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13 Ways to Decorate with Chicken Nesting Boxes

We've started seeing more and more chicken nesting boxes used in farmhouses all over Instagram. This farmhouse decor craze blows our mind, and we love how items are repurposed throughout the home.

Chicken Nesting Boxes decorating

Confession Time. Using chicken nesting boxes in your homes left us scratching our head a little.

Taking chicken nesting boxes from the chicken coop to the home had us wondering. How do you get one clean enough to bring into your house?

Then, we checked out how our Instagram friends were using them in their decor, and we have fallen for them as we think you will if you haven't already. I think you'll find more than a little bit of inspiration here.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  All opinions are all my own.


We're excited to invite you on this transformation journey and hear how it leaves you inspired. Chicken nesting boxes have so many different uses and aren't just for hens anymore.

Chicken Nesting Box Potting Bench

Chicken Nesting Boxes Miss Mustard Seed
Photo courtesy: Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed writes a blog that we follow, and are often inspired by her and how she decorates her home (inside and out).

So, when we saw the craze for repurposing chicken nesting boxes, we thought we'd see what her take was on them. She has written a post about how she made a potting bench and incorporated a chicken nesting box on top of an old workbench. It turned out lovely, and the nesting spots make a great storage bin!

Decorating a Dining Room with Chicken Nesting Boxes

Chicken Nesting Boxes Junque Cottage
Photo courtesy: Junque Cottage

Using a nesting box as part of a buffet is genius! It makes the perfect top to a floating hutch.

Laura lives on a farm, so there is no doubt she has the farmhouse look down pat.

Chicken Nesting Box China Cabinet

Chicken Nesting Boxes The Farmhouse 31
Photo courtesy: The Farmhouse 31

You met Resa before in our Farmhouse Kitchen post (where she allowed us to show you her watermelon stand kitchen island).

Now, she's allowed us to peak inside her dining room where she uses a nesting box to hold plates and such. The nesting area allows for so many different storage and display ideas.

And check out that vintage scale while you're looking!

Chicken Nesting Box Bookshelf

Chicken Nesting Boxes Happy Camper RV
Photo courtesy: Happy Camper RV

Mary and her family are working toward living a minimalist lifestyle. Using a chicken nesting box as a bookshelf is an excellent step toward their goal! They make great little nooks for all sorts of things.

Here are more ideas on cozy book nooks and a how to build a reading nook.

Chicken Nesting Box Headboard

Chicken Nesting Boxes A Bushel And A Peck XO
Photo courtesy: A Bushel & A Peck XO

Struggling to find the right headboard for her family's bungalow, Julie came up with the idea to use this nesting box.

We think it turned out great!

It's rustic, and it gives this an out-of-the-box use for this piece (pun intended).

 Chicken Nesting Box Closet Storage

Chicken Nesting Boxes Glamping Sisters
Photo courtesy: Glamping Sisters

Upcycling a nesting box gave Thea more closet space and is brilliant! She's put many great things in it, and it's inspiring to become a shoe station to hold and organize the numerous pairs of shoes you have. What a great way to increase your storage and make it cute.

If you love this idea check out my organize clothes by color article to take your closet to the next level.

Chicken Nesting Box Wall Decor

Chicken Nesting Boxes Newly Farmhoused
Photo courtesy: Newly Farmhoused

Look at this beautifully placed chicken nesting box! Hanging on a shiplap wall is exactly where it belongs.

We've seen a nesting box used in a potting station, but maybe you don't have a green thumb. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy flowers around your home! This little vignette area brings so much life to this room.

Wall Shelf Decoration using Nesting Boxes

Chicken Nesting Boxes Down In the Boondocks
Photo courtesy: Down in the Boondocks

Isn't this little curtain accent so sweet on this nesting box of Amber's? The rusted, time-worn stamp of the farm over time gives this such a rustic chic look. Not to mention the farmhouse sign looks perfect hung right on top!

Chicken Nesting Boxes Bookshelf

Chicken Nesting Boxes A Beautiful Purpose
Photo courtesy: A Beautiful Purpose

Jacey runs an upscale antique boutique and has styled this chicken nester as a bookshelf. There's plenty of space to store your favorite books. It's fun to be able to use the shelf on top to display more antique farmhouse type pieces.

Chicken Nesting Boxes and Rae Dunn

Chicken Nesting Boxes Dear Chelsi Decor
Photo courtesy: Dear Chelsi Decor

Where are our Rae Dunn fans?

Bet you have been thinking all along about the pieces you could display in a nesting box. Chelsi doesn't disappoint. She has several Rae Dunn pieces in her nesting box as well as cotton stems that scream farmhouse! If you don't have enough room on your countertops, adding a nesting box on the wall gives you extra space to display your treasures.

If you decorate your nesting box with Rae Dunn then you will get loads of ideas from this Rae Dunn trays article.

Chicken Nesting Box Table Decoration

Chicken Nesting Boxes Rustic Meadows Home
Photo courtesy: Rustic Meadows Home

This chicken nesting box styled to be part of a flower market turned out beautiful! It encompasses all things efflorescent.

Randi's home is farmhouse chic in so many ways.

Farmhouse Decoration with Nesting Box

Chicken Nesting Boxes The Wooded Pine House
Photo courtesy: The Wooded Pine House

Jenn has styled this nesting box so sweetly.

The eggs really stand out in this galvanized box. There is so much farmhouse love in this photo.

Chicken Nesting Box Holiday Decoration

Chicken Nesting Boxes Little Farmstead
Photo courtesy: Little Farmstead

We're not entirely off our rockers.

We know it's not Christmas.

But, we loved the way this nesting box was used as a Christmas Advent Calendar. Thinking outside of the box is one of the things we love most about the farmhouse community.

Just think.

How many different events could you countdown to using this chicken nesting box? Days until schools out, days until vacation, days until a birthday.

The possibilities are endless.

Now that you have all these wonderful ideas, you might ask where I buy antique chicken nesting boxes.

Antique Chicken Nesting Boxes FAQs:

Antique chicken nesting boxes for sale?

If you are looking for antique, vintage, or thrift chicken nesting boxes, here are the best places to look online and locally.

  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Flea Markets

All have a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. You're sure to find vintage treasures that suit your decor.

Shop antique chicken nesting boxes:

What is good to put in chicken nesting boxes?

As you've seen, the options for chicken nesting boxes are endless. They work great for storage and displaying your treasured items such as pottery, ceramics, books, or to create a seasonal holiday display. The only limit is your imagination.


We have to admit, just doing this post and gathering together all of these adorable ways to incorporate chicken nesting boxes into your farmhouse has caused us to fall head over heels with the idea of bringing one into our home. Whether you have a small or large nesting box, it's sure to bring a fun and unique touch to your home.

How about you?

Do you already have one? Or do you have an chicken nesting box ideas to share?

We'd love to see how you've been inspired by these chicken nesting boxes ideas!

Chicken Nesting Box Decorated with Lemon Decor

Chicken Nesting Boxes by Family Shiplap & Dunn with a chicken nesting box filled with lemon decor
Photo courtesy: Family Shiplap and Dunn

Since you all have loved the chicken nesting boxes we showed off we couldn't resist featuring a few more than 13. This one filled with lemon decor and Rae Dunn pieces belongs to Michelle.  

It's rustic and fits perfectly into a farmhouse.

Mudroom Chicken Nesting Box

Chicken Nesting Boxes by Seffrin Southern Comfort with the perfect farmhouse decor displayed on a shiplap wall
Photo courtesy: Seffrin Southern Comfort

This chicken nesting box looks great in Kenzie's mudroom. Not to mention adorning this shiplap wall. 

Chicken Nesting Box in Living Room

Chicken Nesting Box by Fixing Up Our Forever with a nesting box over a sofa with a buffalo check banner, wooden beads and a chickens for sale sign over top
Photo courtesy: Fixing Up Our Forever

Alisha's nesting box has adorable buffalo check banner dressing it up and wooden beads hung just right.

The ‘Chicken For Sale' sign hanging above the chicken nesting box pulls together the farmhouse wall with ease.

We trust you don't mind us having added a few more chicken nesting boxes. They are like the bow on top of an already perfectly wrapped package.

Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Love all the different ideas. I have one of these and what I find most difficult is the small circular opening. I'm more committed now to finding things that'll fit! Thanks!


Friday 23rd of October 2020

How do you hang one on the wall???

Linda McDonald

Saturday 24th of October 2020

Hi Stephanie! This is a very good question. I would find the studs in the wall and screw it into the studs.

Becky Dick

Thursday 14th of May 2020

Where can u but one of the chicken nesting at. I would like the ten nests

Linda McDonald

Monday 18th of May 2020

Great questions! If you are looking for an old or antique chicken nesting box keep an eye out on Facebook marketplace or in antique stores. Another idea is to purchase a new one and distress it to look antique. I hope this helps!

Jamie Smith

Monday 7th of October 2019

Love all the ideas and would love to find a chicken nesting house

Linda McDonald

Friday 11th of October 2019

They are really cool pieces to decorate with. Have you checked facebook marketplace?

Pamela Martin

Tuesday 16th of July 2019

What a stellar post. I pinned as many as was permitted. Looking for a space in my place for nesting boxes now. *Smiles*