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Fall decorations are in full gear here at Life on Summerhill. This year we are incorporating decorating with dough bowls. So we are bringing you some amazing dough bowl decorating ideas filled with harvest goodies.

Decorating with dough bowls Filled with Pumpkins Placed on Dinning Table, Rust Bench or an Old Trunk by the Fireplace.

Decorating for Fall With Dough Bowls

In the past, dough bowls were used to nestle your bread dough while it was rising. Now, these precious rustic bowls are used in centerpieces for decoration. Whether you use antique dough bowls or new, you're sure to find some great ideas here for your fall decor!

Many of our Instagram friends are decorating with dough bowls for a pleasing new piece in their home this fall. Check out these great options with easy ways to decorate your home for fall. They are truly pieces of art and the best part is they don't take a long time to assemble. Whether you're starting with a new dough bowl or find an amazing dough bowl at one of your favorite antique stores, you'll surely something here to complement your decor style.

Dress Up Your Bench

Decorating with dough bowls Filled with Pumpkins Placed on an Old Bench by Paisley Pear
Photo credit: Paisley Pear

Tammy has an adorable fall set up that has an included a dough bowl.

Her filling of pumpkins and lambs ear greenery are appealing. The little pumpkins are the perfect size for this dough bowl. And the letter board is an excellent addition taking you to a pumpkin patch.

If you're looking for dough bowl decorating ideas, don't stop reading.

Fabric Pumpkins in Buffalo Check

Decorating with dough bowls Filled with Buffalo Check Pumpkins by Jayde N Lane
Photo credit: Jayde N Lane

Alisha makes adorable fabric pumpkins! Adding them into a wooden dough bowl is perfect!

The rustic look with these pumpkins and a nod to a metal piece is super chic and makes a beautiful display!

In case your mind is fast forwarding ahead to Christmas, and you love black and white, we wrote a post about adding buffalo check to your holidays just like the fabric on these sweet pumpkins.

Add Greenery for a Stunning Centerpiece

Decorating with dough bowls As a Dinning Table Centerpiece with Gourds and Greenery by My Blue Ga. Home
Photo credit: My Blue Ga. Home

Look at this stunning dough bowl centerpiece. Fillings for your fall dough bowl can be as close as your backyard and your grocery store. You can fill with greenery that is growing at your home. Natural elements are a beautiful way to bring fall indoors.

And don't forget to check out your produce section. Talk about easy access to natural items!

They carry beautiful gourds that can bring such beauty to your fall decor.

Mini Pumpkins in Beautiful Fall Colors

Decorating with dough bowls Filled with Fabric Pumpkins on Top of a Buffalo Plaid Runner
Photo credit: Moss Bank Lane

Jill has made a gorgeous centerpiece by filling her long dough bowl with handmade fabric pumpkins and placing it on a buffalo plaid runner. Faux pumpkins are a wonderful because they come in different styles and colors and can be used every year.

My favorite part is that the rustic look of dough bowls can be enhanced by adding well-loved fall decorations that have been passed down through the years.

A Vintage Flair to your Fireplace this Fall

Decorating with dough bowls onto of an Old Trunk filled with lamb's ear and cotton and pumpkins
Photo credit: Crisp Collective IG

If your dining table isn't the place you want your dough bowl to rest, in front of your fireplace on an old truck is a great idea just like Bethany's. It creates a lovely focal point.

The different colored pumpkins are breathtaking! You should check out my post on decorating with small pumpkins for more fun ideas.

If you added cotton in your decor after reading our Fantastic Cotton Decor post or if you painted pumpkins to match your home decor as we did in our Farmhouse Pumpkin Centerpiece post, see what you can use to fill your bowl with what you already have.

Add White Pumpkins for a Touch of Elegance

Decorating with dough bowls as a table centerpiece by Clare and Grace Designs
Photo credit: Life by Leanna

Leanna has decorated her table stunningly!

It looks as though she might be hosting a book club brunch. The simplicity of white pumpkins is precisely what makes this table pop! If you like white pumpkins, you should check out my post on DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decoration for a great way to create beautiful jack o lanterns.

Can we also stop and admire the idea of using old books with each place setting.

Start with Your Sofa Table this Fall

Decorating with dough bowls placed on sofa table and filled with pumpkins and cotton by She Gave It A Go
Photo credit: She Gave It A Go

Sometimes the sofa table is the last place to get seasonally decorated. Why not make it the first piece this year. A decorative dough bowl is one of the easiest ways to make this happen.

Buying pumpkins from a farm or the produce sections at your store and painting them white is a great way to save money and give your fall decor an excellent farmhouse look. Get various sizes to create a more interesting design.

A Timeless Thanksgiving Tablescape

Decorating with dough bowls as a centerpiece on the dinning table filled with pumpkins and gourds by Pollies Place
Photo credit: Pollies Place

If you want dough bowl decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table, Pollies' tables is a great place to start!

This large dough bowl centerpiece is amazing. She makes decorating with dough bowls easy by stacking different sized pumpkins and wheat stalks and some greenery. It ties right into her place settings with wooden charger and plates that match the colors of her pumpkins.

Create a Beautiful Cottage Farmhouse Dough Bowl

Decorating with dough bowls filled with colorful pumpkins and gourds and pine cones by Our Little Fox House
Photo credit: Our Little Fox House

Karrie gives us great dough bowl decorating ideas by adding pine cones into her centerpiece. PIne cones and other natural elements are a great addition to your dough bowl decor. The different sizes of pumpkins creates depth and adds character to this dining table. The large white pumpkin in the center of the dough bowl creates a beautiful focal point.This is a beautiful cottage farmhouse dough bowl for the fall.

Paint your Dough Bowl for a Modern Touch

Decorating with dough bowls by Deeply Southern Home. This hand painted down bowl is filled with white painted pumpkins and fern leaves
Photo credit: Deeply Southern Home

Add a little modern twist to your antique dough bowl with some paint.  This beautiful dough bowl is stunning with vintage charm. Don't you love how Leslie styled her bowl with blue paint and white pumpkins adorned with ferns.  There are so many simple ways to make your ideal fall dough bowl. Adorable!!

Decorating With Dough Bowls Shopping List

Here's an easy shopping list with even some links to make your day a little easier:


Now that you have a lot of ideas on decorating with dough bowls, get one out and use it in your fall decorations. Need some more ideas? Check out my posts on decorating with dough bowls for fall and 25+ Ideas for decorating with dough bowls. Where are some of your favorite places to find a vintage dough bowl? We can't wait to see what you come up with for your fall dough bowl.

Happy Decorating!

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