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This DIY yarn wreath is easy to make and with some simple changes in yarn colors, it can be made for any season or holiday. Learn how to make a yarn wreath with no-fail step by step instructions.


With my recent love of making yarn tassels which I added to my layered rug on our porch I was searching for another yarn project and that is where this DIY yarn wreath was born.

This yarn wreath is red, white, light blue and navy which I plan to use for the 4th of July but it can be easily catered to any season or holiday simply by changing the yarn colors.

So let's get started and learn how to make a yarn wreath.

DIY Yarn Wreath

Before we start this project let's gather our supplies. You will need:

How to Make a Yarn Wreath

Let's begin by setting your yarn in the order you plan to arrange the colors on your wreath. This will help you stay in order while you are working. Now that we have a little organization in place let's start making tassels.

Red, white, navy and light blue yarn

How to Make Tassel

Since this whole project is basically all tassels attached to a wireframe the first lesson is on how to make a tassel. This tassel is very easy with a few steps.

Grab your 7″ book or piece of cardboard and start with your first color of yarn. Wrap the yarn around the book 23 to 25 times. Once you finish, cut the yarn.

DIY yarn wreath project

Next cut two pieces of yarn about 8″ long.

DIY yarn wreath project cutting yarn

Now sit the 8″ piece of yarn straight on the table and pull the yarn off of the book and place it in the center of the 8″ piece of yarn.

DIY yarn wreath project making tassel

Now tie the 8″ piece around the loops into a knot.

Here is a little trick I love to share. When you make the first tie loop it twice. This helps hold the yarn in place for when you tie again the make the knot.

DIY yarn wreath project making tassel

Next cut the loops on each end.

DIY yarn wreath project making tassel

How to Attach a Tassel to a Wire Wreath

It is time to place your tassel on the wire wreath. Open the fringe part of the tassel and twist one end to thread into the wire wreath.

DIY yarn wreath project making tassel

Thread one side into the first row of the wire wreath. Make sure to place the tied knot in the center of the wire wreath.

DIY yarn wreath project adding tassel to wire wreath frame.

Fold the other fringe side of the tassel over and using the other 8″ piece of yarn wrap it towards the top and make another knot.

DIY yarn wreath project adding tassel to wire wreath frame.

Smooth out the bottom of the tassel and cup it in your hand and cut the bottom straight with scissors so that the tassel is even on the bottom.

DIY yarn wreath project adding tassel to wire wreath frame.

Fold the whole tassel over so that the tassel completely covers the wire wreath and then slide it snug to one end and start the next color tassel.

DIY yarn wreath project adding tassel to wire wreath frame.

Repeat how to make a tassel step for each color until you have finished filling in all the colors and filled in the wire wreath.

DIY yarn wreath

YouTube Video:

How to Add a Bow to a Yarn Wreath

After your yarn wreath is finished you can add a bow, mini flags, flowers or anything to decorate it. Or you can simply keep it simple and add nothing.

To add a bow to a yarn wreath create your bow with some floral wire. Once you have finished creating your bow thread the wire through to the backside and twist it into place.

diy YARN WREATH with ribbon

After you all it twisted tightly take some wire cutters and trim off any excess wire. You can use this technique to add any other embellishments or you can use a glue gun.

Yay! We are all finished making a yarn wreath.

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Now that you have completed this DIY yarn wreath project let me give you some fun ideas on where to hang a yarn wreath.

diy YARN WREATH with ribbon hung on mirror

You can hang your yarn wreath on your front door. Here is a trick for how to hang a wreath on a front door with ribbon. You can also hang your yarn wreath on a mirror, wall, porch or you can use it as a centerpiece as a table decoration. Your options are endless.


Speaking of endless options there are so many seasons and holidays you can make a yarn wreath for.

For example, you could use red, green and white for Christmas, pastel colors for Easter or spring, autumn colors for fall, green and white for St. Patricks day, different shades of pink for Valentine's day or match up some color in your home to make the perfect home decor accessory.

I hope you have found this DIY yarn wreath exciting and I hope it has inspired you to create one for yourself. If you love home decor projects using yarn then you probably will like our decorating with yarn around the house post.

Happy Decorating!

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Monday 21st of March 2022

How do you do this so that the top tassels do not droop?

Linda McDonald

Thursday 31st of March 2022

My tassels didn't droop so my guess is it had something to do with the yarn. Look for a stiffer yarn and it should hold it shape more.