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Decorating With Barn Quilts

The history of barn quilts is sweet!

Donna Sue Groves came up with the idea to honor her mother. The first barn quilt was painted on an actual barn in 2001. Now these popular pieces of art have made their way indoors.

They are typically found painted on a piece of single wood, or they can be pieces of different colored wood put together to make up a geometric pattern or they can actually be a quilt square that is framed and hung.

Decorating With Barn Quilts

Our friends have hung some beauties. Come check out where and what they have on display.

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Grouping Barn Quilts Together

Julia, from Red Rain Boots Handmade, hung a beautiful group of barn quilts in her sewing room. Which I would imagine is great inspiration for projects she'll be working on.

The colors in these barn quilts are stunning!

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Red Rain Boots Handmade with barn quilt ornaments hanging above her kitchen window

She also has the fun barn quilt ornaments hanging about her kitchen window. Such a fun way to decorate during the holidays with these great pieces.

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Christmas Decorating With A Barn Quilt

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Baker Nest with a barn quilt hanging in a corner with Christmas decor

This little corner nook is decorated perfectly for Christmas with this barn quilt that Katie, over at Baker Nest, has designed. This is a sweet Christmas red color and look stunning amongst the greenery.

You can imagine this piece staying in this spot and becoming part of her Valentine decor, her July 4th decor or just a centerpiece for everyday decor.

Christmas Vignette Including A Barn Quilt

Decorating With Barn Quilts by The French Farmhouse with a Christmas vignette including a barn quilt

Rachel, from The French Farmhouse, has this lovely barn quilt including in a Christmas vignette. It adds the perfect pop of color and is just the right piece in a farmhouse.

A Barn Quilt Hanging In A Bathroom

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Fleur At Home with a barn quilt hanging in a bathroom

Can you imagine soaking in this lovely clawfoot tub and gazing on this great barn quilt? Andrea, on Fleur at Home, hung this in a perfect place. It's part of a great gallery wall.

Set Of Three Barn Quilts

Decorating With Barn Quilts by I Totally Have A Workshop with a set of three barn quilts hanging

Carson, over at I Totally Have A Workshop, hung these three barn quilts side by side and it's dazzling. The geometric shapes are different in each one, but the same color palette pulls these three together.

Barn Quilts Hanging Up A Staircase

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Our Simple Hectic Home with barn quilts hanging up a staircase

This staircase has been adorned by Ashley, from Our Simple Hectic Home, with barn quilts leading the whole way up. They have been framed and take those walking up the stairs on a fun journey.

Flight Of Stairs Decorated With A Barn Quilt

Decorating With Barn Quilt by Tweetle Dee Design Co with a barn quilt on a flight of stairs

Abby, at Tweetle Dee Design Co, has great artwork hanging up her stairs, including a large barn quilt. It's a beautiful statement piece and gives you a reason to venture upstairs.

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Decorating With Barn Quilts by Tweetle Dee Design Co. with a barn quilt hanging on a building

She also displays one of her artworks on the Quilters Mercantile. Is there a better place than that for a gorgeous barn quilt to be hanging?

Barn Quilt Hanging On A Barn

Decorating With Barn Quilts by 100 Acres Of with a barn quilt hanging on a barn

This is a charming barn quilt hanging on none other than a barn. The colors match not only the barn, but the sunlight it will capture. Deb, at 100 Acres Of, has this beauty hanging at her farm.

Barn Quilt Adorning A Wooden Barn

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Gardiners Gate with a barn quilt adorning a wooden barn in the snow

Deb's barn quilt was designed by Gardiner's Gate as well as this barn quilt and it's hanging right at home on their wooden barn. The snow allows the colors of this barn quilt to burst right off this building and steal your attention.

Barn Quilt Hanging In The Entryway

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Home On Mount Forest with a barn quilt hanging in the entryway

This barn quilt will welcome you right into Cristina's, from Home On Mount Forest, home. It matches her classic black and white decor. The rustic look also fits right into her farmhouse.

A Barn Quilt Displayed On A Shelf

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Julia Terpstra with a barn quilt displayed on a shelf

These shelves are decorated with so many great pieces, but none as stunning as the barn quilt. Julia Terpstra surrounded it with other wooden signs and they all make for perfect accent pieces.

Setting A Barn Quilt Atop A Fireplace

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Sage Hill Cottage with a barn quilt setting atop a fireplace

Cat, at Sage Hill Cottage, set her barn quilt atop her fireplace and it allows what is usually the center of the room be even more show stealing. The neutral colors of this piece allows it to be part of any home decor.

A Barn Quilt Hanging Above A Sofa

Decorating With Barn Quilts by Down Shiloh Road with a barn quilt hanging above a sofa

Hanging your barn quilt above your sofa, like Jenn from Down Shiloh Road, is breathtaking. She also showcases the piece lovely with surrounding it with circle pieces.

We also featured Jenn in out Fall Tiered Tray post and love her rustic farmhouse look.

Hanging A Barn Quilt On The Porch

Decorating With Barn Quilts with a barn quilt hanging on the porch

This is my own barn quilt that I featured in the post Screened In Porch Decorating Ideas. Barn quilts are so versatile. The neutral look of this barn quilt fit just right out on my porch.

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Do you already have barn quilts in your home or is this the first time you've heard of decorating with barn quilts? If the idea is new to you, we bet you're thinking of the many places you could hang one in your home. But if you already have a barn quilt, we'd love to hear where you display yours!

Happy Decorating!