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Harry Potter free printables are the rage this Halloween.  So we wanted to create something Potter inspired that would fit your Halloween decor.  You won't be disappointed with this free printable Albus Dumbledore quote and magic wand wall hanging tutorial too.

Harry Potter free printables and wall hanging supplies

After transforming our entryway into a scene from Privet Drive with DIY Harry Potter floating letters.  And Harry Potter table decorations from the great hall Halloween scene.  We came up with a free printable to include in the decorations.

There are so many Harry Potter free printables on the internet, but this printable will inspire you with its Albus Dumbledore quote.

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Harry Potter Free Printables

I love when fall weather approaches!  There is something about the change in season that reminds me of the Harry Potter movies.

This year when Halloween started approaching I decided, since I was binge watching Harry Potter, that it would be fun to transform my foyer into 4 Privet Drive and all the flying envelopes.

Harry Potter free printables for Halloween decorations like a Hogwarts rob and tie, sorting hat, wand and flying envelopes

But I couldn't just do some minor decorating.  No, I wanted to create a free printable for all of you to use too. 🙂

Harry Potter Free Download

To begin this wall hanging project lets download the free printable. Merely click Harry Potter Free Download where you will sign up for emails to get access to the free printable library.

Harry Potter free printables wall hanging of Albus Dumbledore quote

Once you have printed your printable on a good quality paper like cardstock or linen paper, then you are ready to make your wand wall hanging.

Crafting a Magical Wand

Okay, now for the fun part and that is creating a wand to hang your Harry Potter free download.

Harry Potter free printables and wall hanging supplies

Begin by collecting these tools to make your wand.

Harry Potter free printables using glue gun to decorate a wand

First, use a glue gun to make a design around one end of the wood.

Harry Potter free printables using a glue gun to decorate a wand

I added some to the end of the wand to soften the end.

Harry Potter free printables and 3painting the wand

Now it is time to paint your wand.  I chose a brown color but black works nicely too.

Harry Potter free printables and wand wall hanging. Sit your painted wand in a jar to dry

And here is a tip.  When you are gluing your design or painting sit the wand in a jar to let it dry.

Attaching Printable to Wand

Harry Potter free printables and wall hanging supplies

Now for the second part of the Harry Potter wall hanging.  You will need some additional tools.  You will need scissors and yarn.

Harry Potter free printables. Cutting the yarn to hang the free printable

Begin by cutting the yarn a little longer than the long side of the paper.

Harry Potter free printables. Position paper on wand to staple

Turn the paper upside down but make sure the image is facing up towards the want.  Make sure you have it centered also.

Harry Potter free printables. Stapling the printable to the wand

Next, place the yarn on one side and use the stapler to staple the thread and Harry Potter free printable into the wand.

Harry Potter free printables. Stapling the yarn and paper to the wand.

Next, repeat the step on the other side.

Harry Potter free printables

And tie the yarn if needed. My staples didn't want to go all the way down into the wood, so I tied the yarn for safe keeping.

Harry Potter free printables and wall hanging with a wand

And now you are done.  It probably took me about an hour at the most to create this project.


Remember me saying there are so many Harry Potter free printables on the internet right now?  Well, I discovered there were not many that would work for art.  So that was the inspiration behind this free download.

Harry Potter free printables and wall hanging with a wand

Whether you are inspired to do some Halloween decorations or you are a big fan of Harry Potter and want a wall hanging.  Well, you have come to the right place.

Harry Potter free printables hanging on the wall by the door in the entryway where we decorated from inspiration from the Sorcerer stone

See it hanging by the door in my entryway?  I have a feeling it is going to find a sweet spot in your home too. 😉

I hope you enjoy this magical addition to your home.

Happy Decorating!

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Sunday 27th of December 2020

This is totally awesome. Thank you so much

Linda McDonald

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

You are very welcome! I am glad you think it is awesome!


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