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Macrame home decor ideas is what we are sharing in this post. If you are craft and want to make your own, we have friends that can show you how. But, if you want to buy a macrame piece that's ready to be displayed, we will share where you can purchase them as well. Come see what we have to share with you.

Macrame Home Decor Ideas

We are showing macrame home decor ideas that include table runners, rugs, candle hangers and so, so many more.

If you're working to achieve the boho look in your home, adding a macrame piece of art can help you get one step closer.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.

Macrame Home Decor Ideas

Lily Ardor

Macrame Home Decor Ideas by Lily Ardor with DIY Macrame Rope Rugs

Today we're starting from the ground up while showing you macrame home decor ideas. Lily walks you through how to make a macrame rope rug. You won't need needles and you'll end up with an adorable doily looking rug.

Cottage & Sea

Macrame Home Decor Ideas by Cottage & Sea with a macrame table runner

This table runner is exquisite. It adds boho character to this dinning room table.

Our friends at Cottage & Sea purchased this table runner from My Macramania's Etsy shop.

Hang Me U.P. Broome

Macrame Home Decor Ideas by Hang Me U.P. Broome with a table runner

Ulrike runs a macrame workshop business out of Broome Australia. What a fun idea! She also sells her beautiful macrame pieces.

This table runner has so much detail. A table runner doesn't have to be as long or longer than the table it adorns. This macrame table runner is the perfect accessory on a side table or buffet in a dinning room.

The Knotted Ropes

Macrame Home Decor Ideas by The Knotted Ropes with a macrame table runner

Lea is another talented person that turns everyday rope or cord into lovely macrame decor. This macrame table runner is for sale at her Etsy shop.

Another tip for macrame table runners is that they don't have to stay in your kitchen/dinning room. They can dress up your coffee table or even a table in your foyer.

Fond Willow

Macrame Home Decor Ideas by Fond Willow with a macrame headboard piece

Aubree is the artist behind the pieces at Fond Willow. This is a show stealing piece to hang over a bed in place of a headboard. Using a piece of wood like this natural piece ads so much to a boho look.

Ana Morais

Macrame Home Decor Ideas by Ana Morais with a macrame indoor swing

Ana made the most unexpected macrame piece, a swing! Can you imagine how fun this unique piece would be in your home. This picture leaves us imagining sipping a cup of coffee while swinging your worries away. What about you?

Macrame Home Decor Ideas with Christmas decor with Ball® mason jars macrame project craft

In our post Beautiful DIY Macrame Christmas Decor With Mason Jars For Your Kitchen we give you step by step directions on how to make this macrame candle hanging. This pieces is fun and doesn't have to be just for Christmas.

Macrame Home Decor Ideas with The Art of Hanging Art

The Art of Hanging Art is a post where we show you how to hang pieces you've purchased (or made). This is a gallery wall and it includes a macrame piece. Macrame wall hangings don't have to hang all alone.


No matter if you have experience making macrame yourself or if you've only purchased pieces, we hope you have seen pieces that are outside of the box. Or if you've always wanted to try making a macrame home decor piece on your own, hopefully now you feel as though you have been pointed in the right direction for help.

We'd love to see where you have macrame throughout your home. Please share with us.

Happy Decorating!

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Saturday 13th of July 2019

Hello Linda!!! Is there a known source for the wee rug that looks like macrame in the first picture? This will solve a huge problem I have with my cat of all things and very pretty at the same time.

All these ideas are wonderful to see coming back as I used to do it in the seventies, bwahahahah. Yes, that long ago. regards, Linda

Linda McDonald

Sunday 14th of July 2019

Hi! I am glad macrame has made a come back too. If you go back to this post and click on the name of the person who did the rug it will take you to their instagram or website. Once you are there you can ask them questions about the rug. If you have trouble let me know and I will reach out to them for you but I think this will help you the most so you can read and ask them direct questions.