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Whether you are crafty or not this DIY fall decor centerpiece is an easy design that will be the talk of the party.  Follow along through these simple steps using a wooden dough bowl for your fall table decorations.

DIY Fall Decor wooden dough bowl flower arrangement with pumpkins

Whether you have a dough tray, wooden bread bowl, or dough bowl this fall floral arrangement will add style to this rustic piece. Dough bowls are fantastic for DIY fall decor. Want to learn more about dough bowls? Check out my post about the history of dough bowls and shopping tips.

So pull out your tools and let's create some DIY fall decor.

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DIY Fall Decor: Getting Started

Let's begin by pulling out the supplies you will need.  This fall flower arrangement is probably the easiest one you will ever create.

Well, except for maybe my last years Hygge Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  It may be just a little bit easier.

All you need is a dough bowl or vintage dough bowls;

artificial olive branches,

decorating with dough bowls using olive branches

hydrangea artificial flowers,

decorating with dough bowls using hydrangeas

and white pumpkins or any pumpkins you can paint white.

Dough bowl decorating idea using white pumpkins

Oh, did I mention that this could be placed anywhere?  Not just fall table decorations.

Here are a few ideas from some amazing creators who were decorating with dough bowls for the harvest season.

Fall Table Decorations

Okay, so I decided this beauty is going to sit on our main dining room buffet table.  I think it will be the perfect Thanksgiving flower arrangement this year.

Now that we know where it will be displayed it's on the styling of this wooden dough bowl.

wooden dough bowl fall floral arrangement

Add Greenery

In some situations, I like to add the taller items first, but on this wooden bread bowl, I suggest beginning with the greenery.

dough tray with olive branches

Why?  Because everything is almost the same height so adding the body or items that fill the most space seems to be the right place to start.

fall table decorations using dough bowl, and olive branches

I used olive branches here.  I wanted something non-traditional for this fall and these olive branches were well made and looked great.

dough tray floral arrangement using olive branches

Add Hydrangeas

So, I know hydrangeas seem to be a nontraditional fall table decorations, but I like adding a little out of the ordinary.  The texture and color of the hydrangeas seem to do the trick.

thanksgiving floral arrangement hydrangea

Gently place the white hydrangeas in between the greenery.  Space them out so they balance and where there is negative space between them.  It is good to give them plenty of room and not look crowded.

vintage dough bowl fall floral arrangement of olive branches and hydrangeas

Paint your Pumpkins

The dollar store is a great place to look for artificial pumpkins.

Since our wooden dough bowl fall flower arrangement needs to last all autumn season, then artificial does the trick.

However, most of the artificial pumpkins don't look real so again I am going for the unique and giving them a coat of white paint.

DIY Fall decor paint pumpkins using milk paint

It is very simple.  I use milk paint and paint the pumpkins.  I don't sand or prime the pumpkins.  Just a couple of coats of paint.

decorating with dough bowls usiing painted pumpkins

However, let me warn you that one time I had a pumpkin that kept yellowing over time.  I am not what was on that pumpkin, but it seemed to be going bad.  LOL!

But for the most part all the pumpkins I have painted, and I have painted many pumpkins, they hold up to the white color pretty well.

Place the pumpkins on the wooden dough bowl

Last, step is the icing on the cake.  Gracefully display these gorgeous white dollar store pumpkins into the wooden bread bowl fall flower arrangement.

dough bowl decorating ideas white pumpkins

The pumpkins polish off any fall table decorations and make this DIY fall decor ideas sweet!

fall floral arrangement using olive branches, white hydrangeas and white pumpkins

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Final Thoughts on DIY Fall Decor

Now that you have a centerpiece to wow your guest all you need to do is come up with the rest of the harvest decorations.

And maybe I have something planned to give you an idea for some fall table decorations too.

But for now here is how to create a lovely fall centerpiece using a wooden dough bowl.

vintage dough bowl

There you have it.  A simple and easy classy dough bowl fall centerpiece. If you like the idea of decorating with dough bowls, check out my posts on DIY flower arrangements in dough bowls and 25+ Ideas for decorating with dough bowls.

Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday 30th of October 2019

Love this. Where did you get the olive branches?

Linda McDonald

Thursday 31st of October 2019

I got them at Hobby Lobby last year but I bet they have them now too.

Nikki Gwin

Sunday 9th of September 2018

I love this idea. I decorate a lot with hydrangeas but have never put them in my dough bowl. It is now next on my list! :) gwingal