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Shopping for the best slipcovered sofas without leaving your home can be challenging.  But today I am sharing honest reviews of the Pottery Barn slipcovers Comfort and the Ikea slipcovered sofas Ektorp.

best slipcovered sofas


You have finally decided to purchase a slipcovered sofa, but now you need a little help finding the best slipcovered sofas.

I cannot say I have tried them all, but I can share with you my experience with the Ikea Ektorp and a good friend of mine has the Pottery Barn Comfort.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own.


To begin, let's talk about the cheaper of the two sofas.

best slipcovered sofas ikea ektorp


The Ikea Ektorp sofa runs about $399.00 and, for the price, is good quality.

Update: The Ikea Ektorp couch has been discontinued but now they have the Uppland which appears to be exactly the same as the Ektorp. After reading reviews it sounds like the same sofa but they changed the name. The price now (2022) is $799.00.

This price does not include the slipcover, so you will need to purchase that extra.  The Ikea slipcovered sofas run about $99.00, and they fit like a charm.  The material is good quality, and it comes in about 13 different solids and patterns.

The uppland slipcover runs about the same but they do have one that is as low as $69.00 in color totedo light beige.


The slipcover color I have on my sofa is Lofallet beige.  It is a very light color, but it is not white.

I like this color because it is very transitional.  For example when I decorated for the 4th of July the couch fit right into the red, white and blue color theme.

There are many options of slipcovers to choose from like checked and floral, but solid neutrals seem to be the most popular.

best slipcovered sofas ikea ektorp slipcover


My Ikea's sofa was purchased from the Ikea store in Atlanta.  I brought it home in my Honda minivan.  It comes in a box, and you have to assemble it.

It is so easy to assemble; my teenage daughter did it all by herself. I wasn't even in the room.

It also seems very secure.  Nothing seems to be loose or uneven.


Okay, so here is where I am going, to be honest.

Everyone in my house likes the way this sofa sits for the most part and doesn't have any complaints.  However, this is not the most comfortable sofa for me because I have lower back issues.

In a nutshell, it hurts my back.

We have had it for about three months, and it is getting better.  Maybe it just needed to be broken in some.

best slipcovered sofas with white large pillow and paid pillow

So overall I love this sofa.

Aesthetically it is beautiful, and for the price, it is great quality.  I put Ikea slipcovered sofas high on the list of best slipcovered sofas.  It would make a great sofa for a college student or family.

They even have covered chairs that would make a cute addition to my Cute Dorm Room Ideas post.  I highly recommend it.


Several years ago I helped my client purchase the Pottery Barn Comfort sofa.  Because it has been several years, you will get a better idea if this is the sofa for you.

best slipcovered sofas pottery barn comfort


The Pottery Barn Comfort sofa is quite a bit higher in rate than the Ektorp.

It runs from $1400.00 on sale and up.  Just like the Ikea Ektorp you have to purchase the slipcover separately.  The Pottery barn slipcovers run from $169.00 to over $2,000.00. However, you do get many more options.

Update: As of 2022 the Pottery Barn comfort roll arm slipcovered sofa runs from 1699.00 to 3999.00 depending on what cover you purchase and other selections. Now you get cushion options of memory foam or down blend. And you can select different sizes in lengths of 68″, 73″, 82″ and 92″.


Here is where Pottery Barn is better than Ikea.  You get to choose from many solid colors, stripes, patterns (like paisley), and the list goes on and on.  Pottery Barn slipcovers are good quality no matter which one you select.

But it doesn't seem to fit as tight as the Ikea slipcover.  Maybe that is because it is older and comfier now.

best slipcovered sofas pottery barn comfort


Pottery Barn has another advantage: delivery and assembly.

When we ordered this sofa, it was delivered and put together by Pottery Barn.

However, you can pick one up at the store and bring it home yourself.  Picking up your couch from the store is a great option if you are in a hurry to get your room decorated.


Well, this sofa is very comfortable.

The neat thing about Pottery Barn is that you have additional options when purchasing your sofa.  You can get it with down cushions and so on.  Overall it seems to have a comfier cozy feeling.

However, if I was looking for something more inexpensive, then Pottery Barn Comfort sofa is not the right one.  I would think of the Comfort sofa as more of an investment.

best slipcovered sofas pottery barn comfort

I would highly recommend this sofa for a longer term sofa.  The quality is great and with the ability to change our slipcovers, it could last for just about ever.

Ikea Slipcover for Pottery Barn Sofa

Here is a question you might be asking. Do the Ikea slipcovers fit Pottery barn sofas? The answer is yes but not as tight as the Pottery Barn slipcover.

You can fit the Ikea slipcover down over the body of the PB sofa and onto the cushions, but if you don't mind it looking loose, then you are good to go. Here is an article called Ikea Ektorp slipcovers that fits PB comfort basic that shows examples of how it fits.


The best slipcovered sofas are the ones that come with a slipcover that can be machine washed.

But honestly I have not washed mine yet, and neither has my client.

Update: I have washed my slipcover many times now and it washes beautifully and looks amazing. I share how to wash Ikea slipcover in this post.

I have only had my sofa and slipcover for about three months now.  I have to admit I am surprised that I haven't had to wash it yet.  But when I have to clean it, I will share that experience then.  However, for now, I will share what I have read about washing and caring for slipcovers.

Basically, if you have a light color or white and you have children, consider washing it every month to keep it clean.  I remember reading one person who had two boys who said she washed hers every other week.

I would run it on a gentle cycle and maybe even use something like Drift detergent.  If it is good enough for baby clothes, then it should be good enough for your slipcover.

Once your slipcover has washed either dry it on a low setting or hang it to dry.  I think drying it on a low setting might help get the wrinkles out. But remember this is just what I would do.

Check out my Pinterest where I have pinned several pins on my How to Clean board or check the label for directions.  I would always go with what the manufacturer recommends first.

I am adding several months after writing this post that I have washed my Ikea slipcover several times and even dried it at a low temperature.  It came out perfect.  Another reason why I recommend Ikea slipcovered sofas.


Well, there you have it.  There are positives and negatives to both sofas, but if you are going for more comfort and options, then maybe the Pottery Barn sofa is best for you.

But if you want a more tailored look at a much lower price, then the Ikea sofa is your ticket.  I guess both these sofas fall into the best slipcovered sofas available right now. If you want more options for cheaper slip cover sofas try my affordable best slipcovered sofas.

Review of Pottery Barn slipcovers vs. Ikea slipcovered sofas:

Happy Decorating!

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I have had both pottery Barn and arhaus slipcovered vsocas, chairs and ottomans...I wash them every few months in gentle cycle, but always dry them in the problem, no just fine

Linda McDonald

Monday 25th of March 2019

Thank you for sharing!


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

What’s really cool is if you have the ektorp sofa you can buy the cushion inserts from pottery barn and put them in your IKEA slipcover ! That’s what I did! I sold my pottery barn sofa last year and bought the ektorp because of kids and easier to purchase another slipcover...well I missed my pb sofa so much I called and ordered the cushion inserts :) they only costed me $216.00 for all the seat and back cushions!

Linda McDonald

Monday 15th of October 2018

OMG! That is a fabulous idea! Thank you!