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Best Decorating with Mini Pumpkins Ideas for the Fall Season

The fall season is near and a simple way to add autumn is decorating with mini pumpkins. Using real and faux small pumpkins here are ideas to create a cozy feeling to your decorations.

fall decorations in an entryway with small pumpkins

I have a serious weakness for little pumpkins. Whenever the season changes and the temperature drops I get really excited!  I love the fall colors, acorns, pinecones, and most of all decorating with mini pumpkins

Decorating with Mini Pumpkins

When money was tight my favorite way to decorate was picking up fresh or faux little pumpkins from the store and sprinkle them into my decorations at home. It was cheap and inexpensive.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to shop for these small little beauties and start incorporating them into your home decor.

Decorate your Dining Table with Small Pumpkins

Small Pumpkin table decorating

My first creative idea is so easy and can be used when having guests over for dessert.  Sit a miniature pumpkin on a pretty plate. You can set it anywhere or use it as place-setting decorations.

Simply pull out some new kitchen towels and place a dessert plate on the table and top with one small pumpkin.  When your guest finishes their dessert the towel and pretty pumpkin can be a gift for them to take home.

fall home tour centerpiece

And while we are on the topic of tablescapes consider leaving a beautiful mini pumpkin centerpiece out on your dining table all season long. Using painted pumpkins you can create a centerpiece similar to this by following my full tutorial farmhouse pumpkin centerpiece DIY.

Tiny Pumpkin table centerpiece

Here is another example of how easy it is to decorate with tiny pumpkins. After you place flowers on the center of your table simply sit small pumpkins on each side.

I simply resued old faux tiny fall pumpkins and gave them a coat of white paint. I share more details and images in my Thanksgiving table decorations DIY.

And don't forget a dough bowl full of small pumpkins. This is a classic fall centerpiece idea simply set a bundle of fall foliage in your trencher dough bowl and then different sizes of mini pumpkins.

Decorating with real mini pumpkins

I started my fall decorating with faux mini pumpkins but once the real pumpkins arrived at the grocery store I gathered a bundle and replaced all my faux.

The best part about this centepriece is no floral arranging skills for this mini pumpkin centerpiece. It is really easy to make.

Decorating with real mini pumpkins

Outdoor Decorating with Pumpkins

Small Pumpkin porch decoration

How many of you love walking up to a front doorstep and finding some beautiful real pumpkins incorporated into their porch decor.  If you have a sculpture of an animal or small child holding a basket then add a small pumpkin gift.

Faux pumpkins wrapped in a natural twine sitting inside a iron wall flower hanger on a front porch for fall.

Another fun idea with baby pumpkins is placing a handful in a basket or on a wall hanging planter. All you need is a little hay and then place nestle them inside.

Your porch is a great place to decorate with small pumpkins. Here are fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget.

Bright color pumpkin wreath

Probably my all-time favorite tiny pumpkin project was this DIY fall bicycle wreath. This wreath incorporates happy autumn feeling with bright colors. If you look closely there are white and orange smaller pumpkins nestled between the beautiful flowers.

Decorating Tables with Baby Pumpkins

Small Pumpkin decor

Another way I love decorating with these little guys in my home decor is to place them next to an end table lamp.  That can be in a bedroom, living room, or study.  It's even okay to add a smaller pumpkin in every room if you want to.

Coffee tables are the perfect spot for pumpkins and there are many ways you can decorate with them. One of my favorite is filling a wooden dough bowl with real mini pumpkins. Such a simple decoration that brings all the autumn feels.

Decorating with real mini pumpkins on a coffee table.

Decorating Bookcases with Miniature Pumpkins

Small Pumpkin decoration

Next, consider sitting a single pumpkin on your bookcase. The bright color of the small pumpkin draws attention to all the wonderful stories you have standing on your bookcase.

Decorating with mini pumpkins

They look cute sitting in bowls on bookcases or just set one next to books. There are so many ways you can incorporate small pumpkins on bookshelves.

I love setting them on books too. One year I simply placed a few pumpkins on a set of books. It is the small details that make great designs.

Decorating with real mini pumpkins

I share more decorating with all different size pumpkins in my decorating with fall colors blog post.

Mantle Decor with Little Pumpkins

Fireplace mantle in Sherwin Williams extra white SW 7006

The fireplace is a main focal point in our living room so a natural place to add small pumpkins was on the mantle. Just like the bookcase simple nestle little pumpkins around other decorations.

decorating with mini pumpkins on mantle

Add a baby pumpkin on top of a candle lid for a different idea to decorate with mini pumpkins. There are more tips and tricks in this DIY fall decor mantle post.

Decorating mantle with small pumpkins

Here is another idea where I used different colors on small pumpkins. Remember the centerpiece that had pastel-colored pumpkins in it? Well, I used the same mini pumpkins on my mantle.

Consider repeating your tiny pumpkins in another area of your home for a great design element. Sitting these little beauties in a row on your mantle is an easy way to decorate. More details in this fall home tour.

Decorating Tiered Trays with Baby Pumpkins

Decorating a tiered tray with mini pumpkins

Probably one of the easiest ways to use tiny pumpkins in your home decor is on a tiered tray. Once you decide on your color scheme simply place small pumpkins here and there throughout your other fall decorations.

Mini pumpkin decor on tiered tray

I painted several of the pumpkins I used from the year before to match other white pumpkins. It is good to keep a bag of mini faux pumpkins to add to your decorations each year. A little bit of acrylic paint, craft paint, or spray paint and you can change the color in minutes.

More instructions on this 3 tiered wooden stand harvest decorations project.

Where to Buy Mini Pumpkins

Now that we have all these fun ideas to decorate our homes with mini pumpkins you might be asking where do I buy small pumpkins.

If you are looking for a real fresh tiny pumpkin the first place to look is grocery stores. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Walmart, or your local grocery store will carry them when they come in season. You can also look at your local farmer's market or a produce stand. Sometimes local farmers will grow them and sell them at the market.

When I am looking for faux pumpkins I start by searching Amazon. You can find them all year long on Amazon but if you want a deal on mini pumpkins, search at Dollar Tree starting around the beginning of September or Walmart is another favorite.


In addition to baby pumpkins, there are small gourds too and they look just as amazing in fall home decor. You can find them in the grocery store. If you love small gourds simply place one or more in place of any of the ideas I share above.

Next, if you love decorating your pumpkins, carved pumpkins or fun pumpkins then consider using them in place of any of these orange darlings. A carved pumpkin is so cute for Halloween.

Now that you have loads of ideas on pumpkin decorating with tiny pumpkins and you know where to shop for them what fun ideas are stirring in your head. Pick up a few small pumpkins and maybe other decorations and add some autumn color to your home decor.

For more pumpkin inspiration try fall front door decor ideas. It has loads of decorating tips for your outdoor decor.

Where would you place a small pumpkin in your home?


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Tuesday 28th of September 2021

I LOVE pumpkins, any size, any color. One caution...real pumpkins are subject to rot when they are left out the entire season. I put several on top of my antique sideboard, and the mildew damaged both the wood and the hand-embroidered runner beneath it. Now I always put real pumpkins on a plate or something to protect my tabletop.

Linda McDonald

Friday 1st of October 2021

This is fantastic advice, Rhonda. I had the same thing happen to our hutch years ago during Halloween. I had a stain on the hutch for many many years. One day I took a magic eraser and was able to remove it. Then I used Old English in the color that matched my buffet and went over where I used the magic eraser. If anyone reads this please test a small post just in case.


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