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There are so many ceiling fan options in stores today that it can be mind-blowing!  And if you have a challenging space, then you're faced with finding that unique ceiling fan.  Learn from a designer how to shop for a unique ceiling fan.  And an enclosed ceiling fan is what we are talking about today.

Unique ceiling fan

Unique Ceiling Fan

Let's start with why I was looking for a unique ceiling fan.

In my master bedroom, I have an eight-foot ceiling and a four-poster bed.  Our current ceiling fan blades come very close to the posts.  So, I am looking for a unique ceiling fan with light.

Best ceiling fan with lights

What to look for in a ceiling fan:

There are three things you should look for when shopping for a ceiling fan.

  • Aesthetics
  • Quality
  • Function

Well, this formula works for shopping for anything in your home.  For example, it can be helpful when looking for the best-slipcovered sofa.

Aesthetics: Farmhouse Fan

Before you begin shopping for that perfect ceiling fan, consider what style you are feeling.

In our home, we have a cottage farmhouse style, and all the fans in our house are white.  I wanted to look for a farmhouse ceiling fan in an all-white color to match all my white bedding too.

Farmhouse ceiling fan

We have already pulled some fantastic farmhouse ceiling fans in our recent post, so this will give you loads of options if you are looking for a farmhouse ceiling fan too.

But the Stile Anderson 22 had that farmhouse look with a modern twist that I was looking for, and they offered it in white.  Update:  The Anderson 22 enclosed ceiling fan is now called the Windara ceiling fan on the Home Depots website.

Function: Air Flow

Before you get too excited about a charming light fixture that houses a fan, let's ensure the fan functions to your level.  For us, this was airflow and lighting.

I don't know about you, but I had my reservations about the airflow from an enclosed ceiling fan.  Well, to my surprise, the Stile Anderson or Windara offered plenty of airflow, and it spanned out wide enough for us to sleep comfortably.

From what I understand, the power in airflow has to do with the angle of the blade.  There is a pretty good angle on the blades of the Anderson 22 or Windara, which provides serious power in airflow when turned on high.

unique ceiling fan air flow
Photo Courtesy of Stile

As far as the light, this fan offered more than we ever wanted.  It has a LED light that is dimmable.  And it radiates plenty of light when on high.

But the best part about this fan was the remote. We didn't have that on our list, so that was a sweet extra.


Remember at the beginning where I talked about there being so many fans until it is mind-blowing.  Well, quality is probably the most important thing out of the three.  But how do you know if a ceiling fan is of good quality?

Well, let me encourage you to look at reviews and comments on top rated ceiling fans while shopping online. I have purchased many household items from reading reviews.

However, I can contest that the Anderson 22 or Windara is of outstanding quality.  It is made of durable parts and does not seem to be flimsy at all.  Even installation went smoothly, and everything fit as it was supposed to.  So it passes the quality test, and I consider it one of the top rated ceiling fans.

top rated ceiling fans

Now that you know the three main things to look for when shopping for a fan.  Here are a few other tidbits that will be helpful about an enclosed ceiling fan.

Benefits to an enclosed ceiling fan

If you have anything in your room that runs the risk of hitting the fan, then a unique ceiling fan is right for you.

In my case, my bed was an issue, and the best ceiling fan with lights was an enclosed ceiling fan.

enclosed ceiling fan with light

Another perfect scenario for an Anderson 22 is a child's room with bunk beds.  This one is a safety issue that makes an enclosed fan perfect.

Hanging your ceiling fan

Now you have purchased your fan, it is time to install it.

The directions that came with the Anderson 22 or Windara are excellent.  But we captured hanging the fan in this video so you can see first hand how it is simple.

Tools to Hang an Enclosed Ceiling Fan

These are the tools we used to hang the Stile Products Anderson or Windara ceiling fan.

Tips for Hanging an Enclosed Ceiling Fan

Hanging an enclosed ceiling fan is very similar to a regular ceiling fan, except you don't have to attach the blades.

Here are a few tips to help with installing your enclosed ceiling fan.

  • Lay some fabric or drop cloth over the table or bed where you will be working to place tools and the fan.
unique ceiling fan with light
  • Lay all the parts and tools out on the fabric.  It helps to see everything as you are working.
tools to hang enclosed ceiling fan
tools to hang enclosed ceiling fan Ryobi cordless drill driver
  • If you are installing the fan after you have everything connected, test it before finishing to make sure the fan is working.  It would be frustrating to fit the whole fan and then discover it is not working.
installing a unique ceiling fan with light
  • Make sure to read all the directions in the Stile Products Anderson 22 manual before beginning to install the fan.
  • Use a gorilla ladder to make the installation easier.
tools to install an enclosed ceiling fan using a gorilla ladder

I hope this post has helped you with shopping for the right unique ceiling fan.  Maybe an enclosed ceiling fan with light will be right for you, just like it is for us.

It sure does fit better in our master bedroom.

Here are more ideas for affordable modern farmhouse ceiling fans.

Happy Decorating!

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Sandra Tyrian

Saturday 19th of September 2020

My name is Sandy -How do I order this Stiles Anderson 22 enclosed ceiling fan? I love it and want to purchase one. Thank You!

Linda McDonald

Monday 21st of September 2020

Thank you for asking about how to find this fan. This brought it to my attention that my links were not working. :). Go back into the post and click on anywhere it has the name of the fan "Anderson." Or just before the conclusion, you will find four or five photos of the products we used on this project. Click on the fan in that picture and it will take you to the site where you can purchase the fan. I hope you enjoy the fan as much as we have enjoyed it.


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