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9 Large Wall Clock Decor Ideas to Liven up your Home

Large wall clocks are one of my favorite pieces of décor. While they are not appropriate for smaller spaces, in the right space a large wall clock can become a beautiful focal point or complement the focal point in your room.

Whether you prefer contemporary designs, a minimalist look, or a vintage look like me, there are many options to find the large wall clock that fits your space.

Large wall clock decor ideas

I have a confession. I have a weakness for clocks and I love large wall clocks. They make great statement pieces all by themselves or work nicely with a wall collage. We have four wall clocks in our home with three of them within one area.

I like decorating with clocks so much that I wanted to share with you different ways you can decorate with them along with clocks you find in stores and online.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you purchase using the links below at no extra cost to you. All opinions are all my own.

Large Wall Clock Decor Ideas

Here is a list of places in your home you may consider for a large wall clock. Consider if you want your clock to be the main focus of the room or if you want it to complement the focal point of the room, the paint or wallpaper colors, and what the room is used for. There are many ways to decorate with your oversized clock.

  • As a focal point in a room (This will be a large piece that you love and if it has a great story, even better!)
  • By the fireplace or over the mantle (Find a large clock that complements the finish and style of your fireplace)
  • In an entryway (Choose this piece with care, as it is the first thing people see when they enter your home)
  • The bedroom (Over a short headboard is a perfect place for a large clock. A sitting area works well, too)
  • Home office (There's no better place where you'll need to keep track of time so a large wall clock can be beautiful and practical)
  • Kitchens and bathrooms (If your kitchen or bathroom are ideal sizes for a large wall clock, consider one with a cover or waterproof finish)

As you'll see, there are innumerable ways to display decorative clocks. Now before we break down into more detail how to decorate with them, here are some beautiful clocks you can purchase to decorate your home.

Shop all these large wall clock decorations by simply tapping the image below.

Large Wall Clocks as the Focal Point

Large wall clocks can be a beautiful focal point in your room. When I found my antique Mora clock, I knew that I wanted it to be a centerpiece in my farmhouse cottage-style home.

By placing it between the dining room and living room, I knew this beautiful clock would get the attention it deserves. The classic design reflects our home decor perfectly. Read more about my antique Mora clock to hear more about its history.

Antique mora clock white

Here is a fun example of a repurposed bicycle metal frame turned into a large wall clock. Talk about a focal point! This is a great example of a unique, decorative wall clock.

You can also use a large wall clock as the center point of a collage of unique wall clocks. This is especially ideal if the walls of your home have a similar style as your clocks.

You can find old wall clocks at thrift stores or estate sales. The rustic antique brass and antique gold finishes stand out against the vintage clock faces.

The smaller clocks don’t need to be working, in fact, you might prefer they don’t to avoid overlapping ticking. The design of the unique clocks and your personal sense of style is what you're displaying. But placed around your large clock, they make a beautiful collage.

This could be a fun way to decorate a shiplap wall whether it's a rustic wood finished as pictured or a more polished finish. Here's how to make your own shiplap wall out of plywood.

Clock collage with large wall clock as center point

Large Wall Clocks as the Complement to the Focal Point

If you already have a focal point in the room, a decorative large wall clock can be an excellent complement to that focal point. For example, my living room has a beautiful white marble tiled fireplace so we selected a large vintage-style wall clock in white to place next to it.

The black roman numerals and arms provide a beautiful contrast. It was the perfect wall clock for this space.

Fireplace mantle in Sherwin Williams extra white SW 7006

Here is a fun example of a large wall clock that complements this beautiful sideboard with antique typewriter. This lovely metal wall clock ties the wall color and the vintage feel of the typewriter together without overwhelming the focal point. It's the perfect finishing touch.

Where to Put your Large Wall Clock

Entryways are also a great place to showcase your large wall clock. It is the first thing your guests see as they enter your home and set the tone for the rest of your home.

Large wall clock in an entryway

The bedroom is another good choice for a large wall clock placement. If you have a low headboard, you can place it over the bed or in the sitting area.

Large open wall spaces are perfect for a large wall clock. Between rooms, in a dining area, or in a home office are all great locations. You’ll want to avoid very long walls like hallways as the clock would look out of place. But if you have a large bare wall, an oversize wall clock could be the perfect solution. Oversized wall clocks draw the eye and present a lovely focal point.

Things to Remember when Selecting your Wall Clock

You’ll want to ensure your wall clock blends seamlessly with your wall color. Whether it’s paint or wallpaper, your wall color will provide contrast to your large wall clock. This is particularly important if your wall clock has cut-outs that show the wall color behind it.

Here is an example of a vintage style clock with cut-outs. Look how well it works with the wall color.

cream cut out wall clock

White on white can actually be a beautiful selection for your large wall clock. There are many subtle shades of white that can provide an understated contrast.

For example, our antique Mora clock and the wall it is presented against are both warm off-white but not an exact match. Our family room wall is slightly darker than the clock. The Mora clock also provides a lovely texture to the room.

Read more about our farmhouse paint colors at Life on Summerhill.

Large wall grandfather style mora clock

Keep in mind what happens around your clock as well as that can affect how often it needs to be cleaned, how you clean it, and how difficult it might be to do so.

For example, if you have a large wall clock in your kitchen, you may want to select one that has a cover on it to protect the mechanisms from grease.

In our guest bathroom, we have a large wall clock that is vinyl with a mechanical center. This is easy to keep clean and won’t rust after steamy showers.

Guest bathroom paint color

Final Thoughts

A large wall clock can be a wonderful addition to any home décor style and at a wide variety of price points. You can find beautiful clocks at thrift stores, estate sales, big box stores, and specialty shops.

Big wall clocks can become a statement piece in your home or complement a focal point. Stylish large wall clocks are a classic and timeless addition to any home.

Wall clocks are truly functional wall art. The most important thing to look for in a large wall clock is that it’s something that reflects your taste and the feeling you want to create in your home.

Whether it’s vintage farmhouse style like me, a modern minimalist style, or something in-between, your large wall clock is the perfect way to personalize your home.

I'd love to hear how you display large wall clocks in your own home!

Happy Decorating!