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These easy Christmas entryway decorating ideas will bring holiday cheer to your entrance. Let's break down the different parts of this foyer holiday idea.

Christmas entry that brings Holiday cheer

I have been dreaming of Christmas entryway decorating ideas that bring holiday cheer to our guests for weeks now.  Excitement grew and grew as items for our holiday gift guide came in, and a custom rug arrived. 

As I positioned each piece, it all started coming together, and it finally happened.  You know that joyful feeling that Christmas is almost here! 

So, here is another inspirational area of our home for you all to get that excited feeling going too!

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Can you hear that song playing, “It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” That song played in my head as I started pulling all the pieces to decorate our upcycle bench.  So, let me show you from the bottom up how to create a festive foyer like ours.


Before you begin, make sure your foundation is laid.  What I mean by that is that you have more substantial pieces in place like my rug by Natural Rugs and bench.  Once the “foundation” is set then let the magic begin!

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer lantern


Now that the foundation is set it was on to making the wreath.  This year it was not going to be any store-bought wreath but one made.  I knew I wanted something delicate and rosemary wouldn't leave my mind.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer wreath

I also thought bells would be perfect on the wreath.  Remember me telling you that I am an old soul at heart well; I love the sound of bells in historic churches which is why I wanted to add some bells.

I happened to use bells that were place-card holders of the new Hearth & Hand Collection by Magnolia.  They were just the right size.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer bell

So, this is how the wreath turned out and it smells so good!


Next, on my list of items were blankets and lots of them.  One for the bench and another you will see later.  I just happened to have the right blanket to go with my new rug.  The grey tone and touch of red was an excellent mix of that holiday cheer.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer star

Now to add some more accessories.  All the beautiful items that we got in from the holiday gift guide made this bench easy to style.  I knew I wanted candles, so the white candle stands were perfect. 

I decided to add some pillar candles but to give it a little twist I added the wooden Nutcracker on the shortest candle stand.  And then I thought about a pillow, but I decided to go with something a little different, so this illuminating star pulled it all together. 

I love how it looks at night when the star is lite!

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer nutcracker


Lately, I have had a thing for baskets which I think will be a perfect addition to anyone's bench.  After adding our large basket and of course another soft thin white blanket, actually, this is a duvet cover, along with some wooden tassel beads for fun I started thinking this whole space was missing something.  Then it hit me…


I think we are going to have a tree in every room this year.  Actually, I am kidding but it seems that way now that we have a tree in the entry too. 

But this time I thought it needed some flocking, so I added some snow and tiny lights.   Oh, those lights added just the glow which brought me to my next thought.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer tree


Okay, now for that old element that is not actually too old.  Add a lantern to give it another warm, vintage feeling and even light it when your guest arrives.  It's perfect along with the tiny lights in the tree.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer bead garland


Well, we are almost finished but let me tell you about the rug that completed the whole look.  Check out my new Natural Rugs rug

When I first heard about this company I couldn't get them off my mind.  They are known for their quality, customer assistance and every part of the rug is well, all-natural. 

Talk about not leaving an imprint on the earth.  This carpet will dissolve like nature if left outside over time.  Here is more information about their company.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer foyer

The best part about this rug is that my foyer, with the new old bench, was becoming a challenge for finding a rug, but Natural Rugs made the process so easy. 

I called them on the phone and told them the size I needed, and they made one just to fit.  It was the foundation for this year's Christmas entryway decorating ideas that bring holiday cheer.


Just to wrap everything up into one nice bow.  Here is a list of what you will need to complete your Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer.

Christmas entry that brings holiday cheer



I hope this year's Christmas entryway decorating ideas have inspired you.  I hope you can take what is old and bring in some new to create some holiday charm in your abode. 

And if you are struggling with purchasing a rug I highly recommend starting with Natural Rugs.  Give them a call and not only will they help you with size but they will help with selections too. 

It's well worth the time and money.

Happy Decorating!

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Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

Saturday 18th of November 2017

So pretty and I love the rosemary. It always smells so wonderful!