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Coffee Shop Decor Ideas – Lucky Goat Coffee Decor Tour

If pictures speak a 1,000 words then I don't need to say any more about these coffee shop decor ideas by Lucky Goat Coffee because these pictures tell it all. 

Lucky Goat Coffee decor has lots of visual FLAVOR!  It's relaxing, calm, beautiful and special.  It's a great place to study, visit a friend, read a book or just stop by for a cup.  Whether you LOVE coffee or not you will enjoy this coffee cafe decor tour. 

Coffee shop decor ideas - lucky goat coffee co

Lucky Goat Coffee Co is a Tallahassee, Florida based business.  But if you are not local and are a coffee connoisseur and would like to try it they do sell online here.

But enough of my babbling–here are the pictures I took with maybe a few interior design comments attached so you can create that coffee cafe vibe for your home. 🙂  Hope you all ENJOY as much as I did!

Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

Today's modern coffee shops are anywhere from minimalist to industrial to vintage to modern styles. But what are the origins of the coffee shop?

Where did coffee shops begin?

So, way back in the 15th century in Constantinople, people started this cool thing called coffee shops, or as they called them, “qahveh khaneh.” Imagine a spot where folks gathered for coffee, chats, and deep talks—it was a vibe.

The trend spread across the Ottoman Empire, and by the 17th century, Europe got in on the action, opening its first coffee shop in England in 1650. That magical combo of coffee and good vibes set the stage for the awesome coffee shop culture we all love today.

Coffee Shop Details

Coffee shop cart decoration idea

Old fashion pieces like this traveling coffee server are fabulous!  Details make a design.

Coffee mug display

Repetition is one of the elements of design.  Using their name and coffee decor goat logo throughout the space is genius!

coffee shop display ideas using crates

Using the palettes and wood crates in their decor parallels the rich colors of coffee and continues to add flavor to the atmosphere.

Coffee Shop Color Schemes

If there is one color scheme that I see over and over in coffee cafes is the warm toasty hues that go along with coffee bean colors. The main colors are yellow and whites that pair with browns. Think more natural colors and tones.


The overall color scheme creates a pleasant backdrop for any customer to feel comfortable, as well as compliment their coffee and accessories.

Coffee Shop Furniture

Furniture in a coffee shop or cafe plays a tremendous part in the overall aesthetic, function and customer comfort. Displays are needed to show items for sale which those items for sale like coffee cups and coffee accessories can also play a part in your decor. But more importantly is the seating for the customers because if the guests feel comfortable then they will want to stay and sip some more.

coffee shop furniture ideas

Every coffee shop interiors should have a large nice display like this!


Couldn't resist taking a picture of some of their tasty treats displayed beautifully in a coordinating case but notice the creative price board in the background.  It is easy to read and I love the chalkboard look!

Coffee Cafe Brand Decor

If you are designing a coffee cafe then remember to show off your brand logo everywhere from the front door all the way down to the little details like goat coffee tap.

Coffee shop decor ideas

Here is another fantastic repetition detail.  Truthfully this is one of my favorite pieces in the shop.

Coffee shop decor ideas

Final Thoughts

Okay, let's talk coffee shop decor—it's like the secret sauce for a cozy caffeine haven. Whether you're into that rustic, homey feel or the sleek, modern vibes, your decor is like the personality of your favorite coffee spot.

From vintage espresso setups to DIY projects, it's all about making your space as welcoming as that first sip in the morning. So, go ahead, let your place tell your story. It's not just about the coffee; it's about turning your spot into a hangout that feels like home.

I have a secret to tell.  I am not a coffee drinker, mainly because I don't care for bitter tasting drinks but this store may have changed all that because of their unique coffee shop design.  Thanks Lucky Goat!

Coffee bags

Just a reminder that you can order their delicious coffee online here.

Coffee shop counter decor

Hope you ENJOYED this tour.  For more coffee decor inspiration check out these coffee bar ideas. Comment below your favorite design detail at this modern coffee shop and any details you can incorporate into your home or coffee shop interiors?

Happy Decorating!