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Embrace Autumn’s Palette: 19 Creative Ways for Decorating with Fall Colors

Transforming the interior of your home for autumn is as simple as embracing fall colors. Picture the rich, earthy tones and lively shades mirroring the changing leaves and shifting landscapes. The possibilities are endless, from rustic browns to golden ambers and vivid oranges. Here's how I brought the essence of autumn into my home through the artful use of these captivating fall hues. Decorating with fall colors will make your home feel warm, cozy, and inviting.

Decorating with fall colors

Decorating with Fall Colors

This week, my attention was drawn to the task of ushering autumn into our interiors. As I delved into the decorating process, it dawned on me that the most effortless route to embrace this seasonal shift is through the magic of color, coupled with a handful of additional elements to infuse that cherished warm and snug atmosphere.

With that in mind, let's take a closer look at what you can do to transition your interior into fall by decorating with traditional fall colors. Traditional fall colors include sage green, burnt orange, red brown, and warm creams. If you love this time of year, you're sure to find inspiration in these ideas.

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Decorating with Fall Colors FAQs:

What are Recommendations when Decorating with Fall Colors?

There are so many simple ways to add fall colors to your home decor. Here are some of my favorite fall decorations:

  • Rustic Mantel Display – Create a charming display on your fireplace mantel with vintage books, candles, pumpkins, and dried fall leaves in rich reds, oranges, and yellows to name a few.
  • Harvest Table Runner – Use fabrics with texture like linen and burlap but my favorite is an old worn chalk-painted piece of wood as a runner.
  • Pumpkin Centerpiece – Arrange an assortment of pumpkins in various sizes and colors on a vintage tray as a captivating centerpiece for your dining room table.
  • Autumn TV Art – Easiest way to add art to your home is with YouTube television art. Here is one I created that you are welcome to enjoy.
  • Fall Wall Art – Think landscapes in autumn, animals you see often like turkeys, chipmunks and so on, and farmhouse signs and incorporate art into your decor.
  • Textured Neutral Throw PillowsPillows are a great way to bring texture into a room as well as autumn colors.
  • Candles – The glow of candles is perfect for that autumn feeling. Place real or faux candles throughout your decor to give the warm autumn glow.
  • Crock Vases and Bowls – In the fall is a time of harvesting food and storing it in mason jars and crocks. Add the lovely natural tones of vintage crockery to your decor. Fill them with autumn leaves to finish them.
  • Cozy warm throws – One element to add to your decor is a warm cozy blanket. A cozy throw in autumnal colors will instantly teleport a corner or any space into autumn with a cozy vibe.
  • Brass and Copper Accents – Brass and copper color schemes say fall season. Use brass candlestick holders with candles, copper bowls or anything as a decoration.
  • Harvest Garlands – Placing fall foliage garlands or decorative paper garlands throughout your house you can easily bring the warm color of pallet of fall.

Even more Recommendations for Decorating with Fall Colors

  • Classic Clocks – An old antique or vintage clock seems to tell a story or take you back to time long ago when the autumn leaves changed and family sat by to set the time for the next day.
  • Vintage Books with Fall Colors – One of the cheapest and easiest ways to bring fall color into your decor is with old vintage books. You can pick any genre but it is also wonderful to search for books that have something to do with nature, Thanksgiving, harvesting, or anything timely and seasonal.
  • Autumnal wreaths – Hang a fall wreath made from dried leaves, pinecones, and small vintage trinkets on your doors or walls.
  • Dough Bowls – The warm hues of wooden dough bowls or old crock dough bowls have autumn written all over them. Consider adding them to your decor and fill them with fall foliage, pumpkins or fall leaves.
  • BasketsBaskets in warm tones or even painted ones are a perfect way to add autumn colors to your decor. Fill them with blankets, pine cones, wood, or anything that incorporates natural elements and fall colors of the outdoors.
  • Pumpkins – Use faux or real pumpkins in different colors including white to include more autumn colors. Pumpkins harvest in the fall which makes them perfect for decorating. Also consider gourds.
  • Autumn foliage – Bringing fall foliage in from outdoors or faux autumn foliage will truly transform your space into the fall. Think warm reds, golden oranges, off whites and fiery yellows.
  • Fall Colored Ribbons – Great designs are in the details so consider adding pretty fall-colored ribbons to existing decor to bring a fall theme to the room.

Where Can I Shop for Decorating in Fall Colors?

There are so many places you can find beautiful decor in fall colors.

And don't forget all the treasures to be found while thrifting. Be sure to check out your local thrift store, antique store, vintage store, secondhand store, and flea markets.

Decorating with Fall Colors

There is something about decorating for fall that helps prepare our home and my mindset for the cooler days coming. Over the years of decorating, I have several different techniques I pull from my tapestry bag and decorating with fall color schemes is one of them.

Having explored various methods to incorporate autumnal hues into your decor, let me now provide you with instances of how I personally applied each of these concepts while adorning my home for this year's fall season. Keep reading for the best tips on decorating with fall colors.

1. Rustic Mantel Display

When it comes to adorning our home, I find immense joy in beginning with the mantel. Serving as a focal point in any room, the fireplace offers a delightful starting point for my decorating endeavors and a great place to incorporate fall hues.

Decorating with fall colors on your fireplace mantel

This mantel has many elements that transition colors to fall, beginning with a scallop paper edge. To make this edging which is actually a banner in our Etsy shop, you will need to download this letter and number banner. Next, print the empty scallop template onto decorative paper. I bought my autumn plaid paper at Hobby Lobby.

It makes a beautiful fall garland. Here is where I share a Facebook video of using it as a garland on my hutch.

Paper scallop shelf border fall decoration idea

Then tape each fall plaid scallop to your shelf. It is that easy. I love adding unique details like this autumn border! We will talk more about the mantel soon but for now, let's look at the table.

2. Harvest Table Runner

There are many options to add color to your fall table and a great place to start is a tablecloth or runner like natural linen and burlap to name a few. But I love to think outside the box so I keep this white chalk-painted distressed piece of wood on my table.

Fall table runner of wood

The white against the warm tones of the wood are just the right contrast for a fall centerpiece, so begin your tablescape with some white, neutral or any of the gorgeous autumn color.

3. Pumpkin Centerpiece

Any wood tone complements autumnal decor seamlessly, but weathered wood with its deep and rich hues holds a special place. A prime example is this antique bowl, which happens to be a personal favorite.

Pumpkin dough bowl centerpiece for fall

Pack the bowl with an assortment of autumnal treats and fall foliage, giving your space a splendid array of colors and creating an ideal centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

4. Autumn TV Art

My new favorite way to add seasonal color is with tv art especially since I painted the frame on my tv and added ornamentation to give it a fancy frame look.

YouTube is loaded with art screensavers or TV art. I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon and creating my TV art category. Here is this fall's television art with over an hour of music and painting to fill your home with autumn color. You can find my fall museum art screensaver here.

Using tv art from YouTube to add fall colors to my decor

5. Fall Wall Art

Wall art is another way to bring autumn vibes. Ideas range from traditional fall seasonal animals like turkeys, squirrels and foxes to museum art with autumn colors. Many people love word art with quotes of autumn.

We have an Etsy shop full of fall art including vintage museum prints, and word art but this year my main piece of art is the Audubon turkey found at a vintage shop while traveling.

Audubon turkey art for fall decorating on a fireplace mantel

I found this delightful treasure at an antique mall in Georgia during the non-autumn season. When exploring second-hand or antique stores, it's a rewarding practice to scout for items that resonate with the spirit of autumn, much like this delightful turkey finds.

Ideas for decorating with fall art are to place them on bookcases, over your fireplace mantel and on your walls.

6. Textured Throw Pillows

Textiles make living more comfy and cozy so adding throw pillows is a great way to include autumn colors. I tend to keep my pillow more neutral, like these throw pillows on my bench in colors white and tan but also consider adding a cute decorative pillow to polish your design. This fun pumpkin pillow fits in nicely with this cozy corner.

Decorating a bench for fall with pillows in neutral colors and blankets

When decorating with pillows, add them on upholstered furniture and include some large floor pillows too.

7. Autumn Scented Candles

When decorating your home for fall, think about all the senses like see, hear, taste and smell. To satisfy the sense of smell, add candles of autumn scents to your home decor. But candles do more than incorporate the aroma of fall; they also add a warm hue to your decor, which gives your decorations another color to consider.

Add warm color to your home decor for fall with candles on a fireplace mantel

Place candles throughout your fall decor, such as on your mantel, coffee table, entryway or anywhere in your home. I love to use battery powered candles in my decor!

8. Crock Vases and Bowls

Crocks are one of my favorite decorations when you need to add texture and color. The neutral colors of crocks, along with the texture, truly make people think of autumn. I can see my Grandma in the kitchen putting up food for the winter and using her crocks.

Fall foliage added to a crock pitcher as a fall decoration

A few fun ways to add the neutral tones of crocks are to toss fall leaves into crocks like this pitcher.

Crock bowl filled with sweater pumpkins for fall decor.

And add lots of pumpkins in an array of autumn colors into a crock bowl. What says cozy like sweater pumpkins? I found these at the dollar spot at Target. Just what this crock bowl needed.

9. Warm Throws

Just like pillows, throws add so much to your fall decor and if you include rich autumn colors, then you're really adding a cozy feel to your home.

Add fall colors with blankets and throw hanging them on a wall

Consider changing out your blankets and throws to one with autumn colors. Ideas for storing your throws are rolling them into a basket, hanging them on a wall ladder or on the back of your sofa, or on a hook like in my sitting room off my kitchen.

10. Brass and Copper Accents

Brass and copper are the perfect autumn colors and make the cutest decorations for fall. I use these brass candlestick holders all through the year but when fall comes, they fit in perfectly.

Brass candlesticks with candles on an entryway table for a warm fall color

Ideas for decorating with brass and copper are candlestick holders, pots filled with faux pumpkins or leaves, kettles and more.

11. Harvest Garland

Garlands are so versatile when decorating for the fall season. You can buy garlands or you can make your own. If you're a DIY fan, check out this DIY Fall Paper Decoration Leaf Garland.

Fall color blanket hanging on a wall in a sitting room

Look for garlands that have autumn colors, like this rust colored leaf garland. Ways to decorate with garlands include draping them on your mantel, down the center of your table as a part of a centerpiece, across a hutch or hanging down from a hook like shown here.

12. Classic Clocks

I love an antique clock and this beautiful mora clock blends so nicely with my other fall decor. If you're interested in learning more about Mora clocks and where to find one, check out my post Discover Antique Mora Clocks: History, Buying Guide, and Personal Journey.

Mora clock

But when decorating with clocks for fall, you can use any shape and size. The best finishes and colors to look for are rich wood tones, painted finishes in autumnal colors, and brass. Add them to your bookcases, shelves or anywhere in your home.

13. Vintage Books

Vintage books are so versatile for decorating. You can find vintage books in seasonal colors and display them vertically or use them to raise other decor items, creating depth and texture.

Vintage books in autumn colors as a decoration

Pick books that have autumn colors and themes of fall. Consider using books as decor everywhere, such as on bookcases like those shown here, coffee tables, fireplace mantels, any tabletop and so on.

14. Autumn Wreath

Autumn wreaths are a fun decor item with an endless list of ways to display them. Hang them on the wall, front door, side table, mirror and more. For tips on hanging wreaths, check out my Step-by-Step Guide: How to Hang a Wreath on Your Wall.

Wreath in neutral warm autumn colors as a decoration the front of a piece of furniture

Be creative and hang your wreath of fall colors in a unique place like mine on the front of my entrance chest. You can hang them on the inside of your front door, on the front of bookcases; this works great if they are small, on mirrors, fireplace mantels and so on.

15. Dough Bowls

Dough bowls are a fun piece of decor that's adaptable to every season. For the fall season, you should check out How to Easily Create a Fall DIY Dough Bowl Floral Arrangement.

Add warm colors for fall with wood like this dough bowl

Because dough bowls lend so much warm color to your fall decor, other places you can use them are on your bookcases, fireplace mantel, and coffee table.

16. Baskets

I love incorporating baskets into my fall decor. The natural materials have the perfect fall vibe and can be used for displaying your fall decor. If you also love baskets, check out 9 Easy Fall Basket Decorating Ideas for Every Room.

Hanging basket on a bench with warm red tones foliage and ribbon as a fall decoration

This hanging basket is the perfect vessel for fall faux greenery stems and arrangements.

Fall basket with leaves and linen ribbon

I also use this tote basket for various seasonal decor. For the fall, it's the perfect container to hold all my cozy throw blankets. This is a similar basket that I think you'll love.

Decorating with baskets for fall

17. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a classic fall image. I love using small white pumpkins all around the house. They look great in baskets and dough bowls or stacked on items like vintage books.

White pumpkins on a bookcase as a fall decoration

I also love using large pumpkins like I did on the hearth or putting them on the front porch.

Exactly a week later, during a shopping excursion at Pottery Barn, I stumbled upon the most incredibly realistic faux pumpkins. I incorporated these alongside my existing pink and white pumpkin on the hearth. It's truly astonishing how the addition of these faux orange pumpkins elevated the visual appeal of this space significantly.

Pottery Barn faux pumpkins

18. Autumn Foliage

Autumn foliage is perfect for decorating this time of year. I styled mine in my favorite stoneware pitcher.

Decorating with rust colored autumn leaves for fall

These faux hops flower stems look perfect in my vintage vase.

Yellow fall flowers as a fall decoration

Faux red and dark brown eucalyptus is one of my favorite fall foliage. I have a fantastic eucalyptus garland I hang and stems for Mr. Rabbit's basket.

Fall foliage added to a rabbit holding a basket

19. Fall Colored Ribbons

Fall-colored ribbons are a fun and easy way to add fall spirit throughout the house in small doses. I created a sweet autumn bow for my silhouette pictured here. I call it her “dressed up for fall look.”

Autumn colored ribbon on a silhouette

You can see many more examples of using fall ribbons in my post 11 Cozy and Clever DIY Fall Decorating Ideas.

Final Thoughts on Decorating with Fall Colors

Decorating with fall colors has the magical ability to transform your living space into a warm and inviting haven. By incorporating vintage-inspired decor and embracing the essence of the season, you'll create an ambiance that's both captivating and comforting. So, as the leaves fall outside, let your living room become a canvas for the splendor of fall, where every corner tells a story of rustic elegance and heartfelt moments shared with loved ones.

Looking for More Inspiration about Decorating with Fall Colors?

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this article has helped you with the fall decorating. For more inspiration for fall, check out these articles:

I had a great time decorating my home with fall colors. I'd love to hear the creative ways you decorate with fall colors in your home. Share your fall home decor ideas in the comments!

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Happy Decorating!