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Everyone needs a spot in their home to get away and have a little quiet time. A reading nook is a perfect place for a little “me time.” And the requirement for that little nook is a whole lot of beauty.

Reading Nook

A book, a cuddly blanket, and a comfy chair are mandatory in your reading nook.

Pillows and great lighting are perfect too. A lot of room isn't required, just a little corner in your home sweet home.

Reading Nook

Are you ready to turn the page and see our friends beautifully designed reading corner ideas? They will not disappoint you.


Reading Nook Hylym

Hayley has a gorgeous backyard, so look no further. You'll find her hanging in her boho hanging chair.

With pillows to cradle you in, you'll either fall into your book or asleep.

Two Paws Farmhouse

Reading Nook Two Paws Farmhouse

We couldn't resist this cozy nook because it has the same hammock swing that is in our 4th of July decor post.

This reading nook doesn't just have to be for grown-ups. They can be the perfect spot for your kids to curl up and do homework or get lost in their favorite book.

This spot Hayden created looks super comfy.

Brittany Pillard

Reading Nook Brittany Pillard

Having a quiet place to have some quiet time with your cup of coffee and a little encouraging reading to start the day, looks like exactly what this was designed for.

Beautiful flowers and the warmth of the sun shining on your face are the best ways to wake up.

Grace Start

Reading Nook Grace Start

Grace works with her mom, Jean, designing beautiful places.  This little window seat seems to be screaming for someone to curl up with their favorite book and maybe even a loved one.

The light flowing in and all those pillows make the perfect reading nook.

My Charmed Cottage

Reading Nook My Charmed Cottage

If you already have a library in your home, all you need to do is add a comfy chair that hugs you as you fall into it and a throw blanket and maybe a pillow or two.

The design of this room looks like one Belle from Beauty & The Beast would get lost in. Each shelf holds a different adventure.

Lauren E Bown

Reading Nook Lauren E Bown

This reading nook looks like it would be the perfect addition in some of the Girls College Dorm Rooms we talked about a few weeks back.

The subtle kiss of pink and chenille and velvet touches are sweet. Homework or reading for fun would be dreamy in a spot like this.


Do you have a nook in your home that you use for time to get away and get lost in your favorite book?

If not, we hope this post was inspiring for you to make yourself one.

If you do have one, what are your favorite reads? We'd love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!

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