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Today we are looking at creative ways to hang Christmas stockings. Traditionally stockings are hung on mantles but wait until you see these ideas to hang Christmas stocking and Christmas stocking design ideas.

Creative ways to hang Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings have traditionally been hung on the mantle with care, but not everyone has a fireplace.

People have come up with creative ways and places to hang their Christmas stockings. Not to mention, stockings are no longer daddy's socks. They have different shapes and sizes.

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When do you hang your Christmas stockings? Do they get hung as soon as your home is decorated or do you wait until Christmas Eve?

Do you wrap what you fill the stockings with or is the stocking hiding all of the goodies inside? Is there any other Christmas decoration that can be so individualized?

Christmas stocking are unique to each person and there are many creative ways to hang them so I hope you are inspired by these ideas to hang stockings.

Hang Christmas Stocking with Antlers

Christmas Stockings Wildly Simple Blog

Each stocking over at Wildly Simple Blog is stamped with everyone's first initials. The antler stocking hooks are out of the box and we love them! They have such a rustic feel and look great on this stone fireplace.

Christmas Stocking Hung on Faux Fireplace

Christmas Stockings Pink Slip Inspiration
Pink Slip Inspiration

This adorable faux fireplace is a great place to hang stockings. The deer silhouettes are precious and we love how they are gender specific for does and bucks.

And how about that stocking advent? It screams farmhouse and we want one!

Christmas Stocking Hung on Lockers

Christmas Stockings The Faux Martha
The Faux Martha

No fireplace? The use of these lockers are ingenious!

The way they coordinate the gray of the lockers with the gray patched stockings is so sweet. A touch of buffalo check is the icing on the Christmas stocking.

Don't you agree?

Christmas Stocking Hung on a Ladder

Christmas Stockings Our Hopeful Home
Our Hopeful Home

Kathleen repurposes her bath storage ladder to hang her stockings on. While you hop over to check out her Christmas stockings, take a look at her reindeer grain sack. It adds to the farmhouse feel.

Hang Christmas Stockings on Curtain Rods

Christmas Stockings Our Rain on a Tin Roof
Rain on a Tin Roof

Using your curtain rod to display your stockings is another great idea. The black satin ribbon adds a touch of elegance. And this post leaves no place without decoration.

DIY Pom Pom Trim Tutorial

Christmas Stockings Interiors By Sarah Langtry
Interiors by Sarah Langtry

Looking to make Christmas stockings this year as a new touch in your home? You'll find step by step instructions on how to make these adorable pompom trimmed stockings.

Check out the birch slices used as custom tags for each person. Great design is in the details!

Hang Christmas Stocking on a Door

Christmas Stockings Positively Splendid
Positivity Splendid

Another ideas to hang Christmas stockings is on a door. Simple tack them or use a command stripe to hang them onto the door. But look at how fun these stocking are.

Need a little whimsy in your life? Amy has that look mastered. Her frugal nature will save you so much money while you make a breathtaking stocking for this Christmas.

Christmas Stockings Hung on Coat Rack

Christmas Stockings Jenna Sue Design
Jenna Sue Design Co.

Grab an old coat rack or make a DIY coat rack to hang your Christmas stocking. Then consider a no-sew stocking project.

Don't know how to sew?

Jenna Sue has you covered with her no-sew sweater stocking. Her secret is stitch witchery. A tape used in place of sewing.

Go grab a sweater from your local thrift store and get stocking making!

Homemade DIY Outdoor Christmas Stocking Hanger

Homemade DIY outdoor Christmas stocking holder
Life on Summerhill

Another idea for hanging Christmas stockings is using an old board or in this case a piece of siding from an early 1900's house and driving some nails into it.

We were looking for a place to include stocking on our Christmas outdoor back porch but didn't want to spend any money so we grabbed a piece of old wood and added nails since we didn't have any decorative hooks.

Then once we had it on the wall we garnished it with a berry vine and a ribbon that matched another one across the room.

Talk about easy!!

Hang Holiday Stocking with Command Hooks

Christmas Stockings Remodelaholic

If your home doesn't have fireplace, you won't want to miss this post. Tausha from over at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body guest posts for Cassity from Remodelaholic and shares a great idea on hanging stockings without a mantel.

Wood slices are transformed into these great Christmas stocking hangers with a command hook. These idea can be used anywhere.

Homemade Christmas Stocking Rack

Christmas Stockings Poppytalk
The Merry Thoughts by Poppytalk

Copper accents and PVC pipe make this easy stocking rack a trending item this year!

This rack is versatile and could be easily moved from place to place. The instructions are simply laid out and the end result is stunning!

DIY Branch Stocking Display by The Merry ThoughtChristmas Stockings The Merry Thought

Bringing the outdoors in is exactly what they do over at The Merry Thought with this adorable tree branch stocking hanger.

All you'll need is stockings,  a branch, some eucalyptus, floral wire, scissors, fishing line, and hammer & small nails. It's a simple DIY and for those that don't have a mantel, this sweet display is a great option.

Hang Christmas Stocking on a Bookcase Idea

Christmas Stockings The Happy Flammily
The Happy Flammily

Almost every home has a bookcase or entertainment center and what a great spot to hang you Christmas stockings if you don't have a fireplace!

This still allows you to use the cute stocking holders that might be intended for a mantel. This Christmas vignette is show-stealing!

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We hope you feel inspired to hang your Christmas stockings with care and that they will be filled over following this Christmas. If you do have a mantel you will love these Christmas mantel ideas to inspire your other holiday decorations.

Let us know how and where you hang your Christmas stockings! We'd love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!

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