with a Valentine wreath on your front door

In some areas of the world, it is still too snowy and cold to hang a wreath on your front door in February but this wreath can stand the cold but if you don't want to hang it outside trying hanging it on the inside of the front door.

This sweet Dollar Tree wreath was so easy to make and didn't cost very much. Full directions are here on how to make a heart shaped wreath tutorial.

Here are the cutest heart shaped boxwood Valentine wreaths.

Wreath Idea for 4th of July

Exterior wreath decoration for 4th of July

If you live in America then starting from May through September you can leave red, white, and blue patriotic decorations out. In May is Memorial Day, then Independence day in July, and in September we celebrate Labor day so keep all your patriotic decor on your porch including a cute wooden wreath.

This sweet wreath by Coton Color is no longer available but if you have someone who can cut the shape it would be easy to paint one like it or similar. However, Coton Colors has another style of the wreath that I think you will love even more. Now they have interchangeable pieces for different holidays.

Wreath Ideas for Christmas

Front porch wreath idea for Christmas

Now we have to talk about Christmas because if you don't change out your wreath but one time a year this is the time of year I recommend.

Here is another example of The Whimsical Doors‘ beautiful wreath designs. This particular wreath was an idea I had. I asked Debra what she thought and like magic, she sent me this. It is even prettier than I imagined and you can buy one during the Christmas holidays on her Etsy shop called The Whimsical Door.

Decorating with Wreaths Indoors

Now let's talk about different ways you can decorate the interior of your homes with wreaths.

Decorating with wreaths indoors with a small wreath on shutters

Lamb ear wreaths are perfect for decorating your interior. This simple wreath adds a beautiful touch of green to your home. In fact, any greenery wreath whether it is artificial or real makes a great decoration inside your home.

The first place I want to show you is adding a wreath to your window shutters. If you have shutters or window this is a cute way to add texture and style to your room.

Decorating with wreaths on windows

At Christmas time I like to hang these wreaths from our windows with red and white ribbons. It's an easy way to brighten up the living room. I share my secret on how to hang wreaths in windows so you can hang them in your windows too.

Just like many of my wreaths these lambs ear wreaths come from The Whimsical Door.

Decorating with wreaths on mirrors

I have three lambs ear wreaths so when I am not displaying them in my bay window at Christmas I distribute them throughout the house during the year.

One of my favorite places to hang a wreath is on my mirror in the entryway. I simply use a suction cup with a hook on it to hang the wreath. I have a little secret to share. There is actually a crack in my mirror and this wreath hides it. So not only is it functional but it is pretty too.

How to decorate a mirror with a wreath

Gallery walls are another great place to put a wreath. I use my wreath on my mirror but imagine taking one piece of art down and replacing it with a wreath. See how easy it is to decorate with wreaths.

Table centerpiece decorated with a wreath and candle

Your outdoor living spaces are a great place to decorate with wreaths. Another way to decorate with a greenery wreath is to lay it on a table as a centerpiece and place a candle inside of it. For this table on my back patio, I grabbed one of my lamb's ear wreaths and created a simple centerpiece.

One thing to keep in mind. Only use a jar candle if you are going to light it in the middle of a wreath. And make sure it is high enough that the flame doesn't come close to the leaves. I have my candle elevate with a jar lib under it.

Easy wreath decorating ideas with a red, white and blue wreath on a mirror for 4th of July

Here is another example of using a wreath on my mirror. This DIY yarn wreath is so easy to make and I have detailed instructions in my DIY yarn wreath post.

A yarn wreath is a fun way to celebrate any season and to add a pop of color to any room. The cool thing about this yarn wreath is that you can change the colors to make whatever you want. You can pick colors that match your room and it can be a wreath you leave out all year long.

How to decorate your home with real wreaths

Now let's switch gears to real wreaths. A holiday wreath is an easy and beautiful way to get into the spirit. My rosemary wreath is a an easy DIY Christmas wreath. This rosemary wreath was so simple to make. I took cuttings of rosemary and used twine to attach them to a round piece of wire. Then I hung the wreath on the back of my bench with a piece of ribbon just like I do on my front door.

Easy rosemary Christmas Wreath idea

Here is a close-up of the wreath. The live greenery is gorgeous. The rosemary smelled so pretty when guests come in the front door. There are more photos in my Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer article. Instant holiday spirit!

Indoor wreaths home decorating with a wreath on a mirror on a mantle

Another mirror idea is hanging a swag on a mirror on your mantel. I have this piece of greenery in my Christmas box so I simply added it to the mirror and it bought more color to the mantel decorations. I have loads of Christmas mantel ideas you will want to check out.

Paper wreath idea for indoor decorating

And last this wreath idea is not the most traditional wreath idea but I think you are going to love it. We have an Etsy shop where we create lots of beautiful wall art that you can print and this watercolor floral wreath is one of those ideas.

To make this wreath simply go to Life on Summerhill on Etsy and select this wreath. Once you have purchased the wreath it is yours to print as many times as you like.

Next, cut it into a square shape and use decorative scissors to cut a design in the corners. Then punch some little holes in the top in the middle and thread ribbon in the holes and tie a long droopy bow.

Last, attach the wreath printable with double sided tape to your mirror and you are done.

Now that you have ideas on where to put wreaths let's recap on all the places that you can decorate with wreaths.

Where do you put wreaths?

Probably the most popular place to put a wreath is on a front door but your back door, side door, or any interior door works too. The best time of year to hang a wreath is any time of year but Christmas is probably the most popular time to hang wreaths. Again your front door is the most traditional but windows have become popular too. Here is a list of where to hang wreaths indoors and outside.

  • Front door
  • Side door
  • Interior garage door
  • Back door
  • Porch wall
  • Interior doors
  • On a gallery wall
  • Kitchen upper cabinets
  • Over a range in a kitchen
  • Windows exterior and interior
  • Front of a bench
  • On a mirror
  • In a frame
  • On a chalkboard

There are so many fabulous places to decorate with wreaths indoors and outdoors. The options are endless for hanging a wreath. It is a great way to add texture to any room decorations.


So what did you think? There are so many creative ways to decorate with wreaths. Did you get some ideas to decorate the outside or inside of your home with wreaths?

If you need help hanging your wreath on your front door here are directions on how to hang a wreath with ribbon on a front door. Or you can also check out this tutorial on hanging a wreath on a brick wall.

How to hang a wreath with a ribbon

I hope you found a few ideas and don't forget to check out The Whimsical Door and my Etsy shop. We add designs every week and there are ideas for all ages from baby nurseries to farmhouse decor.

Happy Decorating!