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9 Easy Fall Basket Decorating Ideas for Every Room

Autumn is fast approaching, so a great way to bring the warm and cozy feeling into your home is with these easy fall basket decorating ideas. Using natural elements or picking up pieces at the store are ideas for what to place in your baskets to decorate your home.

Fall decorating with baskets

Every year I bring little touches of autumn into our home in late August or early September, and one of my favorites is adding baskets. These fall basket decorating ideas will give you inspiration on what to place in your baskets, and you can also use many of these ideas to give as gift baskets for fall. I can't wait to share some of my favorite ways to decorate with baskets.

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Fall Basket Decorating Ideas

When thinking about fall decorating and baskets, consider nature and what changes occur outside. The leaves change into warm reds, yellows, and browns. Leaves fall off trees, and many branches are exposed. Pumpkins, wheat, and apples are in season, and cozy blankets are brought out to stay warm inside. If you think about the changes in nature during the fall season, you are on the right track to what to put in baskets for fall. Let's discuss the baskets best for fall decorating and where to get them.

Best Baskets for Fall Decorating

What kinds of baskets make great fall decorating baskets? Wicker of any kind will work, corded baskets and harvest baskets are nice too, but bushel baskets have autumn written all over them so they are a great idea. So if you have any of these baskets in your home, you are set to decorate them for fall.

If you don't have any of these baskets and need suggestions on where to purchase baskets and seasonal items, a few of my favorite places to shop are the dollar store, thrift stores, Etsy online, the dollar section at any store, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, and search online.

Now let's talk about what to put in these beautiful baskets to transform your house into a cozy fall aesthetic.

What Should I Put In A Fall Basket

Look at natural materials or anything that helps us stay warm and cozy as decorations for your fall baskets. Here is a list of the best fall basket decorating ideas.

Now that we have a list of items to place in your baskets, let us talk about how to decorate fall baskets.

Decorating a Basket with Fall Foliage

Let's begin with fall foliage because this can be achieved with natural or faux foliage. This basket hanging on my mantel is a great example of adding fall foliage to a basket.

Fall foliage added to a basket

I gathered artificial fall branches and flowers from Target's Hearth and Hand section and simply tucked them into my baskets. This is an easy way to bring the fall season indoors. I added more decor to my fall mantel, which I discuss in my DIY fall decorating ideas post.

Another fall foliage basket decorating idea is adding mums to your baskets. Last year in our entryway, I placed white mums in my market basket as a decoration. It was a fun way to welcome guests and share out love of the fall season. These fall porch decorating ideas are bright and cheery.

Fall basket decorations

This design can easily fall into decorating a basket with leaves, so consider it in both areas. But for this post, I have another fun idea.

Pumpkin Decor for Baskets

The most traditional decoration for fall is pumpkins, and I have a very simple and easy idea.

Take a basket and fill the bottom with grocery bags. Then set any color pumpkin onto the bags. I used white pumpkins of different sizes, but you can use real pumpkins and any color. In my basket are tiny pumpkins and small pumpkins.

Pumpkins inside basket for fall decoration

You can sit your basket of pumpkins anywhere in your home. I placed mine on my bookcase but they can go on a table, kitchen counter or coffee table. You can also fill a bushel basket with apples and pears too. There's no end to the great places these baskets can be placed.

Decorating Baskets with Leaves

While on my early morning walks, I saw the first signs of fall on the ground when I found these beautiful red and yellow leaves. I had so much fun picking them up until I couldn't wait to use them to add that warm glow to our home decor.

Simply gather natural autumn-colored leaves and lay them out to dry for a few hours. Then toss them into a shallow bowl for decorations on a table in your home.

Decorating baskets with fall leaves

Then, drop the wooden bowl into a corded bowl to make your decoration even more autumnal. Layering bowls and baskets are a neat way to add texture and design.

Decorating Baskets with Blankets

I think baskets say warm and cozy more than anything else. The idea to add blankets to your home decor for fall makes a pretty decoration but is functional too.

Simply use a throw blanket that match fall colors like grays, browns, amber browns, golden yellow, and rust red. Roll them, fold them or toss them into a basket. If you have pumpkins or mums, set them close by for an even more fall aesthetic like I did with this large basket on the hearth.

Basket decoration with blankets

Basket Decorating with Candles

Candles make a great decoration for baskets and there are so many different ways to use them. They are beautiful for decorations and make a great gift basket stuffer. Here is an easy example of using candles to decorate your basket for fall.

Place a pretty fall wreath inside of a round basket and then add candles in the middle. This is a simple fall centerpiece idea or would look nice on any table.

Fall basket with candle centerpiece

Decorating Baskets with Autumn Books

Using books with an autumn feeling is another great way to add fall to your baskets. Set a basket tray on your coffee table or any table and place books with a fall vibe inside.

Old books inside of basket tray

You can use nature books, books filled with autumnal colors but make sure the outside of the book has the color scheme you are looking for in your holiday home decor.

Once you have your books in place, set accessories on top to continue your fall aesthetic. I used different size bottles on mine and added fall flowers to a vase.

Decorating Basket with Pine Cones

When decorating your baskets with any fall decor, you can fill in spots with pine cones or fill a basket with pinecones.

Decorating for fall with pinecones and baskets

I like to hunt for pinecones outside to add to my decor, but you can also find them online or in stores. Simply fill a small bushel basket or wicker basket with pinecones and include it with your other decorations.

Decorating Fall Baskets with Cotton

Remember me mentioning using anything that harvests in the fall for your basket decorations? Cotton is a common crop that harvests in fall, so it is another perfect addition to your autumn baskets.

Simply add cotton into your fall foliage, pinecones, around candles, or place a whole bushel inside a basket.

Fall Basket Decorating with Fairy Lights

Last, here is a simple way to add sparkle and a warm glow to your autumn decor. Simply take battery-powered fairy lights and tuck them into your autumn baskets.

For example, you can place fairy lights inside a fall floral arrangement basket or a basket full of leaves. It looks so pretty and at night creates a warm cozy feeling inside your home. The warm glow at night will make your home feel cozy and inviting.

Final Thoughts

Autumn basket decorations are so pretty to add to your decor this time of year. Baskets, in general, are fun to decorate during any season or holiday.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate for autumn, adding natural elements is an amazing way to give your home a fall aesthetic. This way of decorating is also great if you live in a home or apartment that doesn't have much storage because everything can be discarded.

But if you want decor that you can easily bring out year to year, shop for artificial flowers and leaves. I love mixing a little of both but living in Florida, where autumn comes so late, makes it hard to decorate in September. So faux pumpkins and foliage work great for us.

What are you thinking of adding to your baskets for fall? If you need more inspiration, try this how to decorate with wicker baskets and how to decorate with baskets. If you are looking for more fall decorating ideas, check out these DIY fall decorating ideas and these small pumpkin decorating ideas.

Happy Decorating!