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An Italian themed dinner party is a trending go to currently. From authentic to rustic to elegant to family style all Italian dinner nights are embraced. They are easily planned and delicious.

Italian Themed Dinner Party

While planning an Italian themed dinner party, you'll need to think through menus, centerpieces, place settings and any place cards you might want to add.

You may invite over a first-time guest or old family friends and impress with guests leaving saying Grazie. 

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Italian Themed Dinner Party

Coco Kelley

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Coco Kelley with an Italian place setting

Over at Coco Kelley, they have laid out a beautiful simple yet elegant Italian dinner party

Simple items like a ticking striped tablecloth, tomato napkins, and a wooden spoon make up this table.

Elegant calligraphy with a simple Italian word on each white dinner plate keeps this meal classy.

Something about the look of this table takes me back to the Hygge Table we set for Thanksgiving a while back.

This Vivacious Life

Italian Themed Dinner Party by This Vivacious Life with wood circle chargers and rosemary with a roll

Chandice set her Italian party decorations with a rustic look.

Natural wooden round chargers with a menu and roll with a sprig of rosemary give off that look. As well as the nice touch of Italy with a bubbly Limonata. 


Italian Themed Dinner Party by Fantabulosity with a rustic paper bag and roll with a tie

A mini baguette nuzzled in a precious paper bag with a checked ribbon is what Jessica sat at each guest place setting. It allows your taste buds to anticipate the meals that are to come. 

She also made sure each guest went home with a sweet little goodie in that adorable little cardboard box.

What a great idea!

Bliss Events & Staffing Co

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Bliss Events & Staffing Co with a baguette name card

Italians use bread as a utensil at their meals. Either to help food onto their fork or to sop up the savory sauce on the plate.

Using bread is the reason that you often see bread awaiting company on their plates of an as Italian party decorations

If you're looking for an easy label for your guest seating, check out our Italian Dinner Table Setting post for a free printable.

Pave The Runway

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Pave The Runway with lemon centerpiece and flowers

Sheera set up the table for an Italian dinner. She collected tassels from cabinetry to use as napkin holders. Lemons and the leaves from their tree make for a great table runner.

Sit and join us for a delicious meal is what these Italian themed party decorations says.

Olga & Ofelia Living

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Olga & Ofelia Living with a sophisticated Italian dinner table setting

What you see here is an elegant place setting by Olga and Ofelia, but what you can't see is the Italian music playing in the background to help set the atmosphere for this Italian themed dinner party.

A great touch to the menu is each course title spelled out in Italian.

Calligraphy by Brooke & Simo's Bread & Catering

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Simo's Bread & Catering with a large dinner party

Something that Simo's does right when setting up their table for this large dinner party is making sure that each guest has the same exciting centerpiece.

The twinkling lights in the cork topped vases give off a romantic touch to the table.

Love that they put the guests first when creating these Italian themed party decorations.

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Calligraphy by Brooke with a drawn out menu

Somewhat Simple

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Somewhat Simple with an Italian pasta bar

If you're looking for Italian buffet ideas, Stephanie has set up a perfect pasta bar. With bowls to create your delicious bowl of pasta.

She has different kinds of pasta and sauces and toppings. 

If you click over to her blog, she has a free printable for you!

Celebrations at Home

Italian Themed Dinner Party by Celebrations at Home with a antique ironing board with a bruschetta bar on top

When Chris was setting up her Italian themed dinner party, she added a vintage touch that we adore. A bruschetta bar on an antique ironing board.

Add this to your cute Italian buffet ideas!

The bruschetta bar is beautiful and allows you to eat with your eyes first which is so important at a meal.


If we have wet your appetite to host an Italian themed party, then don't miss out one more that we host for a friends birthday titled Italian Dinner Party Styling Inspiration.

But before we leave we have one more little gift for you. 

Italian dinner table setting

We created a special free printable for you to create something fun on your place setting.  

Our Italian dinner table setting post will tell  you all about it so travel over and get some more Italian inspiration.

Grazie for joining us today and Buon Appetito!

Happy Decorating!

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