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Independence Day is just around the corner, and we know you're getting excited to pull out your red-white-and-blue United States patriotic home decor. We are eager to help you show your pride in your country with these trending Americana home decor ideas.

Americana Home Decor Ideas

These beautiful Americana home decor ideas are a wonderful way to express your love of country. It also is a super classy way to show support for the men and women fighting for their love of country.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that red, white, and blue are great summer colors for patriotic themes.

Americana Decorating FAQs:

When should I Decorate my Home with Americana Decor?

I love to decorate my home with patriotic Americana decor throughout the season of patriotic holidays. Starting with Memorial Day and going through Flag Day, 4th of July, and all the way to Labor Day is a great time to put your Americana decor on display.

What is the Americana style of decorating?

Americana is a popular decorating style, particularly around traditionally patriotic holidays. In Americana decor, you'll find a patriotic theme that includes a lot of red, white and blue in a rustic, farmhouse style. American flags are often associated with Americana decorating along with patriotic items that have a rustic country or vintage style.

Americana Home Decor Ideas

These Americana home decor ideas for trending Tuesday are for sure going to give you some inspiration for your fourth of July get-together.

Americana Centerpiece Ideas

Americana Home Decor Blessed Milhouse
Photo courtesy: Blessed Milhouse

This table is super cute and super classy.

The American flag decor makes this dining room look ready for an elegant Independence Day dinner party. Not to mention those mason jars that finish this table setting off with a classic, all-American feel.

Americana Tiered Tray Ideas

Americana Home Decor Stager Roz
Photo courtesy: Stager Roz

Of course, we had to include an Americana home decor tiered tray in this post! Roz is an expert tiered tray styler, and she didn't disappoint here!

This tiered tray is simple and tasteful. The greenery and Rae Dunn is perfectly paired with the stars and stripes of the patriotic decor. Filled with adorable accessories like these wooden signs and patriotic star it has American pride written all over it.

We also love that blue and white throw pillow as a backdrop!

Farmhouse Americana Decor Ideas

Americana Home Decor Stager Roz
Photo courtesy: Simple Decor with Amy

We love what you've done with that window, Amy!

The flags look great up against that mirrored window. If you love this repurposed vintage window, check out our post on them.

The contrast of the current American flag and the old Betsy Ross design are what really make this old glory style shine. This is a great example of country farmhouse Americana decorating.

Patriotic Rae Dunn Decorations

americana decor
Photo courtesy: Katina Miller

Rae Dunn has never looked so patriotic until this post!

These precious pieces look great on this display. From that adorable Americana design birdhouse to the super fun red-white-and-blue part straws, this display is sure going to get a lot of compliments!

We definitely love it!

Patriotic Floral Arrangement Idea

Americana Home Decor Vintage Charmhouse
Photo courtesy: Vintage Charmhouse

This flower arrangement is gorgeous!

Melanie shows her container flower gardening skills here in this red and blue ensemble. And we are impressed! Don't forget to take a look at our tutorial on container flower gardening.

The two miniature American flags make those patriotic flowers pop, as does the charming metal flower container.

Americana Farmhouse Decor

Americana Home Decor Our Farmhouse Townhome
Photo courtesy: Our Farmhouse Townhome

Remember our post on chicken nesting boxes? If you haven't seen it, go take a look. This one would have been a great addition to that post!

Who would have thought of using it as a massive flower container? And who would have thought that a chicken nesting box with red and white flowers would work so well as country patriotic home decor? Well, Kayla thought of it, and we are glad she did!

And don't think we didn't notice that American flag in that cute table centerpiece.

Americana Country Table Setting

Americana Home Decor Twisted Cotton Farmhouse
Photo courtesy: Twisted Cotton Farmhouse

Speaking of table decor, this tablescape is incredible!

These Americana decorations are beautiful! Seriously, we cannot get over how cute those Rae Dunn plates look placed over those blue and white napkins.

The American flags placed in the milk pitchers work so well as centerpieces.

We wanna be invited to whatever 4th of July party thrown at this farmhouse because we know it will be beautiful!

Americana Porch Decor Ideas

Americana Home Decor Jordecor
Photo courtesy: Jordecor

Jordan's front porch gets us in a patriotic mood. From the American flags in those flower containers to the cozy Americana theme throws on the bench, she beautifully displays her love of country.

There is so much to take in here, and we love all of it. We're sure this space fills those who get to sit in its beauty with joy!

American Country Decor Ideas

americana decor
Photo courtesy: White Desert Cottage

Charlotte, your entryway is so inviting!

Each Americana decorating detail has us gushing. That unique red American flag stand looks amazing here, and that painting is super cute.

We loved that blue and white checked throw, too.

It must be impossible to walk through this entryway without feeling patriotic!

Americana Kitchen Decorating Ideas

americana decor kitchen
Photo courtesy: MisDIY

This Americana style home decor idea is beautiful!

Misty's American flags look stunning up against that white wall.

Speaking of stunning, let's talk about that Bible verse. It is a powerful message and could not be more appropriate for this time of year when we honor those who have given their lives for us.

We are all about that here.


The Americana home decor ideas trending this week are showstoppers. We hope they filled you with pride for your country as well as inspiration to start styling your home for the 4th!

Looking for more patriotic decor ideas? I have some great posts for you to check out!

If you need some more ideas, check out our previous post, a tutorial for 4th of July decorating ideas and to really add to your holiday fun try this amazing patriotic donut recipe. And don't forget that you can leave your decorations out all summer from memorial day to labor day.

Show us what you come up with! We're looking forward to seeing how you show your patriotism and God Bless America!

Happy Decorating!

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Saturday 11th of June 2022

Do you know if WHITE DESERT COTTAGE has an IG or blog. I would love to find out the artist of the painting. Thanks. Pamela

Linda McDonald

Sunday 12th of June 2022

Hi Pamela! It appears she no longer has an Instagram or there is a possibility she changed her IG name. When someone changes their name their Instagram link changes. When that happens the link no longer works. However, have you checked Etsy for this design? It looks like something I would find on Etsy. Wish I could help more. Good luck on finding this piece.

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