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This farmhouse wooden flower vase DIY is easier to make than it looks.  With a short list of items and a few tools you to can learn how to make a centerpiece with Martinelli apple juice jars.

farmhouse vase DIY

Farmhouse Flower Vase DIY

Now let's get started with this vase DIY by gathering all your supplies.

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Vintage farm style vase DIY supplies

Here is what you will need.

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Let's Get Started

Once you have all your supplies laid out near you it is time to cut the boards.

Cut Wood

First, cut your 1 x 4 into these sizes.

Cut two boards at 16 1/2″ long and then cut two more boards at 4″ long.

Farm vase DIY measure and cut the wood

Nail the Boards

Your next step is the nail the boards together.

The end boards will sandwich between the top and bottom board.

Place the 4″ board in between the 16 1/2″ boards and use the quick grip to hold them together.  Then nail one nail on each side.

Vase DIY clamp the boards with a quick grip

Next turn it over, remove the quick grip and nail the other side.

Now nail the other 4″ board on the other end.

Vase DIY nail the board together with finishing nails

Drill Large Holes

Now it is time to drill 2″ holes into one board. Mark the center and drill the center hole.

Then drill the outer holes 2 1/4″ from edge of the board to edge of the hole.

Vase DIY drill holes


It is time for some chalk paint.

Sit your farmhouse apple juice vase on something when you are painting.  It will make it easier to paint along the bottom.

Because raw wood is perfect for chalk paint, you will not need to prime unless you want a flawless look.  But if you want an imperfect paint finish then start painting on the raw wood.

Directly apply one coat of paint with the grain.

Let the wooden jar holder dry overnight.

Martinelli Apple Juice Jars

We are almost finished.

Just fill your apple juice jars halfway with water and slide them into the wooden jar holder.

I like to rotate the jars so that the words are all facing the front.

Vase DIY add the apple juice jars

Style your Wooden Jar Holder

Now for the fun part!

Here are some ways I have styled my farmhouse style wood jar holder.

My favorite is the pink roses and white flowers I used for my Valentine table decorations.

Vintage chalk painted farmhouse vase DIY Valentine centerpiece

I also love sitting it in my kitchen window and filling it with flowers according to the season.

Martinelli jar vase DIY window display

Add whatever flowers make you happy. Sometimes I love to put some baby's breath in the jars.  I like how they can last for a very long time.

But the main thing is to stay with smaller flowers.

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This farmhouse wooden jar flower holder makes a great gift too.

Years ago in March, a sweet friend made one for me because my sister had passed.  It was such a beautiful and kind gift!  It warmed my heart so much until it has been out in my house every sense.

Another great idea is to make it for your lovey for Valentine's day, birthday, or just because you love them.

Either way, it makes a great gift.

I hope this vase DIY has helped inspire you.

Here is a recap of the steps.

I am so glad you stopped by to check out this wooden apple juice jar flower holder.

For more fun centerpiece ideas check out my dining room category.  It will give you loads of ideas.

Happy Decorating!

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Gene Schmidt

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

I would drill the holes before assembly.

Linda McDonald

Monday 24th of January 2022

Great suggestion!


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