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Lemon décor is the perfect idea for when life gives you lemons! Even better is lemon décor on tiered trays! Come check out the crazy adorable trays we have gathered together to share with you.

Lemon Decor

Lemon décor is at the top of trendy home décor this summer. It's cute and the color schemes are gorgeous.

Tiered trays are always a favorite, so why not put these two great things together.

Bailey Branches

Lemon Décor by Bailey Branches with a lemon tiered tray with a gnome and Rae Dunn

We've featured Erica before in our Spring Décor post. Her tired trays never disappoint! They are always beautiful and filled with Rae Dunn goodies.

This one is gorgeous with the lemon themed décor and the color scheme of yellow, blue and white is perfect for the summer! Her wooden sign is rustic and cute.

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Stager Roz

Lemon Décor by Stager Roz with a yellow, blue and white themed tiered tray

Roz's tiered tray gives off the promise of fresh squeezed lemonade coming right around the corner. And her ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy' is the perfect pairing with her tray.

Heart Felt by Donna

Lemon Décor by French Flair Farmhouse with a gnome and lemon kissed garland

The gnome on this lemon themed tiered tray is adorable! His cap with lemons is simply precious.

The lemon kissed felt garland is like a bow on top of a present.

Returning Grace

Lemon Décor by Returning Grace with a black tiered tray with a black, white and yellow themed tray

This flour sack lemonade tea towel is so fitting for this black and white lemon décor tiered tray. Stephanie at Returning Grace always has the cutest designs in her shop.

French Flair Farmhouse

Lemon Décor by French Flair Farmhoouse with faux lemon branches filled tray

This lemon filled tiered tray is perfect for summertime. It is an excellent option for a table centerpiece or just to hang out on your kitchen counter. Either way, one look and you'll be ready for a refreshing lemony filled summer.

Pammy & Poppy

Lemon Décor by Pammy & Poppy with a pucker filled lemon tiered tray

Does Pammy's tray have you puckering up with all of those yummy lemon candies on it? It's so sweetly filled.

Daisies pair beautifully with lemons. Not to mention, each Rae Dunn piece has the best message on it.

The Sassy Oak

Lemon Décor by The Sassy Oak with Rae Dunn and lemons

Brantley's tiered tray is stunningly filled to the rim with lemons. Her ‘fresh squeezed lemonade' wooden sign adds a perfect farmhouse touch to it!

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My Crafted Home

Lemon Décor by My Crafted Home with a lemon themed tiered tray

Spilling your lemon décor off your tiered tray and into other areas of your home is super chic!

There are so many things you pair lemons with. Don't you adore how Jennifer mixed milk glass pieces amongst her lemons?

Delighted with the Details

Lemon Décor by Delighted with the Details with a wire lemon filled tired tray and black and white pops

This wire lemon filled tiered tray is exquisite. Adding in the pops of yellow on a black and white themed tray brings sunshine into your home and makes for a stunning centerpiece.

Little Cajun House

Lemon Décor by Little Cajun House with a red tiered tray filled with Rae Dunn, marshmallow cups, wood signs and lemons

Where do we even begin pointing out the cuteness on this lemon decor themed tiered tray? Molly has such a gift when it comes to picking out just the right pieces.

Her tiny marshmallow guys with knitted lemon caps are to die for and her mini Rae Dunn pieces have our hearts melting.

We featured Our Favorite Farmhouse Tiered Trays in a post, but might be adding this red tray very soon! It's show stealing!

Products from

Design Style by Marci

Lemon Décor by Design Style by Marci with cute marshmallow mugs, a wooden lemonade price tag and stamped books

Marci made little wooden lemonade price tag on the top tier of this tray. It's adds a great rustic look.

The simplicity of her lemon themed tiered tray is sweet and would look great on a hutch or coffee table.

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Stamped Sentiments

Lemon Décor by Stamped Sentiments with stamped books that read easy peasy lemon squeezy

These stamped books are all the rage right now! They are so cute and can be personalized, but we're loving these ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy' ones that are on this tray!


Farm to Table

Lemon Décor by Farm to Table with

Kelly got us started with the tiered tray craze. She always has her tray decorated with the most trendiest items and she also adds her adorable wooden signs that she makes.

Her lemon tray stays true to her style.

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Cupcake Country Girl

Lemon Décor by Cupcake Country Girl with a farmhouse wooden tiered tray

This tiered tray fits right into a farmhouse. The kisses of lemons on this tray are sweet. Adding a candle to bring in another sense is a great idea.

Magnolia Lane Cottage

Lemon Décor by Kim's Blessed Empty Nest with a fresh lemon tiered tray

There are so many great wood signs on Kim's lemon decor filled tiered tray. The subtle yellow of a lemon stands out so gently on this white tray.

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The lemon decor in this post have us longing for a summer night sitting on a porch swing with a glass of lemonade watching fire flies fly by. How about you?

Happy Decorating!

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