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How to Decorate Small Front Porch for Christmas

First impressions are essential during the holidays. Your front door plays a role in your Christmas decorations both inside and out. Many people take their front door for granted, but your entry is the first impression your guests get. It gives people a little taste of the decor inside. So, this week, we are discussing the details of your front door Christmas decorations to make a great first impression.

How to decorate small front porch for christmas

First impressions are made of your home when someone is walking up to the front door. In this post, we'll give you some tips to make sure your home gives off an elegant festive feel from the moment your friends and family step out of their car. A well decorated front porch will spread the holiday spirit and add curb appeal.

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How Do You Decorate a Small Front Porch for Christmas?

When decorating a small space like a front porch during the holiday season I like to focus on using natural elements. Some of my favorite front porch decorations are wreath's, garlands, plants, Christmas trees and lights. I'm going to show you the best way to use each to give you a very festive front porch to spread holiday cheer.

The first thing you want to do is plan out how you would like your front porch decor to look. Find inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines, online, anywhere you can find beautiful front porch inspiration. This will also help you choose a color scheme.

I like to start my front porch Christmas decorations with a wreath for the front door. It's the perfect way to begin decorating your Christmas front porch and share your Christmas cheer.

Front Door Christmas Wreath

There are all kinds of different people in our world. There are those who love wreaths and others who think they are tacky. Hard to imagine but it is true! But for all you wreath lovers this is a great way to translate what is to come for your visitors. I think a beautiful wreath is an easy way to start decorating your front porch.

There are all kinds of wreaths from skinny to fat and flat to fluffy. I have seen wooden, fabric, branches, plant-based, flowers, and much more. But the most important thing is what makes you smile.  

If you don't love it, you won't keep it long. So, here is how to look for the right wreath you love and can live with.

Wreath Ideas on Pinterest

It's a great idea to begin your journey is Pinterest. Click on the word Pinterest and it will take you to my holiday wreath board. 

Start planning on this fantastic social media site for that one picture that fits your Christmas decorations on the inside and makes you happy. Once you find that gem, pin it to your own Christmas Decorating board. Now, this is where all your holiday porch inspiration will begin.

Also, be sure to check out my post How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon on a Front Door.

Christmas wreath on a front door

Front Porch Christmas Garland

Now, this is an excellent addition to your wreath but not everyone is a garland person. In fact, if you are a “less is more” kind of person, then you might not want to read further in this section.  But if you love everything Christmas, sort of like the Griswolds – if you know what I mean, then a garland is just for you. 

However, you don't want just any garland around your door. You want one that compliments your wreath. Keep in mind that your wreath is the main attraction, so use some elements from your wreath and place them onto your garland. A simple garland is the perfect frame for your front door.

For example, I used to have a Colonial Williamsburg style wreath with fruit and ribbon on it.  So, I decided to use the ribbon on the green garland. 

Remember that details take a good design and make it great.

Front porch decorations for Christmas using garland and wreath

Front Porch Christmas Plants

If you have a green thumb, then let's take advantage of that and incorporate some plants into your design.  I love shopping at Costco for their Azaleas.  They are larger than usual and make a bigger statement. 

If you're a “less is more” person, you might like a boxwood plant shaped like a Christmas tree.  Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes if done well.

Greenery garland, ribbon and pinecone decorations for a small porch

Christmas Lights on Front Porch

Here is the best part. So many times in interior design, people don't realize how much good lighting can make or break a good design. The same holds true here. 

Let me encourage you to not only place tiny Christmas string lights in your more formal wreath or garland, but if you're in love with a more whimsical style then a larger color bulb would be great option and so fun. 

You might choose twinkle lights, icicle lights or decide on a pop of color. Overall, it doesn't matter what type of bulb you choose just make sure to incorporate it into your Christmas front door style.

Where Can I Find Decor for My Front Porch?

You can find outdoor Christmas decorations for your front porch at a lot of your favorite stores and even thrifting. Some of my favorite places to find holiday decor for my front porch are:

A great choice to find fresh greenery, trees and garlands is at your local Christmas tree farm or nursery. Remember that real greenery will not last forever so talk to the professionals to time your decor purchase appropriately.

Berry wreath with bow on front door for Christmas


As you can see, small porches can still display a lot of holiday cheer. Remember, details take a good design and make it great. So whenever you start planning your front door or porch Christmas design think about the whole picture. 

Does your family feel at home in “less is more” or “lots of stuff?” I'd love to hear in the comments how your family creates their festive look to show off their holiday spirit.

Click HERE to start browsing through my Pinterest boards for ideas for your Christmas porch decorations.  Start with the wreath and build everything from that.  Before you know it your front door or porch will be filled with Christmas spirit! If you're looking for more Christmas decor inspiration, check out these posts:

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Happy Decorating!

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