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A gallery wall of baskets fits beautifully in a farmhouse. For some of us, the ideas flow naturally, but for others, it's a struggle. So today we want to show you how to hang baskets on walls.

How to hang baskets on a wall

Hanging baskets on a wall can make a huge statement piece. The baskets can be different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Not long ago we featured some amazing gallery walls and this time we are featuring some of our blogger friends who have mastered the skill of how to hang baskets on a wall.

Come along and see what they've done.

How to Hang Baskets on Walls

Simple Stylings

How to hang baskets on a wall by Simple Stylings about headboard

Summer, over at Simple Stylings, put together her display over her headboard and you probably agree that it's a stunning statement piece.

Her inspiration started off as a serving tray basket. It's great to pick one piece and then build off of it.

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Love of Family & Home

How to hang baskets on a wall by Love of Family & Home fall mantel decor

Creating a hanging basket gallery look that can be transformed seasonally is precisely what Tonya did.

Hanging baskets above a shelf or your fireplace mantle is a perfect centerpiece for your home.

Adding little pumpkins changes up the look of this area and we've shown you a few other places you can place tiny pumpkins around your home without changing the whole decor around them.

Beauty for Ashes an Inspired Home

How to hang baskets on a wall by Beauty for Ashes an Inspired Home over headboard

If you have a shelf that you want to hang some baskets over, don't forget you can prop the larger baskets up on the shelf and cluster a few other smaller baskets together that you hang on the wall.

The great thing here is that when you're trying to decide how to hang baskets on a wall, you can pull out old baskets that are tattered or new baskets you picked up on an adventure and display them proudly.

Kreativ K

How to hang baskets on a wall by Kreativ K gallery baskets

Above the sofa is a perfect place for a statement piece. We showed off some of our friend's gallery walls, and they were gorgeous.

Katrin uses baskets that are close to the same color, and it makes this area feel cozy.  Monochromatic colors are just another way of how to hang baskets on a wall.

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Simply Designing

How to hang baskets on a wall by Simply Designing tobacco baskets

Tobacco baskets are trending in farmhouses.

If you are thinking about hanging baskets on a wall of your home and you don't have any baskets yet, grab some different size tobacco baskets and add some dried flowers or boxwood wreaths to give your home a pop of color.

How to hang baskets on a wall by Deeply Southern Home over a daybed sofa

Deeply Southern Home

Leslie made a couple of daybeds for her basement, and above it, she hung a beautiful gallery of different baskets. Not only are they different shapes and sizes, but also different colors.

The baskets also tie in perfectly to the tables she has in her room and baskets that her plants are nestled in.

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If you have always wanted a gallery wall in your home, but never had the right things to hang up, you might be able to create the perfect look now.

Our friends made some eye-catching statement pieces on their walls.

Now that you've seen several ideas, hopefully, you understand now how to hang baskets on a wall and incorporate that look in your home.

Happy Decorating!

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Wednesday 19th of July 2023

What do you use to attach the baskets to the wall? I hate to use that many nails! Thanks

Linda McDonald

Thursday 20th of July 2023

Good question! I usually use tiny nails but you could try command strips. Here is some I found on Walmarts website.


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

I love the Simply Designing one with flowers and greenery. They are all fabulous! Pinning!

Nicole Cooney

Sunday 14th of October 2018

Cathy, We loved them too! Thank you for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed them.


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

I love baskets! I have a collection. Now I know what to do with them!!!

Nicole Cooney

Sunday 14th of October 2018

Diane, We agree. These walls inspire us to hang more baskets.