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10 modern affordable farmhouse ceiling fans that will spice up your home decor without breaking the bank. Check out these gorgeous affordable fans that will cool off any farm style room.

farmhouse ceiling fans

Searching for the right farmhouse ceiling fans is fun but finding an affordable one can be a challenge.

Here are some tips on what to look for and the best part is that you get to shop ceiling fans that won't break your bank.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

How to Select Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Whenever you're planning any room I like to encourage you to find some inspiration. It can be a photo of a room you found on Pinterest or a painting that will be a focal point in your room.

Now let's think about purchasing a ceiling fan. Look around your room and see what kind of wood you have on furniture, floors, and trim. If your woods are dark woods then look for a dark wood fan. If they are light go with a light blade fan.

Next consider the vibe of your design plan. If it has a rustic feel go with a fan light kit that lends to that vibe. For example some black metal would work or a blade that has a distressed finish to it.

Look at the blades and the light kit to pull in the style of the room. Depending on your overall feeling will depend on the type of blade and light kit.

Now it is time to do some shopping for farmhouse ceiling fans and that is where this post is helpful.

52″ Szymon 3 – Blade Propeller Ceiling Fan

Modern farmhouse ceiling fan with three blades, 52" light wood blades, oil rubbed bronze body and light.

This is a more modern style farmhouse ceiling fan so if your room is a minimalist or modern feel then this would be a good fan to consider.

Also, there are possibilities that each fan you click on will come in other finishes. You can click on the name of the fan or the photo to take you to it.

52″ Sudie 5 Blade LED Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan called Sudie 5 blade LED

This fan will fit perfectly into a rustic or traditional farmhouse style home.

52″ Socorro 5 Blade LED Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan Socorro 5 blade LED 52" with oil rubbed bronze and rustic blades

Another great example of a traditional or rustic farmhouse vibe.

44″ Donegan 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan 44" Donegan 5 blade ceiling fan

This farmhouse style ceiling fan will fit nicely into a home with darker wood furniture and floors. This fan is a more traditional style.

Prominence Home Ennora 52″, Barnwood/Tumbleweed, Aged Bronze

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fans prominence home ennora 52" barnwood tumbleweed aged bronze

Here is another great rustic farmhouse style ceiling fan. It would blend in nicely with a mountain cabin as a well as a farmhouse log cabin.

52″ Ravenna 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan 52" Ravenna 5 blade ceiling fan

I love this ceiling fan because it is transitional and would fit into a modern, traditional, rustic or any kind of farmhouse decorated home.

Renwick 54″ LED Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan Renwick 54" LED oil rubbed bronze modern style

This farmhouse style ceiling fan has modern written all over it. Add it to your minimalist or modern farmhouse.

The Reddick ceiling fan is no longer available but the Honeywell is a similar style and the Prominence Home is also but a little different.

42″ Crestfield Noble Bronze LED Light Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan 42" crestfield noble bronze LED light

This is a smaller ceiling fan which would be perfect in a smaller room. It has a perfect traditional farmhouse vibe and will look lovely in small spaces.

44″ Hepburn 4 – Blade Standard Ceiling Fan

Inexpensive Hunter modern ceiling fan with gold body and light wood blades

Since gold is trending right now and more modern farmhouses are using these details I want to share with you the most gorgeous ceiling fan in gold called Hepburn.

52″ Lundy 5 – Blade Standard Ceiling Fan

This next ceiling fan is a little over $200 but it is so pretty and comes in other finishes so I couldn't resist adding it in the $200 range popular farmhouse ceiling fans.

Cheap modern farmhouse ceiling fan with clear glass globe

Best Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Did you find a ceiling fan that fits your home decor project for under $200? If not here are more farmhouse ceiling fans from modern to cottage.

Hunter Mill Valley Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan Hunter mill valley black metal retro light

52″ Glenpool 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fans 52" Glenpool 5 blade ceiling fan metal rustic light

Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

Affordable farmhouse ceiling fan unique metal rustic compact fan with remote color black

Quorum 196015-86 Windmill Ceiling Fan

Quorum Windmill Ceiling fan farmhouse style

2″ Jaxon 3 – Blade Standard Ceiling Fan

Rustic stainless unique ceiling fan for farm style homes

Here are some fun accessories to go with your farmhouse ceiling fans!

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Redecorating can be expensive and we all seem to have an expensive taste which is why I wanted to collect 10 beautiful farmhouse ceiling fans all under $200.00 dollars and then gives you more ideas for the best farmhouse ceiling fans from modern to cottage.

This post is just a testament that you can have that warm, clean, beautiful farmhouse vibe without spending a fortune.

If you didn't find just the right ceiling fan in this post try my other farmhouse ceiling fan and unique ceiling fan post.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and find a lovely ceiling fan for your home.

Happy Decorating!

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Thursday 9th of June 2022

Where is the link for the ceiling fan in the very first picture that you click on to view this page/entry? HELP! I love it!!!!

Linda McDonald

Sunday 12th of June 2022

Here is the link to this ceiling fan.


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Thursday 4th of February 2021

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Monday 21st of December 2020

I am searching for the whilte Anderson Farmhouse Enclosed Ceiling Fan; it is just what I want. Where can I purchase that fan???

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Hi Kathy! Home Depot used to carry it but it appears that particular fan they do not carry anymore. They have this one which is similar.

Or you can get the Anderson fan on this website.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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