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If you love homemade Christmas decor then you will love this DIY bottle brush tree that is made with yarn. This is an easy project using a few tools and looks adorable with your holiday decorations.

White yarn Christmas trees

In our house, we love making homemade Christmas decorations like this apple candle village but last year we used store-bought bottle brush trees so this year I decided to make our own and share a DIY bottle brush tree tutorial for you.


These are not your usual bottle brush trees because we used what we had on hand which was yarn so if you have yarn lying around and these other supplies below let's get started making these mini bottle brush Christmas trees.



Now that you know what supplies you will need to make a yarn tree let's get started with the first step. You can find all of these supplies and more at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, or any local craft store or dollar store.

Step 1: Wrap Yarn Around Hand

Begin by laying a piece of the floral wire on the table and then wrapping yarn around your hand 50 times. I used a piece of floral wire that was 12″ long and cut it in half. I laid one piece of wire on the table.

Wrap yarn around your hand 50 times to make a yarn bottle brush tree

Step 2: Cut the Yarn from your Hand

Once you have finished wrapping the yarn around your hand cut the ends and then each side of the yarn.

Cutting the side of the wrapped yarn on a hand for a bottle brush tree

Step 3: Lay the Yarn Flat on the Floral Wire

Next, gently lay all the cut pieces of yarn onto the center of the piece of wire that is laying on the table and place the other piece of floral wire on top.

How to make a yarn bottle brush tree.

Step 4: Twist the Floral Wire

Now grab both locking pliers and clamp them to each end of the floral wire. Begin twisting the wire in opposite directions.

Easy bottle brush Christmas tree DIY

Twist the wire as much as you like. My floral wire didn't seem to have an end in sight so I kept twisting until the fluffiness was where I wanted it to be.

Now remove the locking pliers and give the yarn tree a shake upside down.

how to make a mini yarn tree

Step 5: Prepare the base for the DIY bottle brush trees

Next, take a nail that is about the same size as the end of the twisted floral wire and drive it into the square piece of wood about half an inch down but don't make a hole all the way through the wood.

I had a piece of painted wood leftover from another project so I cut it to size. This is why my Christmas tree base is painted a blue-green color to add a little color to these white bottle brush trees. I think this makes a cute little tree trunk like look for our white trees.

The chalk paint color is a Dixie Belle paint called vintage duck egg.

easy diy yarn bottle brush tree

Step 6: Place Bottle Brush Tree in the Base

Yarn Christmas Bottle Brush Tree DiY

Now simply slide the wire base into the hole. If your base hole is too big and your tree base is loose simply drop a little glue down in the hole and prop the tree up straight until it dries.

Step 7: Trim your Yarn Christmas tree

This is probably my favorite part because now is when your tree takes shape.

Easy yarn bottle brush Christmas tree trimming

Turn your tree upside down and spray it with hair spray. The type of hair spray I used is an inexpensive hairspray called Suave. Hold it upside down until it dries. I even shook it a little as I was spraying and cutting.

How to make a little yarn bottle brush tree

Next, turn the tree over and start trimming at an angle pointing towards the floral wire at the top making the shape of a Christmas tree.

DIY yarn little Christmas trees

You can make them more tailored simply by grabbing your scissors and use the end to smooth out the yarn branches as you shape and spray.

Tiny yarn bottle brush tree DiY

Spray more hairspray if you feel it needs more to hold its shape and turn it upside down again to make the yarn stand out.

Isn't this fun! I love making things with yarn like this how to make a pom pom garland I shared recently.

Easy mini yarn tree DIY

You can make all kinds of sizes and heights. Trim your tree to be fluffy and short like this one.

Slim mini yarn bottle brush tree tutorial

Or whimsical like this one. I didn't comb out the branches with the scissors when I was making this one. I basically turned it upside, shook it, and sprayed it at the same time.

And guess what? You are done!!!

Now that you know how to make these yarn trees you can easily make this yarn winter hat Santa garland. It is another easy and fun DIY!


Now that you have one tree finished continuing to make more trees. Here are some ideas on how to style your mini bottle brush trees as a part of your holiday decorations.

Yarn Christmas tree decorations in a kitchen

You can make a mini Christmas tree forest along with a larger Christmas tree on a table.

christmas tree centerpiece

Another fun idea is using your tiny yarn trees as a Christmas tree centerpiece on your Christmas dinner table.

Yarn bottle brush trees on a fireplace mantle

And last include them on your Christmas mantle. Simply place these tiny yarn bottle brush trees along with your beautiful holiday decorations on your mantle. And now you will have your own bottle brush trees for years to come. You could add some fake snow at the base of the trees to add a little definition. I share how to create a Christmas mantel along with other amazing Christmas mantel ideas.

I hope you have as much fun making these lovely little trees as we did and I would love to hear about your precious little bottle brush tree decorations when you are finished. I hope these cute little bottlebrush trees bring you lots of joy this holiday season!

Happy Decorating!

White yarn bottle brush Christmas trees


Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Mini bottle brush tree made with yarn.



  1. Begin by cutting two pieces of wire the height you want your tree to be and then lay one piece on a table
  2. Wrap yarn around your hand 50 times for a 6" tree or more if you want your tree to be higher.
  3. Cut the side of the yarn with scissors and lay the yarn down on the center of the floral wire.
  4. Lay the other piece of wire on top of the yarn and attach the locking pliers to the ends.
  5. Next twist the wire in opposite directions until the tree is twisted as much as you like then remove the pliers.
  6. Take a piece of wood and nail a hole in the middle the same size as the end of the twisted wire or cut a piece of cork.
  7. Now slide the bottle of the tree wire into the hole or twist it down into a cork.
  8. Next, turn the tree upside down and shake and spray with hairspray then start trimming your tree to form it into a Christmas tree.
  9. Last style your tiny tree into your Christmas decorations.


If you make your tree thicker by wrapping a lot of yarn on your hand then you won't have to use the hair spray. You can also comb out the yarn a little to make it even fluffier.

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